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eBook The Heart of Graymoor epub

by Mark A Roeder

eBook The Heart of Graymoor epub
  • ISBN: 1461125294
  • Author: Mark A Roeder
  • Genre: Non-traditional
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 17, 2011)
  • Pages: 324 pages
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The Heart of Graymoor. Graymoor Mansion B&B is the first novel in Mark Roeder's epic Gay Youth Chronicles set when all of the characters familiar from his earlier books are adults.

The Heart of Graymoor. The first generation that came of age in the early 1980's is entering middle age, while the second generation of gay youth Roeder introduced to us as of the late 1990's has left college and is starting work

The Heart Of Graymoor book. It was fun to see Mark expand his storytelling outside his nor Mark A. Roeder's The Heart of Graymoor is a fun romp through a gay nerd's idea of an epic fantasy novel.

The Heart Of Graymoor book. Lewis references had fun spotting the "references" even before the characters in the book did. Several times I highlighted a name that was just too like a name that I was familiar with and then two or three pages later the characters were discussing it. Guess I'm as big a nerd as the author.

The Graymoor Mansion B&B. The Graymoor Mansion B&B. Roeder Mark A. Download (pdf, . 3 Mb) Donate Read. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Book Overview An oddly attired, unconscious boy appears i. .

Book Overview An oddly attired, unconscious boy appears in Graymoor Mansion at the same time a horrific storm begins. When the boy awakens, Marshall, Skye, and the others discover that their visitor is from another world-a world where elves walk, dragons fly, and fairies are real.

Mark A. Roeder is the author of the Gay Youth Chronicles Learn More. 14 November at 12:00 ·. Mark and I are working on something really special.

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Skye Mackenzie has dealt with the supernatural most of his life, but he’s never before encountered the likes of the adventure that is about to descend upon him… An oddly attired, unconscious boy appears in Graymoor Mansion at the same time a horrific storm begins. When the boy awakens, Marshall, Skye, and the others discover that their visitor is from another world—a world where elves walk, dragons fly, and fairies are real. While Marshall searches for a way to return Wuffa to his world, he discovers an ancient prophecy which explains the boy’s appearance and mentions Marshall and Skye by name. Not only must Marshall and Skye find a way to return Wuffa to his own world, but they must discover the hiding place of the Heart of Graymoor and return it to Graymoor Mansion to keep the forces of darkness from destroying two worlds. “My entire life had been leading up to this quest. I knew in my heart it was true. Everything that had come before was just practice.” ~Skye
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I love Mark's books. They really should be read in order, although from Mark's website it's not clear if chronological order means "order written" or "order to be read in". It would be helpful to readers if Mark could clear it up.

I mentioned chronology here because I doubt someone reading the Heart of Graymoor as a standalone would get much out of it. Those of us who read (and reread!) Mark's massive interwoven series will find the character and situation reversals a lot of fun.

Several of the reviews are summaries which give away a lot. This is true for the majority of book reviews of any type. For that reason I've learned to read the reviews AFTER I finish the book.

Mark, bring back the Nudo Twins!
But combined with the characters of Verona and Graymoor. Stories like this, for a gay audience, is a treat. Some of it was drawn out, but it helped keep the book from being consumed to fast. I'm always a bit sad when the ending comes (and I always like the HEA endings!). But the neat thing about Mark's books is that intertwine with each other via the characters. So don't judge a book my its cover... here it's definitely a wild ride and out of this world ;)
Mark Roeder has been for many years one of the world's most prolific authors of gay-themed young adult fiction. His Gay Youth Chronicles are the most extensive interconnected series of gay coming-of-age stories in the contemporary young adult literary canon. Though he has a dedicated fan base and attracted favorable notice from the high-brow Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide [...], he has not received the full measure of critical acclaim because he self-publishes his fiction in order to retain full editorial control.

The Heart of Graymoor is a high-flying departure which builds upon the more fantastic elements of the Gay Youth Chronicle narrative timeline set in the late 1990's and early 21st century. Roeder carries his love of the supernatural to new heights in The Heart of Graymoor. With clear and explicit allusions to JRR Tolkein, CS Lewis, and JK Rowling, he links the gay-friendly, small-town American milieu of fictional Verona, Indiana with an alien world, Tydannon, filed with supernatural creatures, natural wonders, and fanciful magic. The focus, as is so characteristic of romantic fantasy, is on the eternal struggle of good and evil. Yet commonplace assumptions are eschewed, as dragons are good and fairies scary in his imaginary, parallel world. While the extremes of black and white are stark, there is just enough grey to give the book an original, thought-provoking flavor and a touch of didacticism.

The story is told by one of Roeder's most dashing creations, a veritable gay superhero (though without magical powers) named Skye who has heretofore been the scourge of anti-gay bullies in Verona. Skye embarks on a version of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" and becomes a more multi-dimensional figure as a result. Despite all the ink devoted to the superhero genre, gay superhero offerings are thin. Skye is particularly appealing as a larger-than-life gay idol that defends the weak from the strong and strives for natural justice and decency.

At one level, the ending seems assured, since evil rarely triumphs when all is said and done in the Gay Youth Chronicles. But Roeder weaves in plenty of suspense and mystery then surprises with a delightful twist few will see coming in the epilogue. I recommend The Heart of Graymoor for fans of gay romance novels and devotees of the "sword and sorcery" and superhero genres. Suitable for a teen audience, Roeder's novels nevertheless appeal to adults eager to imagine more adventuresome and affirming coming-of-age scenarios than gay Americans typically live through.
A new book from the happily prolific pen of Mark Roeder is always cause for rejoicing for his myriad fans.
Of all the many characters created by Mr Roeder, the sexy,self-assured brave and cocky (pun intended) Skye McKenzie is strangely also one of the most lovable. He was first introduced to Roeder's readers in "Masked Destiny" . He also was one of the leading characters in many of the later books in the Gay Youth Chronicle series.
Skye has always prided himself on staying physically strong but emotionally detached the better to concentrate his talents and abilities to help and defend the younger and weaker of his many gay friends and acquaintances in the town of Verona.
In this latest chronicle Skye with his straight buddy Marshall and a gentle sweet natured (and cute) half-elf endearingly named Wuffa leave this world and travel into a parallel world that mysteriously resembles Tolkien's Middle Earth. Here the trio are welcomed and befriended by the peace-loving elves and assist their new friends in their brave struggles against the vicious trolls and goblins who are bent on enslaving the elves and brutally destroying their way of life.
Much against his better judgment Skye also finally finds himself falling hopelessly in love for the first time in his life with a boy from this world who he knows in his heart he can never have.
I wont tell you what happens except to assure you that the end will totally amaze you! Awesome! Definitely one of the best in the GYC series!
A little change of pace. Think Robt. A. Heinlein's "Glory Road". I still enjoyed reading it very much.
I'm addicted to all of Mark Roeder's books. His writing is fantastic, and once I pick up any of his books I can't stop reading them. I'm only getting 5 hours of sleep per night because of it. I've now spent hundreds of dollars just to get the next book in his stories... I can't get enough.
Rollers from Abdun
I have read books by this author and liked them but this book I will read again .
Please write more like this now on to the next book .
I really must read them in order some day.
Very good read. I recommend it for those that like Roeder's books & enjoy a plot that is somewhat unpredictable.
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