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eBook Heart to Heart Stories of Love epub

by Joe L. Wheeler

eBook Heart to Heart Stories of Love epub
  • ISBN: 084231833X
  • Author: Joe L. Wheeler
  • Genre: Religion
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (July 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 288 pages
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All of the stories in are examples of love in action, how it relates to the human experience of life.

All of the stories in are examples of love in action, how it relates to the human experience of life. These stories stand in stark contrast to a culture that uses violence to entertain. These stories can also be used to teach how life can be when love is the motivating factor in one's life - love that gives, love that works for the good of another, love that seeks the best in you even at a sacrifice to my convenience.

Heart to Heart Stories f. .has been added to your Cart. is professor emeritus of English at Washington Adventist University and cofounder and executive director of the International Zane Grey’s West Society. Dr. Wheeler resides in Conifer, Colorado, with his wife and publishing partner, Connie.

The Talleyman Ghost and Other Mysteries for Girls.

book by Joe L. Wheeler. Heart to Heart Stories for Moms is a deeply moving collection of stories about the strongest, purest form of love in the world-the love of a mother. The Talleyman Ghost and Other Mysteries for Girls. What's So Good about Tough Times?: Stories of People Refined by Difficulty. Great Stories Remembered (Great Stories). Christmas in My Heart 3 (Vol 3). Joe L. Christmas in My Heart 1 (Christmas in My Heart).

Heart to Heart Stories for Moms is a deeply moving collection of stories about the strongest, purest form of love in the world-the love of a mother. These timeless tales of mothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers, and mentors will inspire laughter, tears, and thoughtful reflections about the importance of the kind of nurturing only a mom-or mother figure-can give. With twenty-two carefully selected tales highlighting the enduring values we hope to pass on to our children, this volume is the perfect read-aloud for families.

Christmas in My Heart 2nd Treasury by Joe L. I love Christmas stories, especially short stories

Christmas in My Heart 2nd Treasury by Joe L. I love Christmas stories, especially short stories. This book will bring joy and tears to your eyes and will return your focus to the true meanings of Christmas; love of family and the love of the Saviour, whose birthday it is we celebrate. I am very pleased that I did! Наиболее популярные в Научная литература.

Heart to Heart Stories of Love.

He is one of America’s leading story anthologizers. Wheeler resides in Littleton, Colorado, with his wife and publishing partner, Connie.

