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eBook By Design (Medievals) epub

by Madeline Hunter

eBook By Design (Medievals) epub
  • ISBN: 0553582232
  • Author: Madeline Hunter
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Historical
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam (January 2, 2001)
  • ePUB size: 1301 kb
  • FB2 size 1729 kb
  • Formats lit lrf mbr doc

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Only 7 left in stock (more on the way). But the story was fine, and I really liked the hero, Rhys.

Maybe it's that I don't particularly care for medievals. By Design - Ok Hunter, Madeline

Maybe it's that I don't particularly care for medievals. Maybe it was that the supporting characters (the main characters, not so much) were acting in historically accurate ways, and I didn't enjoy it. Maybe it's that the main characters did NOT act in historically accurate ways, and that irritated me. I don't know. By Design - Ok Hunter, Madeline. The moment Rhys saw the stunning young woman selling her exquisitely crafted pottery in the marketplace, he was captivated.

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book by Madeline Hunter.

book by Madeline Hunter.

com/feat. eiress-hir. ookpage. Cover reveal: ‘Heiress for Hire’ - Feature BookPage. See the gorgeous cover of Madeline Hunter's upcoming historical romance, Heiress for Hire! See all. Photos.

Madeline Hunter is an American author of romance novels. She lives in Pennsylvania. Madeline Hunter's first book By Arrangement was published in 2000 and she received the award for Waldenbooks Bestselling Debut Author that year. This happened again in 2003 with The Charmer.

Madeline Hunter - the complete book list. Madeline Hunter is a P. in Art History, which she currently teaches at the college level. In her other life, she is an author of bestselling historical romances. Her first book was published in 2000 and she was crowned Waldenbooks Bestselling Debut Author that same year. She has won the RITA award twice. Her books have appeared on the USA Today bestseller lists numerous times. Madeline Hunter has been celebrated as one of the brightest new writers in the genre by Publishers Weekly.

By Design (Medieval by Madeline Hunter.

What you seek is seeking you. ― Rumi. The Rules Of Seduction (Rothwell Brothers, by Madeline Hunter. By Design (Medieval by Madeline Hunter. By Possession (Medieval by Madeline Hunter.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Mobile version (beta). 3 Mb. By Arrangement.

A Common Lady For years she had thought he was dead. Yet when Addis de Valence strode into Moira Falkner's cottage, there was no mistaking the sharp planes of his face, and the scar she herself had helped to heal

A Common Lady For years she had thought he was dead. Yet when Addis de Valence strode into Moira Falkner's cottage, there was no mistaking the sharp planes of his face, and the scar she herself had helped to heal.

Bound by honor...The moment Rhys saw the stunning young woman selling her exquisitely crafted pottery in the marketplace, he was captivated. But the wealthy freemason would never have guessed that just a few days later, a misunderstanding would land Joan in the town stocks and he would become her unlikely savior. After the grueling ordeal, Rhys tenderly cares for Joan's bruised body—and her bruised pride. Yet he longs to do much more ... to satisfy the fire that sparks between the pair the moment they are alone.Rhys could not have known that Joan once enjoyed a more privileged life. She'd had no choice but to become an indentured servant, but she is determined to avenge the crimes that ruined her family and destroyed her world. When Rhys meets with her employer to buy pottery—and buys her instead —Joan is furious. She vows to resist falling under the spell of the handsome, imposing Rhys. But she finds that her resolve quickly softens when tempted by Rhys's powerful charms—and she can only hope to find a way to avoid surrendering to her potent desire....
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Set in 14th century England, when a young King Edward reigned, but was still controlled by his mother, Queen Isabella and her lover, Mortimer, Earl of March, this is book 2 in Hunter’s wonderful medieval series of historical romances (see list below), though it can be read as a “stand alone.”

