eBook Untamed epub

by Helen Kirkman

eBook Untamed epub
  • ISBN: 0373771657
  • Author: Helen Kirkman
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Historical
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HQN; Original edition (November 21, 2006)
  • Pages: 347 pages
  • ePUB size: 1931 kb
  • FB2 size 1763 kb
  • Formats doc lrf mbr azw

Her sister was the first audience for adventure stories inspired by "Ivanhoe" (knights in armour) "Robin Hood" (rogues) and Star Trek (where no man has gone before).

They had known each other only in dreams, but now a violent fate had made their waking worlds collide. The ethereal Lady Aurinia lived in danger from the powerful who would use her for their own ends. And yet she freely aided those in need, even knowing that love was forever denied her!

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Untamed - Helen Kirkman.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Lady Aurinia, an outcast due to her healing powers and affinity with wild creatures, forms an unbreakable bond with a fierce warrior named Macsen.

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17 results for helen kirkman. Fearless by Kirkman, Helen Book The Fast Free Shipping. Untamed by Helen Kirkman (2006, Paperback). FREE US DELIVERY ISBN: 0373771193 Quality Books. Untamed by Helen Kirkman.

ISBN 10: 0373771657 ISBN 13: 9780373771653.

The ethereal Lady Aurinia lived in danger from the powerful who would use her for their own ends.And yet she freely aided those in need, even knowing that love was forever denied her!Powerful in ways unspoken, the warrior Macsen had breached the mystical defenses surrounding Lady Aurinia's ancient hall, for desperation drove him to seek the help of her healing hands—and her open heart!But could the bond they'd formed—fine as gossamer, strong as steel—withstand the firestorm of a marauding Viking horde?
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I love Helen Kirkman's stories. She really makes her main characters so very real. Her stories are truly romantic, in a basic and difficult time to live. She writes about the people, without modern distractions.
Outstanding storytelling....felt the characters' emotions, vivid-did not want the story to end!!
How do you explain fate or destiny? Helen Kirkman does an impressive job of weaving the ferocity of battle in a time when battle grounds won loyalty. What happens when a fierce warrior possesses something more than just valor, loyalty, and courage? What if he possesses an ability that in his time could have him killed as a heretic? Then add to that unwanted "gift" a pretenatural bond to a woman who has been cast out by all humankind as a "hell-rune". She lives amongst wolves, spirits, practices healing arts, and the very land she lives on protects her from any and all intrusion, but for the fierce warrior Macsen, Aurinia is his equal and his salvation. Both will either save one another from the invading Vikings and Anglo-Saxon, or they will doom everyone and everything they hold dear. No matter what direction they choose, neither of their lives will ever be the same.

It's an enthralling read from beginning to end. If you have an interest in psychic ability, the way healers have been persecuted throughout time, this will also interest you. It adds a strong dimension to the story line.
In 876 Lady Aurinia lives by herself at Wytch House on the coast of England because her father disowned her. At first she tried to help the nearby villagers of Wareham with her healing powers, but her payment for her kindness was fear that she was a witch. She stopped visiting the village leaving her only human contact with those inside of Wytch House, mostly her steward Huda.

The Vikings and King Alfred's troops fight nearby, but Aurinia fears nothing as no one will reach her isolated home whose only path is through wolves that protect her; that is if someone even finds the path. No one has until now as Lord Macsen has accomplished the impossible and not only found the path, but journeyed through the wolves to reach Wytch House as if he was guided by someone else. When Macsen sees Aurinia he is shocked as she is the beauty who has haunted his dreams for months. Though they just have met, both agree to marry right away even as each has doubts. He wonders if she has bewitched him with a love spell and she distrusts all men except Huda and the wolves. Their love will soon be tested when his enemy captures his beloved.

The witch, the warrior, and the dark ages - what more could historical romance readers want. UNTAMED is a fine tale of love starring two heroic protagonists struggling to trust their hearts, even as treachery makes each question whether their feelings for the other masquerade a betrayal. Fans will enjoy this fun ninth century tale.

Harriet Klausner
Helen Kirkman is in my opinion, fabulous. Her writing style is what some call 'stream of consciousness' which is a flow from inside the character like a very deep point of view. I found it to be very unique and a really new way to enjoy a great Romance. She has an excellent handle on the era and I have even gone back and ordered her books that are no longer in print.
This story has more of a magical element than her other ones. With a strong medieval feel.
Almost no character development. The Aurinia is the archtypical nurturing female who needs protection, and it's almost nauseating the way she clings like a baby to Macsen in their sex scenes. Ditto with Macsen, the archtypical alpha male. No interesting dialog, and the supernatural elements just confused me. Sometimes it was hard to figure out what was happening because it all seemed like a drug-induced dream.
Loved it!
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