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eBook Amber Treasure epub

by Elaine Barbieri

eBook Amber Treasure epub
  • ISBN: 0821712012
  • Author: Elaine Barbieri
  • Genre: Romance
  • Subcategory: Historical
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Zebra (June 1, 1983)
  • ePUB size: 1464 kb
  • FB2 size 1744 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Sailing to the Orient on one of the ships of her husband's fleet, Melanie Morganfield Young falls in love with the gruff captain.

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The last place Melanie Morganfield Young expects to fall prey to love is on the same sea that took her wealthy husband. I couldn't put this one down. com User, August 1, 2000. Melanie Morganfield Young is the central character of the book. When you first meet her she is married to her husband Simon. They are very much in love but he dies on a voyage home from the Orient.

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The hours had held untold silent agitation for Shadow Walker as he continued riding across the wild terrain with the girl staggering visibly behind.

The hours had held untold silent agitation for Shadow Walker as he continued riding across the wild terrain with the girl staggering visibly behind the sun began a slow descent into the horizon. He knew Miranda’s strength was failing and her distress grew greater with every step, yet she had spoken not a word of complaint. Shadow Walker rode forward, knowing he had no recourse-that to show mercy at this time would be considered weakness, and all that had already passed would have been suffered for naught.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 829 Kb. Wishes on the Wind. 808 Kb. Tarnished Angel. 854 Kb. Wings of a Dove. 6 Mb. Amber Treasure.

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The Amber Treasure is historical fiction. However, in this book I have tried − wherever possible − to use real place names as well as the names of the real historical characters who existed at the time. All this is difficult, given the scarcity of records for this period − the ‘darkest’ years of the dark ages. If you are interested, the historical note at the end of the book goes into the evidence about this period in a bit more detail.

Sailing to the Orient on one of the ships of her husband's fleet, Melanie Morganfield Young falls in love with the gruff captain, Worth Randolph
Comments: (2)
This review is of “Amber Treasure”, book #2 in Elaine Barbieri’s “Amber Trilogy”.

The Story: “Amber Treasure” picks up several years after the previous book “Amber Fire” ended. At the beginning of “Amber Treasure”, Melanie Morganfield Young, the heroine of the “Amber Trilogy” and her former lover, now husband, shipping magnate Simon Young, are preparing to embark on a year-long trip to Canton, China, aboard one of Simon’s ships, the Golden Mistress. The captain of the ship, Worth Randolph, strenuously objects to Melanie’s presence for a variety of reasons.

Although they begin as antagonists, Worth realizes that he is in fact in love with Melanie, and she is shocked to realize that she has feelings for him as well. The trip to Canton goes well, but tragedy rears its ugly head on the return to America when (spoiler alert) Simon is killed in an accident. (Asa Parker, Melanie’s first lover, was also killed in an accident.) In her grief, Melanie has sex with Worth, believing he is Simon. After discovering the truth, Melanie tries to commit suicide, but is saved by Worth. Later, two big events occur. The first: the reading of Simon’s will which includes a codicil which bothers Melanie greatly; the second, the re-emergence of malevolent figures from her past. Once those figures are disposed of, Melanie and Worth marry and are happy.

Upside: As I have stated before, Ms. Barbieri is an author who is exceptional at displaying her characters emotions. I felt every emotion her characters felt and that is something not every author can do.

Downside: I find Melanie a hard character to like. Maybe I’m biased, but the constant neediness and her judgments are questionable to me. Toward the end of the book, there is a scene-which continues in a storyline in the next book in the “Amber Trilogy”, “Amber Passion”-which I found very creepy.

Sex: The sex scenes are mildly graphic. They are not erotica, but are descriptive enough to let the reader know what is going on.

Violence: Melanie is abducted twice: one scene ends in the man being beaten badly by Worth; the second in the individual being shot. The violence is not graphic.

Bottom Line: “Amber Treasure” is one of my favorite books by Ms. Barbieri. What keeps it out of the 5 star category is that Melanie and Worth are sometimes unlikeable. Beyond that, though, it checks off most of the boxes for books I like.
It was with caution that I picked up another Elaine Barbieri book after partially reading the train wreck that was 'Amber Fire'. Imagine my surprise when I realised I had picked up the sequel to that same book! I continued on and found though it was better than the first book it still was not a fantastic read. I would cringe in the end when the word 'darling' was printed. Lordy, how many times by how many men do you need to hear the same endearment over and over and over! Surely someone could of called her honey, or anything else apart from that dreaded D word. The other thing that I found unbelievable and cringe-worthy was the fact that constantly we were told over and over how perfect/flawless/beautiful she was..ok we get it, shes gorgeous! But did every single man that walked in her path have to fall madly in love with her? Desire her yes, I can believe that, but mind numbing total love and devotion? I know these are make believe stories but when I am constantly rolling my eyes in books, that does not make for great reading. I have read other Elaine Barbieri books and she does spin a fantastic tale. I am just not sure what she was up to with these books.
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