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eBook Detour to Otherness epub

by Richard Powers,Robert Silverberg,Frederik Pohl,Henry Kuttner

eBook Detour to Otherness epub
  • ISBN: 1893887189
  • Author: Richard Powers,Robert Silverberg,Frederik Pohl,Henry Kuttner
  • Genre: No category
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Haffner Press; First Edition edition (August 6, 2010)
  • Pages: 588 pages
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The contents are in the Book Description above, but there is no point repeating all 24 listings in full.

Signed by Robert Silverberg & Frederik Pohl. 1961, I bought Ballantine Books Bypass to Otherness, a paperback collection of some of Henry Kuttner’s and C. L. Moore’s best short stories. Matching Brillianta EcoFibers Sierra 5172 cloth slipcase.

Detour to Otherness book. Henry Kuttner was, alone and in collaboration with his wife, the great science fiction and fantasy writer . Moore, one of the four or five most important writers of the 1940s, the writer whose work went furthest in its sociological and psychological insight to making science fiction a human as well as technological literature.

5 ROBERT SILVERBERG has a dilettantish poet in The Book of Changes. Robert Silverberg needs little introduction to anyone at all familiar with the history of the science fiction field. 6 TAD WILLIAMS explores the strange afterlife of Orlando Gardiner from Otherland in The Happiest Dead Boy in the World. 7 ANNE McCAFFREY shines a light into Pern in Beyond Between.

Introduction: the making of a science-fiction author - Four in one, Damon Knight - Fondly fahrenheit, Alfred Bester - No woman born, . Moore - Home is the hunter, Henry Kuttner - The monsters, Robert Sheckley - Common time, James Blish - Scanners live in vain, Cordwainer Smith - Hothouse, Brian W. Aldiss. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Other heartfelt and insightful contributions include Robert Silverberg's Sounding Brass, Tinkling Cymbal, Damon Knight's Knight Piece, and Frederik Pohl's Ragged Claws. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Homecoming won a place in the O. Henry Award Stories of 1947. When later asked about the lyrical power of his prose, Bradbury replied, "From reading so much poetry every day of my life. Robert Silverberg (2004). Anne McCaffrey (2005). Harlan Ellison (2006). In UCLA's Powell Library, in a study room with typewriters for rent, Bradbury wrote his classic story of a book burning future, The Fireman, which was about 25,000 words long  .

Summary Bibliography: Henry Kuttner. Kelvin Kent, Robert O. Kenyon, H. Kuttner, Henry Kuttner, J. C. H. Liddell, K. Maepenn, Scott Morgan, Lawrence O'Donnell, Lewis Padgett

Summary Bibliography: Henry Kuttner. Maepenn, Scott Morgan, Lawrence O'Donnell, Lewis Padgett, Льюис Пэджет?L'yuis Pedzhet.

Robert Silverberg is one of science fiction’s most beloved writers. These are the best post-apocalyptic books for when you need a reminder about the fragility of society - and the indomitability of human hope. Ready for the end of the world as we know it? These are the best post-apocalyptic books for when you need a reminder about the fragility of society - and the indomitability of human hope. 17 July 2019 ·. THE BOOK OF SKULLS features in this selection of horror beach reads. Looking for a new read for your summer trip?

Robert Silverberg (1935 - ) Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since 1955, widely known for his science .

Robert Silverberg (1935 - ) Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since 1955, widely known for his science fiction and fantasy stories. He is a many-time winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards, was named to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 1999, and in 2004 was designated as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

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In 1961, Ballantine Books published Bypass to Otherness, a paperback collection of some of Henry Kuttner's (and C. L. Moore's) best short stories. Several selections were drawn from Kuttner's popular series such as the "Hogbens" (comedic otherworldly hillbillies living in America), "Gallagher Galloway" (scientist who invents technical marvels only when intoxicated), and the "Baldies" stories eventually collected in Mutant. Bypass was projected as the first of three Otherness collections of Kuttner's short fiction. Return to Otherness followed in 1962 with 8 more stories. And then . . . nothing. The third Otherness collection never appeared. Now, almost fifty years later, Haffner Press announces DETOUR TO OTHERNESS: a massive hardcover assembling the contents of both Bypass to Otherness and Return to Otherness, and adding 8 additional stories selected for their scarcity, quality, and sheer entertainment value. Grand Masters Robert Silverberg and Frederik Pohl provide introductory and afterword materials to the book, and the whole affair is decorated with an unpublished painting by Richard Powers. Table of Contents Introduction by Robert Silverberg Bypass to Otherness Cold War Call Him Demon The Dark Angel The Piper's Son Absalom The Little Things Nothing but Gingerbread Left Housing Problem Return to Otherness See You Later This Is the House The Proud Robot Gallegher Plus The Ego Machine Android The Sky Is Falling Juke-Box Detour to Otherness Open Secret All Is Illusion Rite of Passage Baby Face Happy Ending The Children's Hour Dream's End Near Miss Afterword by Frederik Pohl

