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eBook Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) epub

by Jeff Black

eBook Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) epub
  • ISBN: 1560235985
  • Author: Jeff Black
  • Genre: Non-traditional
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harrington Park Pr; 1 edition (August 30, 2006)
  • Pages: 173 pages
  • ePUB size: 1530 kb
  • FB2 size 1863 kb
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Jeff Black brings gentle hilarity to the challenges of coming back from the dead Another book from the Lambda awards for this year, this book is billed as a hysterically funny novel, a quick read, and " what good novels used to b. Well, not really

Jeff Black brings gentle hilarity to the challenges of coming back from the dead. Planting Eli is the last word in resurrection. Another book from the Lambda awards for this year, this book is billed as a hysterically funny novel, a quick read, and " what good novels used to b. Well, not really. It had a slow start and Jeff Black's attempts at humor fell a bit flat for me, but I ended up really likeing the novel. It explores the experience of living HIV positive in a very realistic context.

Planting Eli. by Jeff Black. Select Format: Paperback. 1 person is interested in this title. We receive fewer than 1 copy every 6 months.

Planting Eli by Jeff Black. Tales from the Levee by Martha Miller. The Millionaire of Love. Harrington Park Press®.

Conservation and preservation notes. Planting Eli by Jeff Black. An Imprint of The Haworth Press, Inc.

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Can you have a midlife crisis when you never expected to reach middle age? Ed Dell is about to find out. Ed is gay, single, and confidante to goddess Oprah Winfrey - at least in his fertile imagination. He writes for a Chicago newspaper, cares for his ailing parents, and likes to annoy his snobbish sister. HIV-positive and very private, Ed has seen better days. Still, it's 1996 and the new protease inhibitors seem to be working. Crushing responsibilities miraculously disappear too. When three men from Ed's past return, he suddenly, surprisingly has the chance to live again. If only he remembers how.
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Ed Dell is a forty year old gay man who has no idea what to do with his life. Working as a television critic (his pen name: Dell Edwards) for a Chicago newspaper and with one non-successful book published (a collection of short stories entitled "In Praise of Ethel Mertz"), and single after his lover Paul died from complications of AIDS, Ed's life is certainly not as he had anticipated it would be by that age, which is why the revelation of his HIV status had actually been a bit of a relief for this life-long fatalist. Then protease inhibitors came along, and worked well for him, truly making his a "manageable" condition, and the accompanying steroids and better diet/exercise had actually put him in better shape than he had been most of his life.

But Ed is lonely, with little interaction with people beyond what happens at work and his frequent visits to his aging parents in an assisted living residence. He occasioanlly goes to a local bathhouse, but just to watch and not to participate, and shuns the gay "singles scene" in any form. Part of this is because he is naturally shy and a private person. He is also leery about disclosing his HIV status to anyone, including his parents and sister, and feels slightly guilty and uncomfortable with the "second chance" that the drugs are giving him, while they were too late for his deceased lover and other friends he lost over the years. His personal confidant, Oprah (who comes to him in his dreams), tells him he has to get over that, but he can't. A chance meeting with an acquaintance from his college days, the debut of a hunky news repoprter on a local station, and an out-of-control Christmas pageant at his parents' church seem to conspire to bring Ed back to living his life.

A highly original, frequently poignant and often hysterically funny dark comedy of a novel, which makes a great effort to explore the mindset of a generation of HIV+ gay men who are - to their surprise -thriving on the new drug cocktails. Starts of a little slow and tedious, to get the characters established, but its outrageous humor had me laughing out loud many times, while many of Ed's musings ring very true based on what I have heard from acquaintances on the protease drugs, and could be a useful as well as entertaining read for others who know someone who is in a similar situation.
generation of new
Even if you're not 100 per cent crazy about this book iot's good to have Jeff Black writing and publishing again. After two well-regarded novels of the 1980s the hilarious EXTRA CREDIT and the more somber GARDY AND ERIN, the man just seemed to up and disappear.

Puzzlingly enough the present book is set in 1996 which is an odd time period, not long enough to make it a period piece, but different enough from the mores of today to give the reader pause continually. Funny how some of the pop references remain (the hero, who works in TV, has a love hate relationship with Oprah Winfrey just as he might have today). But some are wildly different; for example the book opens with Ed trying to review a Lifetime Television type movie called HER BURIED PAST that pairs Loretta Swit with Hal Linden. "She's a cop whose sister is decapitated in the first ten minutes by the killer she chases through the rest of the movie. Have you seen that woman's lips lately?" It made me long for the days when Loretta Swit was still making those hard-to-avoid movies of the week; they were all so awful and yet, they're now so far away it brings a tear to one's eye. I almost wonder if Jeff Black didn't write this whole book back in 1996 and spend the next ten years trundling it from publisher to publisher looking for a place to call it home. That would explain his long absence from the best seller list, and also some of PLANTING ELI's infelicities, which spoil a little what promised to be a very strong subject, the survival of a whole group of HIV positive men who were once thought to be doomed but who, thanks to protease inhibitors and allied drugs, are blooming again and now into "chapter two" of their lives.

Will the second half of their lives be sex-filled romps? In Ed's case, no. Now and then he wraps his magnificently toned body into a skimpy towel and heads for a nearby bathhouse, but he never touches the merchandise, even the one cute Asian boy whose "silken mounds" take on all comers and who he would really like to have. Why? Because he's private. He never lets himself unbend, be a clown. From out of the past tentacles of memory dislodge him from his terrarium existence. The death of an old friend from college, Eli, prompts his reuniting with another college bud called Wallace, and where Ed is circumspect, Wallace is in your face. Also on the scene is a rival newscaster, the alluring, provocative Enrique Hildalgo-Cortez, who spurns Ed's advances in punishment for Ed concealing his HIV status until they were just about to do the deed. Bad timing! But all is not lost and a literal clown suit proves useful in bringing our boy down a notch, showing him that unless you're willing to act like a clown, you're nothing.
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