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eBook Always (Large Print) epub

by Jude Deveraux

eBook Always (Large Print) epub
  • ISBN: 0786266392
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Thorndike Press (March 2, 2005)
  • Pages: 464 pages
  • ePUB size: 1257 kb
  • FB2 size 1143 kb
  • Formats lit rtf docx txt

Don’t miss Jude Deveraux’s splendid yuletide bestseller. And praise for these unforgettable New York Times bestsellers from Jude Deverau. ILD ORCHIDS.

Don’t miss Jude Deveraux’s splendid yuletide bestseller. A fast-paced tale with more than one deadly twis. . A not-to-be-missed nove. hat will keep you on the edge of your chair. Forget garden-variety ghosts and poltergeists-the devil himself makes an appearance in Deveraux’s romantic suspense nove.A superb job. -Publishers Weekly. Unlike anything Deveraux has written previousl. niquely intriguin. lways entertaining. Incredible, wonderful, fantastic, super.

Jude Deveraux’s Always is a fun, sexy little book even though no sex occurs in the story of Darci Montgomery, a woman with supernatural gifts. Deveraux deftly keeps the sizzle going by introducing dashing men who seem to be one thing then turn out to be another

Jude Deveraux’s Always is a fun, sexy little book even though no sex occurs in the story of Darci Montgomery, a woman with supernatural gifts. Deveraux deftly keeps the sizzle going by introducing dashing men who seem to be one thing then turn out to be another. A thief turns into a hero, a potential romance becomes more of a sibling relationship, a past incarnation of lost love becomes a protector. Through it all, Darci and others never give into their attraction.

This item:Always (Forever Trilogy) by Jude Deveraux Mass Market . To date, there are more than sixty million copies of her books in print worldwide.

Only 6 left in stock (more on the way). Jude Deveraux is the author of more than forty New York Times bestsellers, including Moonlight in the Morning, The Scent of Jasmine, Scarlet Nights, Days of Gold, Lavender Morning, Return to Summerhouse, and Secrets. To learn more, visit JudeDeveraux.

This is Jude Deveraux's official page. The Jude Deveraux Book Club will be starting in on The Black Lyon on MONDAY. I've been wrongfully accused in my life many, many times, and I've always thought how I'd like someone to stand up for me. With that in mind, I started plotting. Terri has a secret that she keeps to the point where she's a pariah in Summer Hill. To refresh our memories, what cover do you most remember or currently own? -Liz.

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FOREVER AND ALWAYS (LARGE PRINT) by Jude Deveraux. Free US Delivery ISBN: 0739437259. Forever and Always (Forever Trilogy) by Deveraux, Jude Paperback Book The Fast. FREE US DELIVERY ISBN: 0743477081 Quality Books.

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A New York Times Bestseller

Darci has never given up searching for her kidnapped husband, but her quest has taken her deeper into the world of psychic phenomena than she ever dreamed - or dared to go. Pulled into a time and place where she's stripped of her abilities, can Darci find the key that links to the modern-day crimes she's set out to solve?

Comments: (7)
I too was pulled in by the first two books of this trilogy. This was my first time reading Jude Deveraux, and I enjoyed the flow of her writing, and how she left you wanting more. I started with the second book, a hand-me-down from my sister, not realizing it was part of a set. As soon as I got through with it, I hurried to my Amazon account to order the other two, I needed to know what had brought Darci to her isolation.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little dissapointed with the first book. I thought sure it would explain how she came to be in the situation she was in. The second book kept referring to the tunnels and the evil witches...but again, it was almost a side note. But the story was entertaining, so I read on.

I had faith that all my questions would be answered by the last book. Surely she would answer all my questions and I would be satisfied with knowing how all the pieces fit together. But alas, I too was left with more questions than answers. I was very upset as I read the last page, I think my exact words weren't very nice, so I'll paraphrase and say "Are you kidding me? What a cop out!!"

As I said before, these are the only Jude Deveraux books I have read, and after this betrayal, and complete and utter copout on her part, I won't be rushing anywhere to read her other novels. The book (or books, in this case) is only as good as it's ending...and she didn't bother to put the effort into bringing all the pieces together, so she simply ended it.
No matter the time... if you're meant to be together love will find a way... Darcy & Adam, Jack & Lavender found each other in a different lifetime.

My only question is as Darci went back in time to meet Adam
What happened at the present time? Would it mean she wouldn't meet Lincoln or Jack? What happened to all the objects she left in the room?
White gold
Reading some of the reviews, it is apparent that many readers did not understand the point of the trilogy! Each book presented a test that Darci had to meet in order to gain her true powers. It was very well done, with each book presenting different challenges and interesting characters. Its the age old story of good overcoming evil Loved them all!
I did not realize the three books in this series were paranormal. I have liked Jude Deveraux in the past but not these three!
"Always" was very different! I enjoyed the partnership of Jack and Darcie. I think it would have been better reading if a future partnership for them had been created and a little less involvement with the spirit world. They each lost and found romantic partners but their love interests were less interesting than their actual time spent together trying to solve a mystery.
crazy mashine
Good reading - a look into being a good person growing into who she is
I was really let down by this book. I am an avid Jude Deveraux reader and usually snap up her books as soon as they come out. I loved the first book in this series and the second was "ok", but this one left me confused and feeling that HUGE holes were left open. Where is/was Adam? Why was he taken? Where is the gripping story of finding and rescuing him as so many other Devereaux heroines in the past have done? I don't want to give away the ending to anyone, but I felt that this ending was extremely unsatisfiying and a huge cop-out on the part of the author. Jude, how could you?
These books were intriguing but surely there is one more chapter for the end of the third?? TOTALLY LEFT ME HANGING!!
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