Comments: (3)
Kuttner & Moore where the husband & wife short story masters in the pulp fiction era. When writers were paid by the word they collaborated so closely, that one of their editors was quoted as saying the only way he could tell who wrote what within a story was "one of them always spelled gray with an E". But where to start ... It feels like all their work has been repackaged & reissued, over & over again ... because it has been.

I discovered them when I bought the "Hogben Chronicles" (via kickstarter THANK YOU F. Paul Wilson), then I read "Robots Have No Tails" (the complete collected Gallegher stories). Both are brilliant books & I envy anyone reading them for the first time. I was concerned I had read the cream of the crop first, since I had heard so much about the mutant hillbillies & the drunk inventor. I had been looking at ALL the short story collections & was wondering where to go next. I found & ordered "Mutant" (the complete collected Baldie stories) & enjoyed it very much, but again where to go next with all the overlap. Then I saw this volume. I immediately noticed there was minimal overlap with books I already owned & it included 24 (not the usual 10) stories including "The Ego Machine" novella, so I grabbed a copy. I can not recommend it highly enough. It turns out there were only 1100 copies of this book printed. Like the "Hogben Chronicles" if you can find a copy (anywhere) JUST BUY IT you will not be disappointed.
This book has been out for a year now...how is it no one has got around to reviewing it yet? This is a republished and embiggened version of the 1960's paperback best of collections of Kuttner & Moore (and where possible to distinguish, of one or other of them). The contents are in the Book Description above, but there is no point repeating all 24 listings in full. There are some Hogben stories, some Galloway Gallegher, and a whole bunch of classic sci-fi and horror stories. Most of these works were written in the early-mid 1940's, but you would not know it to read them - they are of all types, from horror to think-piece sci-fi, with some post-apocalyptic stuff and set in "our" 1940's world, or in various futures through a glass darkly.

There is a huge range of work here, told in several styles: from serious think-piece sci-fi about evolution and the future of humanity, to the hilarious Hogben tales, to the superb Galloway Gallegher stories. There is usualy a hint - or more than a hint - of dystopia here, and often none more chilling than in the background of the Galloway stuff. Thought-transference, AI takeovers of humanity, leprechauns...and a wartime story involving a baby, a gorilla and Nazi spies which is just a great romp from start to finish. There is something here for everyone, assuming if you like classic sci-fi in a short story format.

Having read some earlier Kuttner and Moore, I am surprised by the focus on children and childhood in a lot of these stories - that might be a common theme, and I will simply note that as far as I know they were in fact childless, and leave it at that. Certainly the stories are aimed at adults - its quite dark in places, complex, and not at all YA. The only thing missing from the collection as a whole is a representation of blood & thunder space opera, which both Kuttner & Moore were able to write in spades. That's a lack remedied in a separate volume, Thunder in the Void out from Haffner Press later in 2011, or in any number of paperback collections published over the last 50 years.
Massive collection of science fiction and fantasy stories from the greatest writing team in the history of the genres: Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore. Kuttner and Moore were successful writers on their own, but following their marriage they reached new heights as collaborators. Their very different writing styles blended perfectly, and the results of their collaboration were nothing short of superb.

In a very real sense they dominated the science fiction field during World War II, and helped pave the way for future writers by de-emphasizing hard science in favor of sociology and psychology. Plus they were so much fun to read!

These 24 stories might not be their best nor their most famous--you won't find "Vintage Season", or "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" or "No Woman Born" here--but "Return to Otherness" is a terrific collection nonetheless, and it is a delight to have these fine tales preserved in hard cover at last.
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