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eBook In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960 epub

by Tony Bennett,Eric Kohler

eBook In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960 epub
  • ISBN: 0811821218
  • Author: Tony Bennett,Eric Kohler
  • Genre: Photography
  • Subcategory: Graphic Design
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books; First Edition edition (April 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 132 pages
  • ePUB size: 1456 kb
  • FB2 size 1444 kb
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by David Greenberger Any look at a 20-year period of record covers will be subject to the taste of your guide.

by David Greenberger Any look at a 20-year period of record covers will be subject to the taste of your guide. In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics, 1940-1960 is blessed with an excellent shepherd-Eric Kohler is both knowledgeable about the era, and he exhibits uniformly excellent taste. The book features hundreds of covers, all in color. One chapter covers the '40s and three of its leading designers; another chapter handles the '50s and five of its pivotal practitioners (it was a growing field).

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Items related to In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960 . Eric Kohler In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960. ISBN 13: 9780811821216. And as Tony Bennett says in his preface, "they were large enough to make you feel like you were taking home your very own work of ar. Author Eric Kohler, a graphic designer and album cover artist himself, selected these 250 gorgeous covers from his own collection of over 3,000. He offers a captivating history of the early record industry, addressing the invention of the phonograph in 1877, the near demise of the industry due to competition with radio, and the rejuvenating introduction of the jukebox in 1935.

And how intriguing is this incredible book by Eric Kohler. I never thought I'd "get into" a book dedicated solely to album covers from 1940-1960, but I was wrong.

View on timesmachine. The advent of the compact disk improved sound quality, but brought an end to great album art and sophisticated liner notes.

In the 1930s recorded music was sold in plain packaging, or record shop advertising 'bags'; sets of discs were also usually issued in plain albums. Eric Kohler, In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics, 1940-1960. ISBN 0-8118-2121-8) Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1999.

Printed in Hongkong Distributed in Canada by Raibcoat Books, Vancouver BC.

In The Groove - Vintage Record Graphics 1940 - 1960. Foreword by Tony Bennett Preface Chapter One: 1940 - Alex Steinweiss - Jim Flora - Robert Jones Chapter two:1950 - Rudolph Deharak - Eric Nitsche - David Stone Martin - Burt Goldblatt - Reid Miles Acknowledgements.

Books with the subject: Album Covers. In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960 - Eric Kohler. Sound recordings-album covers, united states. The Greatest Album Covers of All Time - Grant Scott, Barry Miles, Johnny Morgan. Sound recordings-album covers, graphic arts, rock music, united states, album covers, pictorial works. Put the Needle on the Record - Matthew Chojnacki, Nick Rhodes (Afterword), Jake Shears (Foreword).

In the Groove: Vintage Record Graphics 1940-1960. by Eric Kohler, Tony Bennett (Introduction). Published April 1st 1999 by Chronicle Books. Physical Description.

Artist : Tony Bennett Label columbia 1229 mono [deep groove both maroon and . This is Columbia Records CS 9573 For Once In My Life by Tony Bennett.

Artist : Tony Bennett. Label columbia 1229 mono. ITEM: TONY BENNETT - " Tony's Greatest Hits ". NOTE:. Very rare 1A 1A Matrix numbers original deep groove 6 eye pressing. It is a Stereo 360 Vinyl LP in Excellent Condition. The Jacket is in Excellent Condition Also.

