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eBook Pastoral (New Windmills) epub

by Nevil Shute

eBook Pastoral (New Windmills) epub
  • ISBN: 0435121367
  • Author: Nevil Shute
  • Genre: No category
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Heinemann Educational Publishers (April 30, 1986)
  • Pages: 256 pages
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When Tom Cutter hires Constantine Shaklin as an engineer in his international air freight business, he little realizes the extraordinary gifts of his new recruit.

They are the last generation, the innocent victims of an accidental war, living out their last days, making do with what they have, hoping for a miracle. When Tom Cutter hires Constantine Shaklin as an engineer in his international air freight business, he little realizes the extraordinary gifts of his new recruit. Shaklin soon proves to possess a charismatic power that inspires everyone he meets to a new faith and hope for humanity.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From an Oxfordshire air base, Wellington bombers fly missions into Germany. Only a handful of crews have survived the war long enough to become experienced. Peter Marshall is captain of one crew. When he falls in love with Gervase.

Pastoral" was one of the many Nevil Shute novels I read when I was 12. I later ran into it again in 1973 in a British bookstore in Bangkok.

World War II pilot Peter Marshall leads the most successful bombing crew. Pastoral" was one of the many Nevil Shute novels I read when I was 12. At the time (the tail-end of the Viet Nam War) I was a WAF captain stationed at an air base on the central plateau of Thailand.

ROBERT HERRICK, 1648 Marshall turned to her in pleased surprise. Would you really like to see it?. I don’t mind, she said. Will you listen if I tell you how I caught it?. READ BOOK: Pastoral by Nevil Shute online free. You can read book Pastoral by Nevil Shute in our library for absolutely free.

Pastoral is a novel by the English author Nevil Shute. It was first published in 1944 by Heinemann. Its theme is that even in the midst of war, and among warriors, everyday life, such as romance, will continue. Pastoral is a romance set on an English airbase which revolves around the pilot and crew of a Vickers Wellington bomber, their interest in fishing, and the pilot's developing relationship with a young WAAF signals officer.

Find nearly any book by Nevil Shute (page 8). Get the . Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780451017406 (978-0-451-01740-6) Softcover, Signet, 1958. Learn More at LibraryThing. Nevil Shute at LibraryThing.

One of Shute’s lesser-known books is Pastoral, a lovely romance between a British bomber pilot and a . This means that when you hand a Nevil Shute book to a new reader, you often have to coax them past the first few chapters, which can be mundane to the point of dull

One of Shute’s lesser-known books is Pastoral, a lovely romance between a British bomber pilot and a . officer (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force). This is a book that is deceptively low on plot. This means that when you hand a Nevil Shute book to a new reader, you often have to coax them past the first few chapters, which can be mundane to the point of dull. But it also means that when drama actually occurs, the understated way in which people approach it, and the previous establishment of these character’s most everyday, mundane lives, makes the drama much more effective than if the entire book consisted of hair-rending and explosions.

Published in the United States by Vintage Books, a.

Published in the United States by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, In. New York. Originally published in book form in Great Britain by William Heinemann Lt. London, in 1944.

Pastoral - nevil shute - 1ST pb ED - pocket books - 1945 - very good cond.

Published 1970 by Heinemann Educational in London.

Comments: (7)
Nevil Shute is a great writer. His novels (and there are a lot of them) are still in print some sixty or even seventy years after he wrote them. They get reissued occasionally and you can always find them in the used book stores on line. He is a gentle soul and a perceptive observer of the human condition. This story is about a young RAF pilot and his finding his first love. There's also a good bit of accurate observation as to managers--in this case military commanders, manage the people they lead. Shute had a long career in the aviation industry and was actually CEO of a small aircraft manufacturer in the 1930's. In WW II he was the second in command of a naval research and development team that delivered unusual weapons as the need arose. You can learn a lot about the emotions of people and about how to lead and manage their efforts from a Shute novel.
It took me a while to get used to the authors run-on writing style with very little breaks as if he was telling a story over at the pub, but it is a great book and the style actually makes you want to keep reading to find out what will happen, like a good story teller in the pub who keeps you hanging on every word.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and being an Avgeek the aviation side had me before i even fell for the love story. I would recommend this book to anyone who still sees aviation life as romantic (like I do)
Nevil Shute seems to be a very underrated author. After his On the Beach and A Town Like Alice, the rest of his works are almost totally ignored by both the critics and the public, which is a pity as almost all of his works are finely written and have something worthwhile to say.

