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eBook Our Celestial Visitors : A Program in World Rehabilitation epub

by Ernest P. Moyer

eBook Our Celestial Visitors : A Program in World Rehabilitation epub
  • ISBN: 0967826438
  • Author: Ernest P. Moyer
  • Genre: Religion
  • Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Moyer Pub (October 24, 2000)
  • Pages: 580 pages
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Our Celestial Visitors book.

Our Celestial Visitors: A Program in World Rehabilitation This book is a report on Ernest Moyer’s investigations into our celestial visitors, and their program of genetic and spiritual rehabilitation for this world. Decoding Giza Pyramids – Part 1.

Publisher:Moyer Publishing.

ISBN13:9780967826431. Release Date:October 2000. Publisher:Moyer Publishing. 40 lbs. Dimensions:8.

Our Celestial Visitors : A Program in World Rehabilitation. October 24, 2000, Moyer Pub. Paperback in English. Libraries near you: WorldCat. Created December 10, 2009.

A Program in World Rehabilitation. by. Ernest P. Moyer Moyer also demonstrates that a program of revelation began four thousand years ago, coordinated to help us understand without voiding the right o. . He shows the role played by the Contactees in providing information to help us understand the larger phenomena, as well as the evidence collected by the abduction investigators. Moyer also demonstrates that a program of revelation began four thousand years ago, coordinated to help us understand without voiding the right of each of us to make up our own minds.

List of Papers and Sections. The Coming Spiritual Storm. Our Celestial Visitors. A Program in World Rehabilitation. Discussions on the hand of God in our Planetary Destiny, and our contribution to his program. These papers are intended to assist others in their understanding of the grave decisions facing all of us today.

Moyers, Ernest - Our Celestial Visitors - A program in Planetary Rehabilitation. and International Programs in Astrobiology (2003). Mrzyglod, Ian - U F O - I F O - A Process Of Elimination.

Ernest Mayer (born 10 November 1920 in Zgornji Tuhinj, died 17 March 2009) was a Slovenian botanist. He studied Biology at the University of Ljubljana and at the University of Vienna. From September 1944 to December 1945, he was in the Yugoslav partisans and the Yugoslav People's Army. In 1947 he finished his studies in Vienna and graduated in botany as the main subject.

Each year nearly 5,000 International Visitors come to the . on the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). More than 200,000 International Visitors have engaged with Americans through the IVLP, including more than 500 current or former Chiefs of State or Heads of Government.

Ernest is a character in The Outer Worlds. He is a member of the Spacer's Choice department of human resources. Categories : Infobox incomplete.

This book is a report on Ernest Moyer's investigations into our celestial visitors, and their program of genetic and spiritual rehabilitation for this world. He reviews the history of contact, the abduction phenomenon, the role of the Contactees, and how revelation provides insight into the operations and purpose of celestial administration.

The book contains a full Table of Contents, a thorough Index, and photographs and illustrations.

