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eBook Versatile Vizsla epub

by Marion I. Coffman

eBook Versatile Vizsla epub
  • ISBN: 1577790561
  • Author: Marion I. Coffman
  • Genre: Hobbies
  • Subcategory: Pets & Animal Care
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Alpine Pubns; 2nd Revised edition (October 15, 2015)
  • Pages: 232 pages
  • ePUB size: 1415 kb
  • FB2 size 1159 kb
  • Formats lit rtf azw mbr

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Written by a long-time breeder/handler of Vizslas, this book covers every aspect of the Smoothcoated Vizsla.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Comprehensive chapters cover: breed characteristics.

Versatile Vizsla book. Details (if other): Cancel.

1st ed. by Marion I. Coffman. Published 1991 by Alpine Publications in Loveland, CO. Written in English.

The first breed book in a series to include the Vizsla is published in US by TFH Publications-How to Raise and Train a Vizsla by Ernest H. Hart. Coffman, Marion . Versatile Vizsla. Loveland, CO: Alpine Publications, 1991. Decade of Vizslas-1960-1970.

Vizslas: A Complete Owner's Guide; Barron's, 1998.

Hart, Ernest H. Vizslas; TFH Publications, 1990. Vizslas: A Complete Owner's Guide; Barron's, 1998. White, Robert L. Hungarian Vizsla; PetLove Books (Published in UK by Interpret Books).

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The Vizsl. ield dog, show dog, obedience dog, companion par excellence, and more

The Vizsl. ield dog, show dog, obedience dog, companion par excellence, and more. Best Vizsla book for the serious fancier. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 15 years ago. Well worth the price when you consider the volumes of information given by Coffman. Compared to other books which are vague on the breed and give only common sense care tips, this book is above and beyond. Every Vizsla lover needs this book. A dog for empty nesters as well.

16 results for vizsla book. Versatile Vizsla by Marion I. Coffman 1E HC NEW.

Vizslas have been compared to horses in their tendency to "trot" rather than run and some "wiggle" their backsides as they walk. A Vizsla Club of America survey puts the average lifespan of the Vizsla at . 5 years  . Robert L White - "Hungarian Vizsla"; PetLove Books (Published in UK by Interpret Books).

Written by a long-time breeder/handler of Vizslas, this book covers every aspect of the Smoothcoated Vizsla. Comprehensive chapters cover: breed characteristics, is the Vizsla right for you, and how to select and care for your Vizsla. There are several chapters covering the Vizsla's first year: care, training, behavior, development, feeding, exercise, and interactions with children or other pets. You'll learn what you need to know specific to training a Vizsla. Chapters cover the Vizsla in Obedience, Rally, Agility, conformation showing, field work, and the versatility of the Vizsla for other activities like therapy work, search and rescue, Flyball, and much more. Advanced chapters cover breeding, genetics, mating, whelping, care of newborns, raising the litter, and even a chapter caring for the aging Vizsla. Coffman also covers the history and development of the breed, the breed standard, and a wealth of other information which only a person with year's of experience in the breed can impart. There's no better way to learn about a breed than to learn from an expert with year's of success behind them.
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There is a reason Vizsla breeders have named Versatile Vizsla as the "must have" book for Vizsla fans for decades. The 2015 revision contains pictures of recent dogs, accurately describes various competitions that Vizslas participate in with their owners, basic care, inherent temperaments, and basically the essence of Vizslas. I own the first and 2nd editions, and now the 3rd. The author has been actively involved in the breed for decades and has a wealth of breed knowledge.
heart of sky
We like this book a lot. My husband grew up w/ Vizslas; we just bought our first pup and wanted a resource. This book is detailed, but I can't give it 5 stars because of the black & white pictures. These are gorgeous dogs and it is a hardcover book, NOT CHEAP, yet they didn't spring for color printing. It seems petty to mention it, but in our modern world & given it's price tag, those pics should be colored. It's almost comical when they're describing details of the dog's color and they didn't even put a colored photo in that section.

* informative... for experienced and new Vizsla owner
* useful... whether you're looking for details on hunting, family, &/or showing the dog, it's in there

* black and white photos are almost a distractant
* overpriced
The book covers all aspects of the dog breed from history to birth to the aging process. Vizsla's are a unique breed. This book will help the new dog owner and one who is new to the breed - we refer to the book often as an excellent reference guide. The book has enhanced our family's enjoyment of our dog. The chapter headings are as follows:

1. Meet the Vizsla
2. Early History of the Vizsla
3. The Vizsla Standard
4. Selecting a Vizsla Puppy
5. Your Vizsla's First Year: Care and Development
6. Your Vizsla's First Year: Behavior and Training
7. The Young Adult Vizsla
8. The Vizsla in Obedience
9. The Vizsla in the Show Ring
10. The Vizsla in the Field
11. The Vizsla in Agility
12. The Versatile Vizsla
13. Preventative Health Care
14. Breeding and Re-Production
15. Whelping
16. Care of the Newborn Puppy
17. The Growing Vizsla Puppy
18. Care of the Vizsla Dam
19. The Aging Process
20. Appendices include Regional Vizsla Clubs, Sources of Information, Recommended Reading

If you are thinking about getting a Vizsla or have a puppy already, this $30 investment will pay off in multiples. Terrific book.
Great info from someone you loves the breed. After reading, decided this was the breed I wanted after always having Labs. Similar dog to Labs w/ less hair to sweep up and smaller size to travel with. Same sweet personality as my past chocolate lab. If you are considering this breed, this is the book to read for info.
Our family was interested in getting a new puppy. Pet dander was a big factor. The Vizsla breed is extremely close to hypoallergenic, so that was a huge deciding factor. In addition, with a daily soft brushing, the Vizsla is almost non shedding. That means a cleaner home and minimal, or no fur in the vacuum sweeper. The temperament of the Vizsla is extremely gentle and pleasing. In addition, they are highly trainable. All these factors were considered in our choice. Both, our married children and us, are awaiting our new arrivals. Ron
Great book thanks
If you are considering owning a Vizsla this is a book you should have in your library of Vizsla books. If you can only afford one book--THIS IS IT! It is an easy read and very well written. The author explains a lot about the history, raising, training and living with your Vizsla. Of course you should purchase another book specifically about training your dog as he gets older.
I know many say this is THE vizsla book out there, but I did not find it as informative as I would have liked as a new "regular ole" vizsla owner. A lot of the book it dedicated to training a vizsla for different types of events (obedience, agility, hunting trials, etc) . Our sweet viszla is a pet and regular family member, but we don't participate in any type of sporting events. There is also a lot of good information as it relates to showing a vizsla (standards, etc) and breeding, but, again, ours is really just a regular pet. So, I felt much of the book did not apply for us specifically.

Also, the pictures are all in B&W and fairly old. It's a larger size book, so with some good color photos it would have been a good one to leave on the coffee table.
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