Pastoral was written during WWII, and from a purely British viewpoint, unlike so many of the war books that were written long after the conflict by so many Americans. As such there is a totally different atmosphere to this book, a quietness, an acceptance of the conditions and requirements of the war as just something that is there, part of the daily routine. And it is within this atmosphere that Neville constructs a fine love story between the very experienced bomber pilot Peter Marshal (at age 22!) and a W.A.A.F signals officer, Gervase Robertson.

As perhaps is typical for war-time love stories, the war itself provides the conflict, the friction between the lovers, as Peter is duty-bound to continue flying bombing missions, and Gervase believes her own duties are important to the course of the war, and should not be given up merely to get married. Her decline of Peter's offer of marriage sends Peter into a mental tail-spin, seriously impacting his efficiency as a flyer. How this conflict is resolved and the events that happen because of this conflict form the main portion of this book. Before reaching that point, however, we are treated to a view of English morality and customs of the day, a code that says one mustn't go off alone with a member of the opposite sex, that married woman are expected to keep house, not have jobs, where the woman must defer to the man. A view that might seem dreadfully stifling and old-fashioned to a reader of today's world, but it shown in such a non-obtrusive way that the reader can accept it without question. Until, that is, the reader finishes the book, and realizes that Neville has been quietly showing (and mildly satirizing) both the good and bad qualities of such a code. This is typical of Nevil's writing - his points are made far more by showing, rather than telling, always a mark of a fine writer. Also noteworthy is the attitude towards the war that is displayed by all the characters here - that death is an everyday happening, but it won't happen to me, it only happens to someone else. An attitude that seems to belong to every young person.

Nevil's prose style tends towards the descriptive, especially of the countryside and everyday actions. His dialogue in this book is loaded with English slang, very typical of actual speech patterns of the day, but this does at times make it somewhat hard for the poor modern American reader to decode what is being said. And some of Nevil's expertise as an avionics engineer shows in his descriptions of the aircraft and the functioning of various parts of these machines, at times obviously assuming that reader knows more about aircraft than is normally the case. These, however, are very minor negatives, almost totally subsumed by the engagement of the reader in the story of these two very well realized characters.

One decided negative that has nothing to do with Nevil's writing ability is the production quality of the hardbound reprint edition. The typeface used is very close to an old typewriter font, with thin serifs and a fairly small point size, and the printing press seemed to have severe difficulty with maintaining an even ink flow - at places the print fades to near illegibility. This all makes for a very rough impact on your eyes. A pity that this fine work has such a botched job of production.

Regardless of the quality of the printing, however, this book deserves a look, if nothing else just to see how a romance really should be written, as opposed to the material that passes for 'romance' on the book racks of today.
One of the great stories of WW II. You'll read it and put it aside, and then read it againand put it aside, and then again, over and over. The descriptions of the hours of boredom and minutes of panic and struggle for survival of the bomber crews of WW II is just about the best you can find. Nevil Shute is a great story teller and you won't forget this one. Follow up by reading "A Town Like Alice, and "Round the Bend" and "Trustee From the Toolroom".
Nevil Shute must have been a real gentleman. His books are always chivalrous and polite. This particular story involves piloting a plane, fly fishing and falling in love with a beautiful woman, all of which are great pursuits. The story is told in a beautiful fashion and is a wonderful book that show World War II and some of its hardships and sacrifices.
Nevil Shute has always been one of my favorite authors--discovered him in the 9th grade and have loved him ever since
I just can't stop reading Shute's books! And Pastoral was another terrific book! Although I was a so-called post-war baby, born after WWII in 1951, I never made the connection between my birth and the war years. Pastoral gave me insight into the years just prior to my birth. I enjoyed the flying that was woven into this story. Pastoral takes one to the brink of disaster and then ... well, read the book!
An example of the art of story telling at its best. Maintains the tension throughout the book. All Nevil Shute’s books have same quality.
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