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eBook Wife in the Shadows epub

by Sara Craven

eBook Wife in the Shadows epub
  • ISBN: 0373528302
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (September 13, 2011)
  • ePUB size: 1701 kb
  • FB2 size 1839 kb
  • Formats txt rtf lit lrf

The private face of a public marriageThe manipulative machinations of the great Manzini family have locked Elena Blake into marriage. The reluctant groom is Italy's most infamous womanizer, Count Angelo Manzini.In society's spotlight, Angelo bestows dutiful kisses on his shy new countess. But behind closed doors, his apparently biddable bride refuses to stand in the shadows. Challenged by Elena's defiance, Angelo finds himself captivated by the thought of possessing her!
Comments: (7)
I really liked this book. The character development was nice too. The twist was unexpected. The writing style was wonderful. H was douche bag, h was stubborn but it was fun to read their journey. I just wish we had gotten to read more from H pov throughout the story rather than just in the end. I also wish that the author had given us some more, an epilogue perhaps, in the end, about their future life with their child.
This is my first book from this writer and I really liked it. Different from other Stories. Spoiler ... Such a cute pretend game between husband and wife. It is true that often relationship nature changes in different circumstances. Her cousin was such an evil being.
3 stars because the storyline was long and confusing with all the relatives and friends. Also there was no epilogue! Sacrilegious! For the record I'm a fan of Sara Craven but this one threw me off. The hero was totally sexy though.
Not a fan. Towards the end some guy shows up and wines and dines Elena. She ends up sleeping with him. It's not until the guy has upped and disappeared that the reader is informed that the stranger was her husband. It was twisted and I actually skipped much of that section because the idea that she was giving herself to a stranger instead of reconnecting with her husband made me sick. Very unhappy. Ruined the book for me.
i liked this book , i read many times. i don't agree with the bad reviews because it is fiction and enjoyable story . i recommend this book .
Wife in the Shadows was aptly named. It made me feel I was in "The Shadows" since it was so dark and depressing. To be railroaded into marriage with a first class turkey, who plans to keep after marriage his favorite pastime of chasing skirts! Then...to be browbeaten like the homely pitiful wife of the regency period with no rights, respect or even fondness was not pleasant. She finally showed some backbone after her bitchy cousin did her in for the third time(she never learns!) Then to suspend knowledge of who your hubbie really is and have an affair with him is simply ridiculous. I somehow missed that shift and thought she was really having an affair with a stranger and almost threw up on my Kindle. The worst of Sara Craven's books!
I like Sara Craven's books, but I hated her leading male. He was the lover of the main characters married cousin. I just found the whole storyline really implausible and incestuous. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.
Vital Beast
I don't care what the other reviewers who gave this book such poor ratings say. I found this book to be very good and I thought the way it was written was very unique. I liked it very much. I thought the author took a chance, and I applaud her for it. Very enjoyable read. Recommended.
Since this book was brand new for the kindle & had no reviews, I went back & read lots of reviews from prior Sara Craven books before I bought this one. It was a calculated risk on my part - and I lost.

The heroine is a "powerless", pitiful young woman who finds herself uncontrollably swept by circumstances into a marriage against her wishes (really? nowadays? tell him & elderly family members to go whatever themselves. you have a job, friends, & a support network. you're self-supporting. you live in the 21st century. Act like it).

Married, of course, to a gorgeous, promiscuous, heartless guy who most recently was in a relationship w/ an obsessive psychopath. A beautiful, charming woman who lies & interferes & manipulates - and she's the heroine's cousin! The spineless heroine believes everything the Other Woman says (seriously? Your cousin has been a selfish, devious, lying "itchbay" your whole life. Why would you believe her? Without even *asking* your husband? Cause you're a weak loser? Oh, yeah - that's it).

I so wish, on so many levels, that I had not spent money on this book. $3.60, donated for school supplies in our community, could make a small difference. Used to buy canned goods for a homeless shelter, could go a ways. Added to other contributions, well, a little adds up over time. Spent on me (selfish me), to provide a mental break & refreshment, still worthwhile, though that doesn't compare to the needs in our community. But wasted - wasted on a book I could not even finish reading (gave up after about 25% of the kindle version) - now, that makes me sad. Even if it were free, this book was not worth the time or space it occupied.
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