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eBook Where's My Mummy? epub

by Carolyn Crimi

eBook Where's My Mummy? epub
  • ISBN: 0545201314
  • Author: Carolyn Crimi
  • Genre: No category
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Scholastic (2008)
  • Pages: 32 pages
  • ePUB size: 1664 kb
  • FB2 size 1103 kb
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Where's My Mummy? book.

Where's My Mummy? book.

Carolyn Crimi is the author of numerous books for young readers, including HENRY AND THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES, also illustrated by John Manders, and BORIS AND BELLA, illustrated by Gris Grimly. She lives in Evanston, Illinois. John Manders has illustrated several books for children, including HENRY AND THE BUCANEER BUNNIES by Carolyn Crimi, THE PERFECT NEST by Catherine Friend, and MINNIE'S DINER: A MULTIPLYING MENU by Dayle Ann Dodds. He lives in Pittsburgh.

This wonderfully written and illustrated book takes you on a tour through the grave yard with baby mummy, where we meet dracula, skeleton and other halloween characters. The rhythm of the story makes it easy for young ones to remember; my son had it memorized after the fourth read. The characters are presented in a fun, non-scary way.

One by one, enriched by sound effects, he finds Bones, Glob and Drac in the midst of their bedtime ablutions, who all warn him against the scary creatures of deep, dark night. Then- Help, Mama Mummy!

John Manders has illustrated several books for children, including Henry and the Bucaneer Bunnies by Carolyn Crimi, The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend, and Minnie's Diner: A Multiplying Menu by Dayle Ann Dodds. From School Library Journal

By Carolyn Crimi Illustrated by John Manders. About Where’s My Mummy? This gently spooky read-aloud treat is also a satisfying bedtime book - sure to delight the youngest reader on many a deep, dark night.

By Carolyn Crimi Illustrated by John Manders. By Carolyn Crimi Illustrated by John Manders. But who will comfort Little Baby Mummy if a small, scritchy-scratchy someone gives him a scare? Big Mama Mummy, of course!

Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Little Baby Mummy wants just one more game of hide-and-shriek with Big Mama Mummy before bedtime. The night is deep and dark, full of friendly creatures that click their clacky teeth and whoosh past on flippy-floppy wings. But who will comfort Little Baby Mummy if a small, scritchy-scratchy someone gives him a scare? Big Mama Mummy, of course! Fresh, comical illustrations complement this everso- slightly suspenseful story with a satisfying ending.
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This is a fabulous book! It's silly and my first graders love it! We do a whole unit based around this story and mummies. ("Are mummies real?" "Well, yes, but they are not monsters that walk around making scary sounds and trying to get you." It sparked a whole 10-day exploration.) We use it for sequencing, dramatic play, character development, onomatopoeia, story structure, grammar, fantasy vs. realism, summarizing and retelling among other things. It's a simple story, the kids get so into it, and I had to buy 2 more copies just to meet the demand in my classroom! I highly recommend it for any first grade classroom!
My preschoolers LOVE this book. I mean they beg me to read it. And even my kids who don't really enjoy looking at books independently, well I've caught them grabbing this and "reading" it to themselves. Buy this book, you will not regret it!
This is absolutely the cutest little book! My 3 year old loves it! I read it to her every night and she has basically memorized it herself because she will recite the book as I read it. We both get very animated during story time which makes this story all the more fun! I used to actually read this same book to my preschool class years ago (ages 3-4) and they loved it just as much. The entire class would sit and recite the book with me every time, no matter how many times we had read it!
Oh my goodness...words can not describe how much my son loves this book. We read it over and over and over, ALL YEAR! Every time we read it my son laughs so hard. Little Mummy isn't scared of vampires or anything....but at the very end he screams when he sees a little mouse. This cracks my son up and it even makes me laugh seeing his reaction, even though we have read it a million times. He has had this book since he was 3 and he is 5 years old now
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My boys love this book, especially my 3.5 year old. He asks for this one all the time at bedtime. Great art style, fun little story. And I love that there are parts that lend themselves nicely to working with him on his letters. We will get to certain parts throughout the book and we'll pause so my son can read off each letter of a line or two on the page and then tell me what it says. I highly recommend this book, it is one of our current favorites for the boys.
Very cute story. I have read this to 5 different children ages 2-9 years and they all enjoyed it. They ask me to read it AGAIN! AGAIN! It's a fun read, especially if you do the voices and pause to let them guess what could be making the spooky sounds. I definitely recommend this book.
Better for a little older kids, I modify what story I tell with pics as it creates the idea of fear in looking for his mummy, scary sounds etc, but the pics are super cute and overall story great
My kids favorite book. Had to buy in hardcover as a gift.
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