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eBook Feed Me I'm Yours epub

by Pat Seitz,Vicki Lansky

eBook Feed Me I'm Yours epub
  • ISBN: 0671622838
  • Author: Pat Seitz,Vicki Lansky
  • Genre: Parenting
  • Subcategory: Parenting
  • Publisher: Meadowbrook (1986)
  • ePUB size: 1737 kb
  • FB2 size 1801 kb
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Vicki Lansky was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 6, 1942

Vicki Lansky was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 6, 1942. from Connecticut College in 1963. When none of the publishers they approached were interested in the book, Lansky and her husband decided to publish the book themselves and distribute it from home. Their creative promotional efforts turned Feed Me! I'm Yours into one of the bestselling cookbooks in its category. Lansky found her niche as a writer and publisher of parenting materials.

Feed Me, I'm Yours book.

Author:Lansky, Vicki. Book Binding:Spiral bound. I'm Yours: Baby Food Made Easy. North America's Cookbook for Parents of Tots and Toddlers Vicki Lansky has revised her classic cookbook to provide more delicious, nutritious recipes - and more fun ideas Making baby food is easy!

Author:Lansky, Vicki. All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard. North America's Cookbook for Parents of Tots and Toddlers Vicki Lansky has revised her classic cookbook to provide more delicious, nutritious recipes - and more fun ideas Making baby food is easy! Blend fresh, pure baby food in minutes even when you travel.

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ISBN 10: 0881664758 ISBN 13: 9780881664751. Publisher: Meadowbrook Press, 2004.

More than just a cookbook, Feed Me I'm Yours provides time-saving, trouble-saving, and money-saving tips.

Vicki Lee Lansky (née Rogosin; January 6, 1942 – January 15, 2017) was an American author and publisher, best known for her cookbook Feed Me I'm Yours. Feed Me I'm Yours began as a local fund-raising cookbook for the Minneapolis chapter of the Childbirth Education Association (CEA) in 1974.

Feed Me I'm Yours Hardcover – 1974. by Vicki Lansky (Author). Feed Me I'm Yours: Baby Food Made Easy. Feed Me I'm Yours - Revised by Vicki Lansky (2004-11-02). Feed me! I'm yours: A recipe book for mothers : delicious, nutritious & fun things to cook up for your kids.

Vicki Lee Lansky was an American author and publisher, best known for her cookbook Feed Me I'm Yours. The newsletter's parenting tips were incorporated into a later book,

Comments: (7)
I bought this book as part of a baby shower gift. I paired it with a full set of the re-play feeding dishes/cups/spoons & snack containers. I could tell the recipient was happy with everything. When she opened the book she started flipping through it and looked up and me and smiled. She didn't get another gift like it. I have loved this book for 30 years. When I had my daughter, I was given a used copy. I used it non-stop. I used it when I had my son 5 years later. I still use it to this day to make things for my granddaughter. There are also some recipes in this book that I loved to make for myself, such as the granola. The book has been around for a while, but they republish every so often to keep the content current (like nutritional information, etc.). It's a great book and I'll never give mine up.
I had this book back when my daughter was born (in 1976). I loved it then, and just bought it for that same daughter to use with her new daughter (7 months old). The granola recipe is to die for, I even went on a hunt for it at our local library, years ago, because I remembered what an awesome recipe it was. This is a great book for new moms and dads who want better options for feeding their little ones.
I used this book over 35 years ago... mostly out of necessity, never realizing the healthful bonus of making your own baby food.
Very easy to do, and you save tons of money by not buying ready made food. It is so easy, anyone can do it. I made the food about once a week. You just cook your food and put it in your blender to the desired consistancy. Then, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. When you need the peas, corn, green beans, or chicken "cubes", just pop them out and defrost in the mircrowave in seconds! The book has a lot of good ideas and recipes. I buy this book every time I need a gift for a new Mom.
I purchased the first addition of this book in 1979 and used it through both my children's baby/toddler years. I've purchased it as gifts for new Mom's over the years and love the new version which I just purchased for my niece who is having her second child. Not only are there nutrition tips, recipes and practical information about health and safety but there are crafts and playtime ideas as well. Many young mom's get starry eyed over the grocery store offerings but given a few simple ideas and techniques they can learn how easy it is to provide healthy and nutritious meals and snack from what they already have in the kitchen.
A lot of "why didn't I think I that" ideas in this book. Nothing overly complex, all relatively easy things to do or make for your little one, but things that may not have occurred to me on my own.
I bought the book for a new mother who is starting to feed her twins solid food. I used the book 30 years ago when my grown children were babies. Great book with solid advice and recipes for starting your baby out right on solid food.
I originally bought this book as a gift for my sister when she was expecting my first nephew - in 1977. [It may have been published earlier ...] Of course, I had to try out some of the recipes myself ... Well, I tried so many recipes, that there was evidence on some of the pages! So I was forced to keep that copy, even though I wouldn't have any of my own little ones for 9 more years! But of course I used it for all four of them!

So when my son and daughter-in-law were expecting their first, I HAD to find it to give it to them!!!

The book arrived in plenty of time for Christmas - in fact it was a few days EARLIER than they had promised!!!

Of course, I still have mine - and I just decided to try to bake some home-made graham crackers!!! Yum!!!
My baby isn't yet old enough to be eating solid foods, but I am so glad I bought this book ahead of time! Simple recipes for fresh, homemade baby foods (ie: puree fresh fruit and freeze in ice cube trays to make individual portions) sound much more appealing than those little jars of goop. This book covers babies from those who are just starting to eat all the way up to picky toddlers. Simple, healthy recipes are given for everything from soups to omlettes ... all with little tricks, like pureeing some veggies to sneak into your toddler's cheese pizza, or adding oatmeal to yogurt instead of milk for a toddler who's just learning to use a spoon. I'd definitely recommend this book, and may purchase additional copies as baby gifts.
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