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by Alex Berenson

eBook The Midnight House epub
  • ISBN: 009193110X
  • Author: Alex Berenson
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HUTCHINSON; Airport / Ireland / Export ed edition (2010)
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Also by alex berenson. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission

Also by alex berenson. The Silent Man. The Ghost War. The Faithful Spy. The Number (nonfiction). No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. Published simultaneously in Canada. The midnight house, Alex Berenson.

Alex Berenson (born January 6, 1973) is a former reporter for The New York Times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings. He is the author of the controversial 2019 book Tell Your Children: The Truth About.

As a reporter for The New York Times, Alex Berenson has covered topics ranging from the occupation of Iraq to the flooding of New Orleans to the financial crimes of Bernie Madoff. His previous novels include The Faithful Spy, winner of the 2007 Edgar Award for best first novel, The Ghost War, and The Silent Man.

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PRESENT DAY A chauffeur. That’s what Jack Fisher was, when you came right down to it. A chauffeur. He didn’t mind, not too much

PRESENT DAY A chauffeur. He didn’t mind, not too much. The rules were changing. The lawyers were putting their noses everywhere. Anybody too close to the black stuff might have a tough time. And things had gotten messy at the end, for sure. But nobody could say they hadn’t gotten the goods in the Midnight House

The Midnight House book.

The Midnight House book. CIA agent John Wells returns in a cutting-edge novel of modern. As a reporter for The New York Times, Alex Berenson has covered topics ranging from the occupation of Iraq to the flooding of New Orleans to the financial crimes of Bernie Madoff.

Author: Alex Berenson. When two former covert agents are gunned down, John Wells learns that the victims were part of an interrogation team that operated out of a secret base called the Midnight House, where they extracted information from the toughest jihadis. Wells must find out who is hunting and killing them. But the trail of blood leads him to a place he couldn’t have imagined.

They used whatever means necessary, and when they disbanded they were given medals for their heroism. Now someone is executing them, and its up to CIA agent John Wells to find the killer.

Comments: (7)
The Midnight House, where rendition cases go to 'fess and die. Something happened in the last days of the secret charter code name 673, and it left it's mark so vividly on one of the people assigned to question high value targets in the war against the Taliban and other terrorists. What affected the Americans so much that one could not live any longer with the horror of what happened, there at the end of their tour?
Suddenly, team members start disappearing, or are killed outright. One was a "suicide" or was it? Out of the original team, only three are still alive.
This book has a lower keyed John Wells, he is getting older, still big and strong, but a little slower, and smarter. He enters the domain of the puppet masters and is disgusted and disillusioned.
I am a rabid fan of Lee Child and Alex Berenson fills the gap. This is a slower book, but it's not boring, unless you like page after page of shoot em ups. There is action, not as much, but give us a glimpse of those offices and the men who run them.
America's greatest threat to terrorism has been stripped of his guns and fists and been assigned pen, paper, camera, and a trench coat. Why even write this book? Is Berenson bored? If Wells has changed his gender, I'm done with this series.
On the reason I gave 3 stars, it was very well written and a good story.
Alex, if you had a fight between Ali and Tyson, and Ali had his legs tied together how interesting would that be? That's what you've done to our hero.
This series is unusual in a wonderful way. The author is dealing in a genre that usually has limited or focused character definition. His protagonist is not invincible. He questions much of what he's doing and tries to maintain his humanity while indulging his primary drive. Many of the books in the series revolve around the Middle East and Islam. Rather than simply assuming a plot of "it's us against them" he explores the politics, history and philosophical religious underpinning of the region and its people. I consider myself to be well educated and informed yet i have learned much while enjoying the action-packed ride. While the style is a little different it reminds me of James Clavell's novel "Shogun."
I give this four stars, yet I say this is the weakest book of the series. The reason for that is, Berenson tries to take a different approach to the series with this book. As he stated he wanted to John Wells be more restrained and show a different side of him. For that, I applaud Berenson. The easy thing to do could have been just make John Wells into Jack Bauer or James Bond. Instead he turns him into a detective, but the focus is not really on Wells, Wells is just moving through the story like the reader, trying to understand what is going on. Berenson took a story that has been done before and applied John Wells to it. This could have been a much better novel had he used a stronger story line, instead of one that has been used before.

This is not a Wells driven novel, but an events driven novel, the events that took place in 2008 are driving the events of the present, in which Wells finds himself in. Like the reader, he does not know what is going on, he is given a small amount of information and he has to find out who is killing American soldiers. As Wells finds new information, the story flashes back to that event.

Unfortunately, there was no real "new way" to do this story line (this would be why this is the weakest book of the series). So the obvious in the story tends to be the obvious, there was just no way for Berenson to add a new twist to the story and still fall into reality. I was talking to a friend of mine about the novel, I told him a few snippets of it and he was able to lay out the possible ending. He was more right than wrong. So this has been done before, so Berenson did not break any new ground, other than just presented a new side of John Wells.

Possible Spoilers Below

I would have expanded the story, have a CIA or FBI investigate the murders (introduce new character), while John Wells investigate the sources of information coming from "Midnight House" in Pakistan, Egypt, etc. One of the threads at the end of the novel was the assassination of Bhutto Benazir, this came from an interrogation at Midnight House, this would have been a good plot line for John Wells to investigate.

I think that could have made a stronger story and not come across as been "done before".
Random murders are happening across the USA, but there is a common thread which is that all murdered belonged to squad 673. The director of the CIA, Vinny Duto wants John Wells and his boss Eric Shaffer to find out why the murders, and who the murder is. It is a long road, and powerful people and US agencies really don’t want the truth recovered and set up roadblocks in Wells way. A good, exciting read!
The first "John Wells" novel was in my honest opinion weak, poorly written and not worth reading. I had however bought the series on Amazon so bored one night, decided to plow through this book.

What a pleasant surprise. As bad as the previous book was, this was a great read, convoluted plot, well written and thoroughly entertaining. It still has the tough guy scenes but matures into the supposed twisted minds and games of those in power playing their chess games with countries and their people .

It kept me reading ..
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