Comments: (4)
So far this book visited Iceland this morning , only to end up in the hands of someone like me who has certain dreams most UFOlogists today like Steven M. Greer would hold with much dread. I enjoy flipping through this book's pages and studying it from a critical perspective. It was William Cooper who famously and immortally remarked , that it is human nature to want to believe in 'space brothers', and Stewart Swerdlow has frequently asserted that there are in his view no space brothers visiting this planet. Nonetheless there are people visiting this planet from other planets , many of whom are negative , some who are kind and do not have any weapons like we have.
Some of them number in tens of millions according to at least one person who has asserted an experience with an extraterrestrial which had occured as a result of automatic writing. I really like reading this book and had grown weary and impatient with the long time it took the book to arrive to my country. But finally id did , and it's prize was certainly not overwhelming. The book is strikingly 'new aegy'and there is the fact that it's author is a serious supporter of the Urantia Foundation. This book explains the nature of the evolution of extraterrestrial visitations to this planet from the perspective of this author's views , but beyound that the photos are stunning and the text is very easily acessible , the book is hugely entertaining , but just for starters; I do not take George Adamski seriously as a contactee. There is no need to prove the content of any of the pages within this book to a skeptic - it can be acessed from a critical viewpoint or for the mere sake of curiousity or beyound , all depending on how the reader chooses to read it. Until so far this book has been little known. I do not believe that any of the current E.T. visitors visiting this planet have a 'rehabilitation'in mind for Earth humans.
I am not a New Ager and am thus not stuck in other peoples'views on 'space brothers' and do not take such info literally.
This book is brillantly written. And the author is a man of great substance. His ability to make deductions, intelligent deductions, is incredible. And in the back of the book are simply incredible photographs of UFO's and other evidence (such as the "crop circles" which no one can explain). But we do have to deal with the man. Before I tell you some of his deductions, we have to ascertain whether he has the experience and education to conduct such a monumental work. In appendix one, you will find out his personal history. It is quite impressive, to say the least. Surfice it for me to simply state that he acquired his Master's Degree in electrical engineering and specialized in the study of "electron device physics". The author reminds me of John Lilly, the scientist who claimed that dolphins were smarter than us. It is just that their fortes are in philosophy, music, and even the understanding of rebirth. Yet dispite Lilly's contentions, Moyer has evidence and is more objective in his findings. There is much comparison in this book with other sources, such as Johnathan Swift and others. But Moyer really concentrates on three areas. First, The Urantia Book. Second, the Bible. And third, alien abductions. Then he trisects these three sources until he reaches "common denominators". Moyer comes to the definite conclusion that aliens are benevolent. Further, that they are "angels" or devas in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are here to help us, not harm us. And to carry out God's plan. Then why do so many abductees state that aliens are malevonent? Moyer states that we "project" onto the aliens our fears and terrors. This makes alien abductions nightmarish for those people who have psychological problems. Moyer sees a universe that is totally benevolent. His main concern seems to be our psychological reactions to to our alien visitors. He also claims that if Jesus came down here today, many of us would dismiss all of what He says, or at least a part of it. Despite Moyers deductions, this would explain why aliens come here and simply want no contact. That is, visiting the president and having dinner. They are here to help us. And if we resist them, which is the same as dismissing God's will, than we will become terrified and experience them as violent demons. But this is only the case if we project our hidden fears and terrors onto them. If you watch X-Files or are interested in alien abductions, I would highly recommend this book. Moyer is extremely intelligent and insightful. This book needs to be on your shelf if you are interested in these phenomenas in any capacity. The documentation and beautiful pictures in the book are worth the price alone. I'm putting my copy beside my "heavy duty" philosophy books. Even if Moyer is only 10% right in his assertrions, he will have made a significant contribution to the topic on hand.
This brand new 580 page book (10/00) contains more than 30 photographs, many in full color. It is written by Ernest Moyer who has devoted much of his time to investigating the phenomenon of "celestial visitors". This fascinating reference provides the reader with a real insight into the subject. It's very comprehensive, covering topics from: Kidnapped by UFOs, Abduction, Android Grays, Biological and Nuclear Disasters, Flying Islands, Moons of Mars, Craft Design, Visits with God, American Indian Legends, Cosmic Reserve Corps and much, much more. Sources of information are included and the work is completely indexed. Considering the nature of the material, it is not difficult to read or understand, and is most thought provoking. The author sums it all up with "The author prayerfully hopes this work will help others understand the celestial activities surrounding our planet today, the path of unfolding planetary destiny, and our contribution to God's program of time." Well worth reading.
I gave this three stars out of courtesy.
The UFO photos are borrowed from Adamski and others and are nothing new.
The smattering of crop circle photos are a drop in the bucket compared to what you would find in a good crop circle book.
This review was only written because nowhere on this page is there a warning that the book is based on the Urantia papers released in 1935 and anyone unfamiliar with them should go to the Wikipedia and read the entry before buying this book.
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