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eBook American Pie Presents: Band Camp epub
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American Pie Presents: Band Camp is a 2005 American sex comedy film released by Universal Pictures.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp is a 2005 American sex comedy film released by Universal Pictures. Chris Owen and Eugene Levy reprise their roles from previous American Pie films.

American Pie Presents: Beta House. Eugene Levy Band Camp! Join the fun as the "Stiffmeister" legend. Eugene Levy Band Camp! Join the fun as the "Stiffmeister" legend reaches outrageous new heights with hot camp counselors, ultra-steamy hidden cameras and a stimulating encounter with a certain medical instrument. Co-starring "Jim's Dad," Eugene Levy, and an irresistible cast including a pair of Playmates, it's a Pie-style party you'll never forget! Product details.

With Eugene Levy, Tad Hilgenbrink, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Earles. Matt Stifler wants to be just like his big bro, making porn movies and having a good time in college. Title: American Pie: Band Camp (Video 2005). After sabotaging the school band, he gets sent to band camp where he really doesn't like it at first but then learns how to deal with the bandeez.

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Xstreamcdn Choose This Server. American Pie Presents: Band Camp. IMDb: 5 94 min/episode. Get ready for a wild Unrated slice of American Pie when Stifler's younger brother, Matt, gets sentenced to a summer at Band Camp and the "Stiffmeister" legend reaches outrageous new heights. As the summer and the hormones heat up, Stifler sets up a series of hidden cameras in hopes of catching some revealing images of the nubile "bandies.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp is a 2005 direct-to-video spin-off to the original American Pie trilogy of films and the first film in the "American Pie Presents:" series. It was directed by Steve Rash and written by Brad Riddell. The film centers on Matt Stifler, younger brother of Steve Stifler. In this film, Matt is sent to the infamous band camp, where he meets a young woman and is compelled to change his ways.

Banished to band camp after a prank goes horribly wrong. Stifler's younger brother, Matt, is sentenced to a summer at band camp, where the junior horndog tumbles through a series of outrageous escapades. Unfortunately for them, the Stifler legacy continues. Watch trailers & learn more. Starring:Tad Hilgenbrink, Arielle Kebbel, Eugene Levy.

Co-starring Jim’s Dad, Eugene Levy, and an irresistible cast including a pair of Playmates, it’s a Pie-style party you’ll never forget. Get ready for the wildest, most hilarious slice of American Pie ever! This time around, the bad-boy antics of Stifler’s younger brother Matt get him sentenced to a summer a. and Camp! Join the fun as the outrageous Stifler tradition lives on in this uproarious romp filled with gorgeous camp counselors, hilarious hidden cameras and a late-night encounter with a certain musical instrument.

The original American Pie characters have moved on, except for Sherman and Jim Levenstein’s still understanding dad. Steve Stifler’s little brother Matt wants to join his brother’s business (the hit it big Girls Gone Wild) and after everything Matt has heard from Jim’s band-geek wife Michelle, he plans to go back to band camp and make a video of his own: Bandies Gone Wild!

Comments: (7)
IF you like the previous AMERICAN PIE movies, you will probably like this one. However, you will likely not enjoy it as much as the previous ones. For what it is, it's OK. Not fantastic, just OK.

What the movie lacks is the dynamic of the previous AP flicks. This next generation of AP does not feature the calibre of actors such as Tara Reid, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott. There are a few tie-in actors from the previous AP, but only in bit parts.

The worst idea was to have some actor (not Seann William Scott) stand-in for Stiffler. This scene was totally unnecessary and superfluous. Not sure whose idea it was, but you can't fool people into thinking that someone else is capable of playing Stiffler. Scott has shown himself to have a screen presence that is out of the league of everyone in this farce.

Of course, the whole premise of the movie does not help matters. To say that the plot is silly would be an understatement. That's not to say that the plot of the previous 3 could rival Shakespeare, but this one was the weakest of the 4.

The biggest saving grace of the film is the eye-candy drum-major, Arielle Kebbel. She is beautiful as the wholesome midwestern girl-next door (complete with integrity!). I fell in love with her about 10 minutes into the movie! She also has a genuine acting talent and I hope to see much more of her. Sadly, she's one of the few girls in the film who doesn't take her shirt off (hate it when that happens!).

If you're a die-hard AP fan, you may as well see this one. Some of the pranks are recycled or @ least variations of the predecessors. Also, the special features on this one are LAME. Still, it's just barely watchable if the party movie genre is your thing.
Immature, vulgar, sexist, gross. But what do you expect from the American Pie franchise? Hilarious at times, dumb at others. Plot? Ridiculous, but enough to provide justification for ninety minutes of entertainment on a cold Sunday afternoon. Definitely not appropriate for kids/pre-teens.
The only reason for watching this DVD is to see the extremely beautiful Tad Hilgenbrinck; he and James Marsden "Death at a Funeral" are the most gorgeous guys. Tad the younger and James, an extremely well preserved, older hunk. They both have bodies and faces to die for. The more nudity the better. There are some shots of Tad in various states of undress, but never enough. I can't find any more DVDs of tad unclad. The award-winning band song is draggy and quickly becomes obnoxious so much so that I can't bear to listen to its final performance. Bought lt on Amazon.
It's great! The humor is sophomoric at times, but the extra with the adult legend star that play the nurse is worth getting the psp. She stays in character and explains sex to one of the movie characters using fruits.
Although based on characters from American Pie, Eugene Levy is the only true common factor between this and the American Pie movies. Stiffler's younger brother, who in no way seems to be a grown-up version of the kid we saw in American Pie 2, has been sentenced to Band Camp after playing a public practical joke on the school band. Unlike in the American Pie movies, the lead is not the good guy. Stiffler decides to use spy equipment to film the girls of band camp and try and outdo his older brother's video business.

Once at camp he meets Levy who is the camp's moral director (not morale). Stiffler obviously does not want to be at the camp but he revels in the spying. Soon he learns he can get further by pretending to befriend everyone. Everything is movie toward a competition between the camp's bands and a possible love interest between Stiffler and his band leader. Well, the film tries to get you to like Stiffler but he is a real jerk for almost the entire film.

If you like the American Pie movies for the raciness, sexuality or nudity, then you will probably like this one. If, however, you like all the features of American Pie that are not common to teen sex comedies, you won't find them here. I had expected better from anything that had the American Pie label but it seems the franchise sold out with this one. The best thing about the film was an extra involving a sexual education video using fruit instead of anatomy. Otherwise it was pretty standard fare.
Great price-Great Buy ...Thanks
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
It made an attempt at all the values of the American pie series, however it fell short in every one of them. No tall sexual content, just same jokes over and over again.
The next iteration of the American Pie series, probably one of the better spin-offs that has been released. Following the trials of Steven Stifler's brother Matt, a fantastic cast brings about many laughs, touching moments, and moments to entertain for years to come. Highly recommended!
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