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eBook His Desert Rose epub

by Liz Fielding

eBook His Desert Rose epub
  • ISBN: 0263820858
  • Author: Liz Fielding
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Mills & Boon (2000)
  • Pages: 185 pages
  • ePUB size: 1391 kb
  • FB2 size 1258 kb
  • Formats mobi txt docx lit

His Desert Rose book.

His Desert Rose book. THE SHEIK's CAPTIVE!Prince Hassan al Rashid has all the trappings. Details (if other): Cancel.

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His plan? To kidnap Rose Fenton – media darling and red-headed firecracker! .

His plan? To kidnap Rose Fenton – media darling and red-headed firecracker! Except Hassan never realized how outrageously attractive his feisty captive would be! . Liz Fielding started writing at the age of twelve, when she won a writing competition at school. After that early success there was quite a gap – during which she was busy working in Africa and the Middle East, getting married and having children – before her first book was published in 1992. Now readers worldwide fall in love with her irresistable heroes, adore her independent minded heroines. Библиографические данные.

Liz Fielding was born on June 1 in Wales. Her mother taught to her to read. She worked as a secretary in Zambia. She married John, an engineer and they now live in a small village in Wales and has two grown up children. The Desert Rose Band - Pictured from left to right Herb Pedersen, Chris Hillman and John Jorgenson Background information Origin.

Liz Fielding (born in Berkshire, England) is an awarded British writer of over 60 romance novels published by Mills & Boon since 1992. Liz Fielding was born in Berkshire, England, UK. She was educated at a girls' Convent School in Maidenhead. At 20, she went to Lusaka, Zambia, to work as a secretary. There she met her husband, John, a civil engineer, following him to Bahrain, Kenya and Botswana. They now live in a small village in Carmarthenshire, Wales. She has two adult children.

Book in the Sheiks Series). THE SHEIK's CAPTIVE! Prince Hassan al Rashid has all the trappings of an international playboy. But beneath his designer suit lies the heart of a true desert prince. Determined to save his country from ruin, Hassan decides to attract the world's attention by kidnapping Rose Fenton! Darling of the media, Rose has never met anyone as powerful and ruthless as Hassan.

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But beneath his designer suit lies the heart of a true desert prince. His Desert Rose - Liz Fielding. He's her ultimate fantasy man – but will his pride ever allow him to see her as suitable marriage material? Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Kissed by the sheikh! Prince Hassan al Rashid looks like the ultimate international playboy, but beneath his designer suit beats the heart of a true desert prince. So when he fears his country is at risk, he knows he must stage a diversion of epic proportions to attract the world’s attention. His plan? To kidnap Rose Fenton – media darling and red-headed firecracker! Except Hassan never realized how outrageously attractive his feisty captive would be! Rose couldn’t be more wrong for him, but one steamy kiss later, Hassan’s wondering why she feels so righ. nd how he’s ever going.

Comments: (4)
What I liked about this book:
My favorite thing about this book was that Rose was a journalist and by golly if she didn't stay in character almost the entire time. Bravo Mrs. Fielding! I am so tired of the heroines in these books having high profile up-scale jobs but not having the sharp, intelligent personalities that should go with the jobs. In this book Rose is sharp, witty, personable, fearless and tenacious just as she would have to be to be successful at her job. I also love that she was able to laugh at herself. All in all I felt confident that she would be able to fit into her role as described at the end of the book. Prince Hassan was not too badly written and I enjoyed much of the banter between the prince and Rose.
What I didn't like about the book:
The plot of the book was ridiculous at best and in poor taste at worst. Considering that several journalist in the mideast have been kidnapped, tortured, and even killed I found Rose's predicament to be unromantic. The fact that she falls in love with her captor is a psychological syndrome NOT romance! And the princes actions make no sense. Why would he personally kidnap her and not immediately tell her his reasons. He should be doing everything he can to gain her coorperation so that she doesn't turn on him once he lets her go. He doesn't seem to realise that she could get the world to turn against him and his brother once she is free. The whole plot is built on a house of cards that comes tumbling down with the slightest breath.
My main complaint:
Rose is a smart, mouthy person yet she shies away from telling Hassan how she feels about him towards the end. It was so out of character. I would have liked it so much better if they had had a frank discussion of the problems that would be involved with them getting married. They didn't talk about religion, culture, being a royal or anything. It made for a very dissatisfying ending. I realise that romance novels are about fantasy but this one takes it to the extreme.
So the whole he takes her captive thing is unreal- Rose is a smart and intelligent woman who may be a journalist but she is a woman, and she wants Hassan! From the moment their eyes meet the chemistry is powerful. Kidnapping aside- he treats her with respect and is very honorable - she is the one who has to jump him to consummate their feelings!
Liz Fielding knows how to bring on the heat without explicit romance-I would love to see her tackle a fuller romance with the heat - she has the emotions down so well. I enjoyed this book and am working on getting through all of her books. The English characters are not overly English- they are highly relatable to this American woman. I especially like the variety of families that Liz Fielding's characters come from- Rose has a mother who is renowned feminist who used her dad for a sperm donor and little else. Her brother is an amiable veterinarian living in this desert country and making his own way while she has been touring the globe as a journalist. Rose took thehigh risk job after her much older husband died- and broke her heart. The theme of learning to love and live is universal and well done in this exotic location with 2 very different people.
Skunk Black
In an effort to distract the Regent of his country from a planned coup, Prince Hassan al Rashid kidnaps visiting journalist Rose Fenton. Hassan needs time to find his young half-brother and heir to the throne. Hassan didn't expect Rose to be so feisty or to feel an attraction to her.
I love a good sheikh story. I enjoy books by Fielding. So I should be overjoyed by a sheikh book by Liz Fielding, right? Unfortunately, there was no magic between the characters and the story wasn't very engrossing. Even the conflict and tension were lacking. Very flat.
A lovely read. I read it in 1 evening. I shall be looking out for more of Liz's books in future.
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