What the much-admired Blue Note: The Album Cover Art and Blue Note 2 did for jazz, In the Groove does for the sounds of the '40s and '50s, when swing and bebop took off. Selected for their noteworthy design and wonderful illustrations, these visual stunners range from jazz to popular tunes to classical and Latin styles. But it's the lounge vibe that truly runs wild as we tour more than 300 sensational album covers, including seldom-seen issues from Decca, Blue Note, and other labels. A brief text explains what design was like before the photograph took over and how the invention of the LP changed the record business forever. Author Eric Kohler also introduces the stand-out designers and key labels of the period. Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Desi Arnaz, Carmen Miranda their best album covers are all here, and they're all sizzlin' in the heyday of hip. Easy on the eyes, In the Groove is the real thing: the great covers created by the great designers for the musical greats of yesteryear.
Comments: (7)
I liked this book so much that I bought a copy for my record-collecting boyfriend and a DJ friend with a varied and ecclectic vinyl collection.
When I thought of record cover art, I thought of those fantasy-styled "YES" covers, or the metal band covers of the 80's. I had no idea about how many cool vintage record covers were out there.
The book focuses on covers from 1940-1960. You'll find many jazz, swing and vocalists represented here. The reproductions are excellent and the variety is impressive. While most covers are reproduced in 3x3inches, quite a few are refresented as full pages which is about a 9-inch square. It is organized by artist and record company, showing you how the artist's style influenced the cover.
I highly recommend it for record collectors, vintage enthusiasts, graphic designers/illustrators and those who love old things. It made me miss the 12-inch vinyl covers all the more and has inspired me to track specific albums down. CDs can never match the emotional connection that vinyl did.
Simply one of the most inspiring art books that I own. Beautiful illustrations throughout. Highly recommended for anyone interested in graphic arts. I guess music lovers might like it too. : )
A great book! A good reference guide for album collectors.
This is a great book for vintage record collectors and students of graphic design. It gives credit to many obscure and anonymous artists who made the record business such a vibrant enterprise in the 1940's and 50's. Jim Flora and David Stone Martin are represented along with many lesser known talents.
Not what I was looking for, but still a delightful picture book of great artistic talent. The realm of album art was and is still a major topic of interest in the graphics community and for anyone interest in seeing some really delightful art.
Wonderful record jacket art.
Mr Kohler presents two hundred and fifty covers (from his large collection) which he rightly thinks show the best of album design in the early years of the LP. He features eight artist/designers who created some of the most distinctive work in cover art. Two of them are my favorites, David Stone Martin who gave Norman Granz's Clef label some beautiful cover illustrations (twenty are shown) and Reid Miles who created the east coast look to Blue Note Records. Unfortunately only four of his covers are shown but you can see dozens more in the two books by Graham Marsh: The Cover Art of Blue Note Records and The Cover Art of Blue Note Records, Vol.2. The other six designers range from the unique illustrations of RCA's Jim Flora to the work of Swiss born designer Erik Nitsche and his semi abstract work for Decca. Record companies are also featured and you can see the beginnings of the Capitol Records house style, I think they were the only major company to produce consistently well designed covers with excellent photography and typography.

Though all these covers are interesting to look at I don't think too many work as complete design units, that is image and text complement each other, mostly they are images with text added later. One cover that I like is on page eighty-one, it shows a file-card box and the albums title, 'Guide to Jazz' is typed on a card which is resting against the box, the tabs of the other cards have musical instruments on them, a simple creative idea that works. Strangely the designer is unknown.

I doubt you will see as good a coverage of the early years of the LP as this (well produced) book but have a look at this title that concentrates on jazz covers from the fifties and sixties, Jazz West Coast: Artwork of Pacific Jazz Records. It has dozens of examples of creativity on paper twelve inches square, somehow CD covers just can't compete with that.

***FOR AN INSIDE LOOK click 'customer image' under the cover.
Originally, I bought this book because it promoted not only well-known musicians but also the lesser known. I find the content extremely fascinating and it continues to inspire me with poster and music-related designs for limited genres and think this book would be an incredible source for inspiration to those who are interested in borrowing similar styles to the ones documented. I was interested in not only the musicians in this book but also impressed by the some of the summaries written about the album covers. I'd also find it useful to consult even if I only came across a few projects in my life where it was required to use era-based designs. It gave me a newfound respect for the designers of those days who didn't have computers and unlimited photography to work with, and I found Eric Kohler had an ability to write subjectively about the designs shown. I think it's an excellent tool if used only for reminding readers about the true influence of art and its trends, as well as the styles and sophistication society empowered in the generation. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, found it quite successful in re-educating my inspirational process and have still yet many friends to whom I plan on recommending this book, who will definitely find it just as inspiring and well documented as myself!
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