eBook Citadel epub

eBook Citadel epub
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In my opinion, The Citadel should be required reading in Medical Schools and Bioethics courses.

In my opinion, The Citadel should be required reading in Medical Schools and Bioethics courses. Using Konrad's writing school some difficult ideas our much easier to understand. It truth it is the story of every Physician who practices medicine to help his patients, and is not deterred by inconvenience.

The Citadel is a novel by A. J. Cronin, first published in 1937, which was groundbreaking in its treatment of the contentious theme of medical ethics

The Citadel is a novel by A. Cronin, first published in 1937, which was groundbreaking in its treatment of the contentious theme of medical ethics. In the United States, it won the National Book Award for 1937 novels, voted by members of the American Booksellers Association.

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Level: advanced Genre: novel Length: longest. Chapter one - The New Doctor. Chapter second - Fever. Chapter three - The Sewer. Chapter four - A Visit to the School.

Born in Cardross, Scotland, A. Cronin studied at the University of Glasgow. In 1916 he served as a surgeon sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteers Reserve, and at the war’s end he completed his medical studies and practiced in South Wales. He was later appointed to the Ministry of Mines, studying the medical problems of the mining industry.

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Comments: (7)
I've read "Labyrinth" (which I quite enjoyed, and "Sepulchre" (which I liked a little less, but it was still a fun read.) So I expected "Citadel" to be pretty great. A novel about the French Resistance featuring strong women; how can you go wrong? Well, you can when you are overly wordy. Mosse asks us to read on and on and on about everything she can imagine about the characters, their pasts, the forgotten texts of the Gnostics (which really make up a book in themselves), then scenes of excruciating torture and brutality by both the Nazis and the French collaborationists. I thought I would go mad before she ever came to the point in some scenes. The way to create tension is not to drag a scene out unendurably. Tension can be achieved by surprise, psychological switches and other devices.
I was also puzzled and dismayed by the ending, which, after the big build-up of the novel, is a massive let-down.
One other little note: I didn't mind the supernaturalism Moss adds. That's one of her big features. But I did mind that she hardly mentioned the Allies' part in saving France from the Germans. In fact, she seems to delight in writing about how their airdrops often missed the mark. I was in Paris on the day they marked the anniversary of the landing at Normandy and let me tell you, the French are grateful. Why is Mosse so afraid to mention the Allies' contribution? It doesn't take away from the French Resistance at all.
In all, I learned a lot, but I'm still sorry I spent so much time reading this unnecessarily long book
Kate Mosse works hard to please her fans but I think "Citadel" is an example of an author trying to do too much. It is part historical novel, love story, and tale of the supernatural; a little too ambitious in scope.

Had she concentrated on the main theme of the role of women in the French Resistance, she could have scored big. The need to throw in a ghost army was unnecessary and a let down in the end. In order to support this theme, mosse developed characters like Audric Baillard, the immortal who is as boring as he is centuries old. I know that Mosse is trying to tie everything together in her trilogy about Langeudoc, but I found it all to be a bit tedious at times.

As usual, Mosse is at her best when using her well researched knowledge and wonderful descriptive knack to keep the reader going. Despite this, I found by the time I got to about five hundred pages (of six hundred eighty nine total), that I just wanted it to be over.

And the end is no happy ending, which, for a brief time made me wish I had not invested the time. Upon reflection, it was the most realistic end to a story about German atrocity and the martyrs they left in their wake.
Silver Globol
Not as good as her first two. Seemed more of a history lesson peppered with so many French phrases/sentences/words that it bogged down the potential enjoyment of the story. This one was too much of a documentary style story that should stand on its own rather than trying to fit itself into a trilogy. The 3 stars are for this separate story because she did well in weaving an interesting tale of women's involvement in the WW II resistance. Ms Moss seemed to try too hard to fit it to the other two in the trilogy so the supernatural elements in the previous stories that provided a sense of mystery seemed tacked on in this story. This novel should have stood on its own rather than trying to be a continuation.
I've enjoyed all three of the books in this series, but I think Citadel is the very best. It's certainly possible to read just this one without reading the others first; there are some continuing characters but you'll understand the background as you read along. Mosse does a masterful job of describing the history, landscape, and conflicts in this part of France. The many characters are intriguing, and the action sequences are exciting. I didn't want to stop reading, since there was always another crisis about to befall the main characters. I found the book to be inspiring in its depiction of bravery, loyalty, and self-sacrifice in France during WW II.
Her heroines are usually plucky, resilient, daring and lovely. Sand rinse has all those qualities, but seems so naive as to make stupid choices at times. I certainly can't fault her bravery, and determination, but Mosse spends too much time in Sandrine's head diluting th story. A WWII story about the French Resistance to the Nzi invasion of France and the collaboration of many of the French citizens with the invaders.

The back story is the 1500 year old "Codex" designated heretical by the Catholic Church. A free thinking monk seeks to save this text so a future generation can benefit from its power. Interesting fiction using historical times, places and events. But, for me it was overly long and I couldn't wait to get to the end.
I hate to admit this but I had to stop reading this about 3/4 of the way through it.
It seemed to be going in circles with the story line and honestly not a topic I wanted to read about for over 600 pages.
Not my favorite of her books.
I confess, someone gave me the Labrynth and Sepulchre books. I tried each one and put them down. Well written, just not my taste or genre. This one on the other hand kept me up too late for three nights. Beautifully written, unusual plot and lovable/loathable characters. Enough history woven in to keep wthin my favorite genre, historical fiction. After enjoying this SO much, I'm going back to give the other two a fair shake. Too hard to believe the author of this wonderful book did not write two other ewually good ones. Might just need to give them a second chance. This one, it will grab you straight away and it's difficult to out down to work and such. Alas, if I could only get paid w/med bens to READ. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Sorry, I loved the other two books by Kate Mosse, but this one was like reading a map of France. It seemed like every paragraph had at least one street, city, cafe, or shop mentioned in French. I do not speak French so I had to read over a lot of the story. The characters were developed nice, but the story took way to long to develop
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