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eBook The Calculus 7 of a Single Variable epub

by Louis Leithold

eBook The Calculus 7 of a Single Variable epub
  • ISBN: 0673469697
  • Author: Louis Leithold
  • Genre: Science
  • Subcategory: Mathematics
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harpercollins College Div; Subsequent edition (December 1, 1995)
  • Pages: 824 pages
  • ePUB size: 1903 kb
  • FB2 size 1488 kb
  • Formats lrf lit lrf azw

One person found this helpful. I used it for two consecutive semesters of Calculus II and III for math majors.

The Calculus 7 of a Single Variable. The result is a massive book, but well worth it. At each stage, he builds up the theory of calculus from the basic principles presented in Chapter 1, as you would expect from an analysis text. At the same time, he also provides lots of illustrations and exercises to build intuition. He provides enough explanation and worked examples that you are rarely expected to "figure things out for yourself" as some authors would have you do.

An alternative text to Louis Leithold's The Ca. .Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Calculus 7 of a Single Variable as Want to Read

An alternative text to Louis Leithold's The Ca. Start by marking The Calculus 7 of a Single Variable as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Related Rates Problem (Single Variable Calculus)? Can a single DROP of TEAR Flood & Drown the Whole . Mary rides her horse with a constant speed of 14 miles per hour. How long will she take to travel a distance of 7 miles? 13 answers. 10. 1 round to the nearest tenth?

Related Rates Problem (Single Variable Calculus)? Can a single DROP of TEAR Flood & Drown the Whole World? Answer Questions. Find the formula for the derivative of the function using the difference quotient? Trending. 1 round to the nearest tenth? 11 answers. What is 0 divide by 0? 8 answers.

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Louis Leithold (San Francisco, United States, 16 November 1924 – Los Angeles, 29 April 2005) was an American mathematician and teacher. He is best known for authoring The Calculus, a classic textbook about calculus that changed the teaching methods for calculus in world high schools and universities. Known as "a legend in AP calculus circles," Leithold was the mentor of Jaime Escalante, the Los Angeles high-school teacher whose story is the subject of the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver.

The Calculus 7. Louis Leithold. Apuntes Cálculo - Resumen The Calculus 7. The Calculus 7. Followers. 0Pages: 2year: 18/19.

An alternative text to Louis Leithold's "The Calculus 7" (ISBN-0-673-46913-1) concentrating on single variables within the field of calculus.
Comments: (7)
I took Calculus in 1984 and used the fourth edition of Liethold's The Calculus with Analytic Geometry. I have also the 7th edition which compares nicely from my review. The teachers who have reviewed this book tell the reader you should know algebra well. Well, they are correct from this students view point. Although I made an A in Algebra, Trig, and my Precalculus course, I was amazed how much more proficient I became in my Algrbra as well as learning the Calculus content. I have over the years had the opportunity to play around with other Calculus books of well known authors. All of which were not as formally presented with its contents and the problems seemed somewhat easier. This basically refers to the Calculus Reform movement from what I have read and understand. In talking with a local former Calculus instructor I was told that students today might not even be exposed to the more formal content of Calculus........just the "How To" to calculate and arrive at the answer to a problem...The text is simply used to provide problems for the students to work......Things have really changed and a more watered down approach. Get this book if you really would like to know what Calculus is really all about or an earlier edition by Leithold.
Awesome book!!
After 40 years, I still have my copy of Louis Leithold's "THE CALCULUS with analytic geometry", which I purchased in September of 1971 for $14.95. I used it for two consecutive semesters of Calculus II and III for math majors. It is laden with yellow highlighter, penciled in comments from lectures, and remains to be equaled by any contemporary text in its class. It should still be used and be available in print. As a college math instructor, I still reference this textbook and consider it one of the greatest treasures in my personal library.

Thank you, Dr. Leithold. Rest in peace. Read the bio of this man on Wikipedia.
I've gone through a lot of math books and I have to say that this is by far the most user friendly math book I have ever read. It lays out the ground work for each topic/section and carefully illuminates all details, ommitting nothing. It is worded quite well and makes calculus understandable, even to someone as dense as I. I received a C in precalculus and this year I have the same teacher for calculus and am receiving and A. I owe most of my success to this well written book. This book makes calculus easy. Each section begins by laying and reviewing background knowledge and slowly builds upon it to fully explain all theorems and examples. Theorems are properly boxed and discussed. In fact, this book is so helpful that my school has made a stand to only use calculus books by Louis Leithold. I fully understand calculus and have actually had an enjoyable experience learning it, thanks to this amazing book.
I am a mathematics teacher and have used this text in an Advanced Placement calculus course. It is truly a superb book, very rigorous but also full of clearly worked examples, striking an ideal balance for the math or physics major needing a serious course in the calculus. One important fact: the student must be extremely proficient in algebraic manipulation to use the book successfully. Indeed, he or she will master algebra skills needed later in physical science applications. As a reference book, it is nearly unequalled. It also contains a very large number of excellent exercises and problems.
Some things about this text were great - clear examples, many illustration, and a breadth of practice problems. However, some things were just downright frustrating - misprints, incorrect answers in the back of the book, and a lack of communication to the reader.

Verdict: Lukewarm text at best.
This book is pretty good. i reccomend looking over the example problems before doing any of the excercises. that way you know whats coming.
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