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by Jessica Bird

eBook Heart of Gold epub
  • ISBN: 0739435418
  • Author: Jessica Bird
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: ivy books (2003)
  • Pages: 438 pages
  • ePUB size: 1614 kb
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It's a contemporary romance with just a touch of mystery and suspense. Ms. Bird has a history of writing unique characters and elements. In this case, the heroine is an archaeologist and her latest dig is the centerpiece of the story. Having always been a fan of history and archeology, I enjoyed this part a lot, especially the mystery of the missing gold.

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Blakemore. Born Jessica Rowley Pell Bird in Massachusetts, United States, she is the daughter of W. Gillette Bird Jr. and Maxine F. Bird. She began writing as a child, penning her thoughts in diaries as well as inventing short stories. The summer before she went to college she wrote her first book, a romance novel. After that, she wrote regularly, but for herself. She then received a law degree from Albany Law School and worked in healthcare administration for several.

Powerful emotions spill out from her characters, making them fascinating and poignant. This romantic drama has it all, from action to acts of courage, all of which makes for an emotionally enthralling read.

Her body was wrapped in a towel and she had no immediate recollection as to where in the hell her clothes were. It wasn't until she sat up and her head started to pound that she remembered where she. And why. Moving hair gingerly out of her face, she put both feet on the floor and stood up with a groan. The worst hangover she'd ever had was sitting on her skull like a piece of heavy machinery. Or maybe a dump truck

Writing as Jessica Bird. An Unforgettable Lady. An Irresistible Bachelor. Heart of Gold is my second published book, and as I think back on it now, I remember making a conscious choice to go with what you know when I wrote it. It was a good call.

Writing as Jessica Bird. Writing as Jessica Bird. The thing is, writing is like all other endeavors-a little bit of God-given talent and an interest will get you started.

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2003) A novel by Jessica Bird. December 2016 : USA MP3 CD. She has a chance to find something more precious than gold, if she's brave enough to trust her heart. Her intense passion for unlocking the secrets of the past is what made Carter Wessex an archeologist.

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Comments: (7)
I am with the other reviewers giving this book 1 star. Started off with a nice story line, believable characters....then it all got redundant and crazy. Half the book was on scene looking for treasure and historical artifacts on a mountain. A mountain they went up and down with regular consistency and it mentally wore me out. It seemed everyone was chasing each other up and down.
And it stared getting comical, first time up was a challenge and was a challenging hike, towards the end of the book it
seemed to be described as a 100 ft walk in the park. Then the scene on top of the mountain had a lake, a stream, and a
river near their camp. Huh? Make up your mind! The most comical part of the story had the heroine almost getting sexually assaulted while in camp and she did not tell anyone. Again huh? She was supposed to be some super intelligent anthropology professor in her mid to late 20's and she didn't report an attempted rape??? Makes me crazy when these so called smart women make stupid decisions, and it was unbelievable as part of the story line.. I couldn't finish the book it was so disappointing and I really like JR Ward too.
I think, much like many readers waiting in suspense for more BDB from J.R. Ward, we are settling for these in between books from her lighter side and the hot guys on the cover. If you want dark, if you want struggle, if you want surprise and twists and anguish...this is not the book for you. This book claims to have a huge dark side, the Hero and Heroine act like they have deep dark secrets in their past but when they are all revealed, in some sort of a haphazard rushed way...it doesn't seem enough to make up for their character flaws.

They both did have difficult upbringings, which lead them to the current difficulties in their relationship. But the solution to this seemed to be showing it was all some big misunderstanding and creating a formulaic Hero rescues Heroine ending so she could see clearly how much he loves her. Neither character seems to fully take ownership over their character flaws and work through them.

Having said all of that, there are enjoyable side-characters and a fun plot. Ward did do a great job with her research which, as someone who has done a bit of archeology myself can say, made that part of the story seem believable. It felt real, it felt fun, but it could have been much better. And if you are expecting the animal magnetism of the BDB or other of J.R. Wards books...this isnt it.
I love Bird/Ward's books. Even after having read most of them, and there are a lot, I still enjoy the now familiar characters and plot twists that she creates. This one was a little under par, but not so much that I didn't gobble it up in one night. Caveat: I am not sure if this book was written at the beginning of her career as a writer and therefore not as good as the ones that follow; or if she wrote this one recently and was a little to hurried (or harried) to develop it a little more.

I don't mind the fact that the male female dynamic is sparked with argument between two strong minded people. I am just disappointed that the reasons for the argument are not as justifiable as they could be. There are no surprises in this book, so there can be no spoilers. Everything happens the way you expect it too.

And even so, I will buy the too costly sequel(sp?), because I love, love, love her books.
Carter Wessex is determined to get permission to dig on Farrell Mountain. As an archaeologist specializing in colonial America, she needs to be able to discover the secrets hidden on Farrell Mountain in order to prove her theory. However, in order to that she needs Nick Farrell's permission and he's never allowed anyone to dig on the mountain before. When Nick meets Carter he quickly realizes that her father is an important businessman who he would like to cultivate a relationship with. Finding out that Carter and her father are estranged, a situation her father would greatly like to changed, Nick thought that perhaps letting Carter dig on the mountain was a good way to establish a relationship with her father. Neither expected the attraction between them. With Carter's issues with her father, and Nick's inability to admit that he feels more for Carter than the usual desire for a woman, can they find away to build a lasting relationship? What will happen when Carter's father arrives and Carter discovers Nick's deception?

Although Heart of Gold is an older title, I had to do a review on it. One of the first books written by Jessica Bird, who is also JR Ward, it remains one of my all-time favorite contemporary romances. While browsing around, looking for new titles, I saw Heart of Gold, on the shelf. I immediately picked up a copy to re-read. Nick and Carter's story was just as enthralling as the first time I read it. Readers who haven't had the pleasure of reading Heart of Gold have missed a definite treat, and those who have will want to pull out their copies for another trip with Nick and Carter.


Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
As a J.R. Ward fan I figured that at least I would get a story that was very well written. If you are looking for the writer of The Brotherhood of the Black Dagger or Fallen Angels series, YOU WON'T FIND HER HERE!!! This story was well written and had the richness that J.R. Ward is known for. But this is a stereotypical romance genre book with a decent story wrapped around it. It was a nice day/weekend reading book. There is a couple of quick peeks to where you see the J.R. Ward that we are use to in her series but she reins it in and stays in genre style.
Another great story filled with strong characters and a nice historical mystery. Even though I've come to these books after reading the BRB series, and even though they're earlier works, they're very intriguing and well written. Readers of the BRB will see the beginnings of her telltale wit and humor that come out fullbore in the BRB series. I've loved all these stories.
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