This unforgettable collection of classic love stories spans the stages of life to depict love in all its incarnations--the innocent love of childhood, the thrilling love of adolescence and young adulthood, and the quiet love of maturity. From the story of the young English boy who befriends a German girl during World War II, to the story of the young man who discovers unexpected romance when he returns to his hometown to attend a wedding, these stories make the reader smile and cry and smile again.
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These are old-fashioned love stories. Some are tales of childhood sweethearts, some of older long-married couples who rediscover their love for each other, some involve the traditional "boy meets girl, gets married, happily ever after" scenario. All are sweet and rather innocent, compared to many stories today. They re-affirmed my faith in humanity and the ability of humans to love in a pure romantic way. I suppose your enjoyment of these stories will be linked to what you are looking for in a book of old-fashioned love stories -- I adored these. I suppose I could add, you would be comfortable giving this collection to your grandmother, or reading it to your children. There are a few classics in here, too, such as Appointment With Love, and Johnny Lingo's Eight-Cow wife. I highly recommend this collection.
Here are the stories:
1. Appointment With Love, by S.J. Kishor
This is the classic tale of an army lieutenant who comes to love a woman he has never met -- and how he waits at Grand Central Station for the soulmate who will wear a red rose.
2. The Man Who Played the Cymbals, by Abbie Farwell Brown
The talented violinist-composer had lost his fingers in a terrible accident, and now he had lost his heart to the beautiful young star violinist.
3. Mistress of the Bees, by Nelia Gardner White
Molly yearned for the city. But young Oliver loved her.
4. The Bashful Preacher, by Neill Compton Wilson
The young preacher, Jay, had not told young Lorrel of his love for her the previous year when he visited her home -- and now he was asked to perform the wedding between Lorrel and her young love. But does Lorrel really love her betrothed?
5. Home is the Sailor, by Leon Ware
Ellen was an old-maid librarian, with a gift for loving the young children she worked with. And Bill Farrell was a grey-eyed sailor, who could see past Ellen's limp into her heart. But could Ellen see past her own limp?
6. The Rocking Chair, by PJ Plate
Molly loved her great-grandmother's rocker, a keepsake from her great-grandmother's thwarted young love. So why was this young carpenter so interested in buying her loved chair?
7. Come to the Wedding, by Jean S O'Connell
Lynn wanted desperately to impress her sweetheart Ted, as he came hom to meet her family for the first time at her sister's wedding. She wanted desperately for her family not to embarass her -- but could she really love someone who didn't love her family? And what about the young neighbor, Thatcher, who does?
8. I Didn't Even Know Her Number, by Arthur Milward
Arthur and Monika were gifted children at a special summer camp. They were inseparable. Until Monika was called away...
9. Young Mrs. Richard, by Grace S. Richmond
Judge Richard Hazleton refused to acknowledge his favorite grandson's bride, the daughter of his sworn enemy. Could anything change his mind?
10. The Trouble with Arabella, by Robert Bassing
Only one person could make Arabella laugh. Unfortunately, this person was not her groom.
11. Latch the Door Lightly, by Catharine Boyd
Carol and Tony were calling it quits after a child and a few years of marriage. But perhaps not...
12. Johnny Lingo's Eight-Cow Wife, by Patricia McGerr
Why did Johnny Lingo pay eight cows for his wife, when he could have bargained for less? This is the ultimate in classic love stories, about how love can reshape a person's identity.
13. The Slip-Over Sweater, by Jesse Stuart
Shan is in love with the most popular girl at school, although he walks to school every day with his neighbor, Grace. Who will wear his sweater? And who comes through when he really needs a friend?
14. The Green Dress, by Cathryn Miller
Meredith was still in love with her husband, after 27 years of marriage. So why was he painting pictures of a beautiful woman into his artwork? And could her heart bear the pain?
15. A Song From the Heart, by Mabel McKee
Jeanne had a technically beautiful voice, but she was told, "There are many notes missing. These are the notes in your heart." Will Jeanne ever learn to sing from her heart?
16. A Rose For Miss Caroline, by Arthur Gordon
Everyone believed Miss Caroline would marry Jeffrey Penniman, until he married Christine. So who was sending Miss Caroline roses?
17. The Attic Bride, by Margaret E. Sangster, Jr.
Alma Kent was marrying the son of a rich man, but she was poor and the wedding was to be private and simple. Until she and her mother learned that the groom's father wanted to come ...
18. The Light of my Eye, by Want Yang
Could love grow in an arranged marriage with an ugly bride?
19. When Love and Duty Meet, by Carmie Nesmith
Dr. Arnold had waited for this evening dinner, when his sweetheart Annie was to give her answer to his proposal of marriage. And then came the urgent request to attend a sick child in the tenements. Could he forego the dinner and leave Annie with her rival, or should he tend the sick child?
20. Roses (author unknown)
Cynthia had always been beautiful, and young physician David loved her. Until the horrible epidemic came, leaving Annie scarred forever. How could David still love her?
21. The Snow of Christmas, by Joseph Leininger Wheeler
John was leaving his wife Catherine and daughter Julie, after a final argument. He was doing well, until Christmas Eve.
I hope you enjoy these stories.
I love collecting Joe Wheeler collections. This was a great addition.
great 1800"s stories... love the old time christmas stories at cival war times....
Have 14 Joe Wheeler books. Have never let one get by me. Thanks for this addition. mary ellen
I purchased this book to find a story I had been looking for for a while, and got much more. Some of the best love stories around. (true ones) Not only that, I got it at a great price, and it was in excellent condition. The seller shipped it prompty. Would definetly do business with them again.
I love anything Joe Wheeler compiles and this book is now one of my favorites. I liked the price too.
I was very dissapointed with this book. I bought two because my girlfriend and I read a story together every night, but this book left us wondering how the story was actually a love story. These stories can hardly be considered of love, two or three of them are kinda nice, but most have depressing endings involving rejected proposals or mostly death. Dont be confused by the word love in the title, since its not what the stories are about.
Awesome stories, very inspirational. Joe Wheeler is a great author.
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