It is the story of a freemason, Rhys, who longs to create beautiful cathedrals and buildings but is forced to appear to act the spy for Mortimer, all the while feeding information to his friends who are loyal to the young king. Rhys encounters the lovely Joan in the marketplace where she is selling her beautifully crafted clay figurines and encourages her to value them at a higher price. Later he saves her from the town stocks where she is has been punished for another’s wrong. He cares for her bruised body and finds he is very attracted to the girl. When he learns she is an indentured servant, he buys her freedom and brings her to his home. Though he would have her as his leman, she holds him at bay never revealing her identity (which is only hinted at)—a highborn lady who was robbed of her family and her birthright by a dastardly knight affiliated with Mortimer.

This is a well-crafted tale, with some insightful reflections on life and love (an example is Rhys’s reflection on his life before Joan: “A man who has nothing worth fighting for is not really alive.”). Rhys is a noble hero who seeks to do the right thing. He cannot understand Joan and her fears until he discovers her past and the sacrifice she made to save her younger brother.

Hunter’s depiction of the crafts of stone masonry and pottery is nothing short of brilliant. She not only conveys interesting information on the craft, but also the emotion and the feelings of the artist as that person looks not only at their art, but at the world. It is truly beautiful. As with the others in the series, Hunter has an authentic medieval voice, so hard to achieve, and tells the story very well.

A wonderful, well-researched historical romance from medieval England with superbly written love scenes—I recommend it!
If you like to read things in date order, as I do, here is the medieval historical series (two trilogies) in chronological order:
BY DESIGN (1328)


The hero and heroine in BY POSSESSION appear in BY DESIGN; and the two trilogies are linked by the character David de Abyndon, who is a secondary character in STEALING HEAVEN and the hero in BY ARRANGEMENT.
Really enjoyed this book - it had all the ingredients, love, intrigue, danger and the ability to compel the reader to keep turning the pages. The story centers around two main characters, one a lady of high birth who has fallen on very hard times and the other a mason with scruples.and a tenuous connection with the nobility. The story unfolds slowly but you are always aware that there is a secret that has not yet been revealed. I particularly liked the way things unfolded and the pace at which they did so. I would have given five stars but for one small quibble which is not worth relating here. This is my first Madeline Hunter book and I will be eagerly reaching for other work by this talented author.
Rhys is a wonderful, loving and caring person. Talk about one of the good guys. In the beginning Joan made we want to stop reading the book because she was an unrgateful bitch. However, as the story goes on you fnd that she had been through a lot in the past. And Rhys was so kind and caring she had no other choice but to change. The story has a great plot and twist to it. The plot does not get in the way of the terrific romance. The ending is out of this world. I enjoyed "By Possession". But I enjoyed "By Design" so much more. Lot of hot scenes.... and when they get together...it goes on and on. I loved this book so much I ordered all the rest in the series.
I loved the realism of the characters. The sentences were intelligent and not phrased in the current fashion. I read this years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it a second time. I recommend reading the series in order although not necessary, you do get a better feel for what motivates the character's actions. There's love, passion, intrigue and drama. A complete package.
It is really a 3.5 stars. It is not that the book was bad, I just had trouble getting into the story. It seemed kind of boring to me. I didn't really get into the book until the last quarter of the book. Then it was more like By Possession where it has heart breaking because they could not be together. They were great characters and the book was good, it may have been just the mood I was in while reading it, but wish the first part of the book had been more interesting.
I've had this and two other books by this writerin my "to be read" pile for a long time. Due to great disppointment in some of her other works(especially Rules of Desire), I had given up on Madeline Hunter. After seeing this book referenced on a discusssion board, I thought I would give it a try. I was very happy I did.

I don't have enough praise for this book. It may simply be the best romance novel I have ever read. The emotions in this book were powerful and profound.Though of low birth, its hero, Rhys, was the truest of gentleman.

Loved it.
A bit weak, compared to Hunter's usual work. The plot plods and is too long on torrid love-making and too short on plot advancement. I'll have to give it this, though: Ms Hunter, as usual, has done meticulous research, so that the reader can easily visualize the settings, costumes, and characters of this Medieval novel.
I have just finished up reading ALL her books...and highly recommend her. She is an excellent story teller. She writes books in two of my favorite times.....regency and medieval. I loved her books and now have to wait for any new books she may release.
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