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eBook The Classic Tarot (English, French, Spanish and German Edition) epub

by Lo Scarabeo

eBook The Classic Tarot (English, French, Spanish and German Edition) epub
  • ISBN: 0738700150
  • Author: Lo Scarabeo
  • Genre: Religion
  • Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
  • Language: English French Spanish German
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2000)
  • ePUB size: 1777 kb
  • FB2 size 1893 kb
  • Formats rtf lrf mobi mbr

Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality.

Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality. With the best Italian and international artists, each Lo Scarabeo deck is an exceptional artistic value.

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Items related to The Classic Tarot (English, French, Spanish and German. ISBN 13: 9780738700151. Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality. Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia's tempera-on-papyrus paintings meld the stunning style of ancient Egyptian art with the mysteries of the Tarot.

Italian, English, French, Spanish, German. The work of Carlo Della Rocca, one of the most important engravers of the nineteenth century, was reproduced, preserving the charm and naturalness of that extremely refined craft. This deck is one of the best examples of Tarot art, its origins deeply rooted in Italian culture and history. Each Arcana contains its own divinatory meanings.

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They are easily recognizable from their unique taste for illustration and excellence in every detail. Golden Visconti Tarot (Grand Trumps). The oldest Tarot deck, jewel of the Italian Renaissance, with a renewed packaging and extended booklet.

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Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality

Format Cards 78 pages. Llewellyn is the exclusive distributor of Lo Scarabeo products in North America.

The tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games such as Italian tarocchini, French tarot and Austrian Königrufen, of which many are still played today. In the late 18th century, some tarot packs began to be used as a trend for divination via tarot card reading and cartomancy leading to custom packs developed for such occult purposes.

Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia's tempera-on-papyrus paintings meld the stunning style of ancient Egyptian art with the mysteries of the Tarot. To shape the interpretations, Alasia relied on the conceptions of Jean-Baptiste Pitois, who linked the The Classical Tarots cards, employing delicate, detailed line work and deep, rich colors. Lush and vibrant, these cards illustrate the drama, the complexity, and even the humor and weirdness of life. This deck is authentically reproduced from the original, with the modern addition of a white border with a key word in English, Italian, French, and German for each card.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Comments: (7)
As a collector of Tarot decks with a taste for the old Italian styles I decided to add this one on a whim. Sometimes called 'The Classic Tarot' or 'Classical Tarots' A quick glance through the cards and the LWB reveals that this is a (later ?) 1835 rendition of the same design printed by Carlo DellaRocca that Lo Scarabeo also produces under the name of 'Ancient Italian Tarot' (AIT), which happens to be a personal favorite. However, there are some very notable differences:

Beginning with the obvious: The card backs are a white and ochre toned, double-headed, "zoomed-in" version of Atu XVII The Star. Not bad... but not really what I like to see with a reprint of an antique deck. No problem for readers who use reversed meanings. The face of the cards is bordered in white, heavily along the left side, with a key divinitory word in 4 languages Spanish, English, French & German going up the side. The modern style of the backs and the borders seems to clash a bit with the antique images.
This is in contrast to the AIT which has a full antique face on the cards without the key words or the distractingly modern white border; and has an attractive Baroque filligree backing in white & hunter green.

The pips are decorated in the typical Italian style of the period with ribbons & swirls. Also, because these Minor Arcanum are not full scene images, here the white border with the key words along the left side (which I find somewhat tacky on the Major Arcana) may be useful for new readers. The decorations around the suit emblems differ somewhat in the 2 decks I am comparing here, but one must see images to compare-contrast Baroque embellishments. One more point on the pips: the swords are double-headed / reversible; this means that the Ace has 1 sword, the 2 has 4 swords, the 3 has 5 swords (2 at each end, one in the center) and so on through the suit. This is not so distracting as it may sound, as the pattern is attractive and traditional. Roman numerals are present and can be used to indicate upright & reverse. This goes for both the Classic Tarot & the AIT.

The art is basically the same as the AIT but with a few distinguishing characteristics. Here, Atu IIII L'IMPERATORE is clean shaven and looks like the stony profile from an old coin (contast the bearded one in AIT). Same story with the King of Wands (Bastoni) who was given a shave for this deck.
The Ace of Coins (Danari) is a lovely ladie's profile on the coin (contrast Mercury's stamp on the AIT). Overall the colors in this deck are cheerier and the linework seems more refined than the somewhat cruder AIT. The production and cardstock and finish is the same high quality we have come to expect from Lo Scarabeo.

I would recomend this deck for someone wishing to venture outside the RWS pattern of full scenes on the minors wishing to explore historical Tarot. For collectors and experienced readers I would recomend the AIT. I am glad to posess both, but, had I done my homework beforehand, I may have skipped on this one and just enjoyed the AIT which is much the same artwork done in a more classical looking manner.
an excellent deck for those interested in pre RW interpretation. The deck has key words written along the border in four differing languages, which provides ample information for word analysis. The images themselves are lovely and vibrant and the deck, I have personally noticed, is best used for reading relationships. My aunt and myself have been reading with the 'classic' for years and our customers appreciate the detailed information the deck lends. Purchasing this deck is worth the expense, especially since it is no longer in print. A must have for any serious collector or professional reader. (Update from 2011: This deck has made a surprising comeback and is being printed at a very affordable deal. Buy it before it goes out of print again!)
I'm not a Tarot expert by any means, but I do find that I like a deck with beautiful imagery and color. This one is really lovely and has tons of detail and symbolism. I love the translations at the side though they seem to be translating the simple quick surface meaning of the card, not the title of each. Works for me though. Probably won't be my all purpose deck but I still really like it!
are very poorly printed price sheets for expected better
Like it very much.
Excelente Produto!
This tarot has beautiful pictures on the box. However, it was reproduced from a 19th century pack in Italy, not a 18th century pack like it claims on the box; thus 4 stars for misleading me! The pictures therefore, are true to the time period. Very pretty. On the left side of the cards are a one word meaning for each card. This may help you or throw you or your friends off. The word is in 4 languages up the side in red; italian, french, english and dutch, I guess. Pretty deck. Nice to have a "historical" deck.
About 15 years ago, I was lucky enough to find a limited edition reproduction of the Soprafino Tarot from about 1835. It came in a handmade paper-wrapped box (made to look antique) and was hand numbered (I believe it was limited to 2000 sets). This deck is a mass produced knock-off, but the art is so nice it's hard to complain! :) Nice to find a set like this so I don't feel guilty shuffling the rare set! Too bad they don't have a better, more accurate description of the set.
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