eBook Bee-Wigged epub

by Cece Bell

eBook Bee-Wigged epub
  • ISBN: 1406319325
  • Author: Cece Bell
  • Genre: No category
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Walker Childrens Paperbacks (2010)
  • Pages: 40 pages
  • ePUB size: 1624 kb
  • FB2 size 1379 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The daffy winsomeness of Bell’s art is given aesthetic heft by her gorgeous use of color.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Bell at National Book Festival, 2019. Cecelia Carolina "Cece" Bell is an American author and illustrator born in Richmond, Virginia. Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover. 1970 (age 49–50) Richmond, Virginia. She attended College of William and Mary as an art major and went on to get a graduate degree in illustration and design at Kent State University. She became a freelance illustrator and designer for an array of projects before beginning her career as a full time author illustrator. Bell is married to children's author Tom Angleberger. "Cece Bell: How I made 'El Deafo' in pictures".

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In this zany and tender tale, written and illustrated by Cece Bell, Jerry finds that having friends you can "bee" yourself around is as sweet as honey.

Books! The Sock Monkey Series.

by Cece Bell & illustrated by Cece Bell. Jerry is a pretty sweet guy-honey-sweet, in fact-but he’s also the most enormous bee anyone has ever seen. And people can’t see past that giant stinger; despite the fact that he’s never used it, Jerry is friendless. Fate drops a wig at his feet one day, which he promptly puts on his head.

By Cece Bell Illustrated by Cece Bell. See all books by Cece Bell. By Cece Bell Illustrated by Cece Bell. Category: Children’s Picture Books. Apr 25, 2017 ISBN 9780763693121 4-8 years. People Who Read Bee-Wigged Also Read.

Bee-Wigged by Cece Bell - book cover, description, publication history.

All Jerry Bee wants is to make friends, but that's hard to do when you're the most enormous bee anyone has ever seen. Then a wig. Itty Bitty.

This title offers a sweet and funny take on the problem of being yourself and finding new friends. Jerry Bee has always had trouble making friends. People are scared of an enormous bee and run away as soon as they see him, until one day he picks up a wig and finds that attitudes suddenly change. With his wonderful new disguise, Jerry dares to go to school for the first time. His new classmates love him. They even make him Grand Marshal in the school parade. It's all going so well - until a strong wind blows the wig right off Jerry's head! Is this the end of Jerry's new-found friendships? No...Jerry has made one unexpected friend, who is about to speak up and save the day! Cece Bell's kitsch, contemporary artwork has strong cross-over appeal. From the reowned author of "Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood" (9780744598506) comes a hilarious tale of friendship and acceptance that is certain to make you smile.
Comments: (7)
My seven-year old son and I both think this story is wonderful - the funny little details in the pictures, the speech bubbles, the absolute absurdity of the "enormous bee" and his furry friend. It always cracks us up. But it also has a kind, sympathetic main character and a nice message about acceptance and the power of positive actions. My younger son is attracted to the bright, colorful pictures and the simple text, which can be read with a lot of expression (and silly voices). I think this might be my favorite Cece Bell book yet (although Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie is really hard to beat).
This is my three year old daughters favorite book - she calls it Jerry the Bee. We originally checked this book out at the library, but my daughter wanted to read it every night. So we bought and she could still read it every night. Cute story about acceptance, even though you may be different.
really cute book teaches compassion and to be yourself
My daughter also wrote and illistrated this book and I like it because it reminds me of the days my children were in eleemntary school. We have enjoyed this book and I have read it to lots of little children who are friends of mine. It is a favorite.
Great beginning and end of the year story! The children in my classroom love it and I highly recommend it to all parents and teachers!
BEE-WIGGED is a story about Jerry. All Jerry wants is to make friends and be loved. He goes out of his way to get others to like him from giving away honey and flowers to making jokes on the phone. However, no one wants to go anywhere near Jerry because Jerry is a bee. Not only is Jerry a bee, but he's a giant bee the size of a little boy. However, things change for Jerry one day while he's walking and he comes across a wig. He puts it on and is mistaken almost immediately for a boy and is taken to school. From that moment on Jerry's life changes forever all because of a wig. However, the story doesn't end there and has a hilarious surprise twist. Overall, I found BEE-WIGGED to be a thoroughly delightful story. It's a book children will enjoy and one that will surprise and make adults chuckle, too.
All Jerry Bee wants is a friend. But everyone is terrified of him because he is an enormous bee. They are afraid he could sting them. Jerry tries to change the way he looks by wearing a wig that he finds on the sidewalk. And it works! No one is afraid of him anymore. By the end of the day he makes friends with everyone at school and the kids adore him. They like him because he is helpful, funny, artistic, and generous. He's a good friend! The wig changes Jerry's life. But one day the wind blew Jerry's wig off. Everyone immediately runs away until.....the wig starts talking. Turns out the wig is a squirrel who saves the day by reminding everyone of Jerry's many positive qualities. This book cracked me up the first time I read it. I love sharing it with the students. I also like how the "wig" character stands up for Jerry Bee. Good life lessons in this one. And the whole squirrel/wig thing is kinda funny. I'm an elementary school counselor and really appreciate books like this one that teach about differences.
This is one of my favorite picture books of all time. It's so wonderfully strange and silly and endearing. It's rare that I read a picture book and think, "I did not see THAT coming!" I love Jerry Bee!!!
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