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eBook The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice epub

by Bernard B. Kerik

eBook The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice epub
  • ISBN: 0060009012
  • Author: Bernard B. Kerik
  • Genre: Social Sciences
  • Subcategory: Politics & Government
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: William Morrow (November 12, 2001)
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • ePUB size: 1964 kb
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Bernard B. Kerik was appointed the 40th police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani on August 21, 2000. Bernard B. Kerik lives in New York City.

Bernard B. Prior to his appointment, he served as commissioner of the Department of Correction. He served with the New York Police Department in both uniformed and plainclothes duty for eight years, and was awarded the prestigious Medal of Valor, among many other awards for meritorious and heroic service. Before joining the NYPD, Kerik served as warden of the Passaic County jail, the largest county adult correctional facility in New Jersey.

From the Publisher: NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik's memoir The Lost Son had only just been completed when . And yet Bernard Kerik's greatest battle was not pitched on tough city streets, but within himself.

From the Publisher: NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik's memoir The Lost Son had only just been completed when the horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers rocked New York and the nation on September 11th. For even as he was driven to seek justice in every corner of the world, this extraordinary man never looked back until he reached the top. And when he did, he faced the greatest unsolved case of his life-the tragic mystery of his own mother, who abandoned her young son forty-one years ago. Boxid.

In 2001 Kerik published a memoir, The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice, a The New York Times best-seller . In March 2014, Kerik published his second book, From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police Commissioner to Inmate 84888-054, documenting the 13 prior years of his life including his incarceration and personal observations of the .

This book is definitely better read by not Googling Bernard Kerik prior to reading it, as my doing so clouded my opinion of him for the 2nd half of the book.

Hardcover Memoir, New York City Police Commisioner Memoir. This book is definitely better read by not Googling Bernard Kerik prior to reading it, as my doing so clouded my opinion of him for the 2nd half of the book. Apparently, Kerik did not remain on the proper side of the law in the years following his time as NYPD Police Commisioner, but upon finishing the book, I realized there wasn't any connection between what was discussed in the book and what he was charged with, so I don't feel that this autobiography is in any way invalidated because Kerik ev.

The book takes the reader on a trip down memory lane through Kerik's colorful life from his inauspicious birth to the 2001 World Trade Center attack. Kerik details his rise from warden of a Patterson, New Jersey jail to a member of the NYC police Department, then NYC Commissioner of Corrections, and, ultimately, NYC Police Commissioner. Police buffs will especially enjoy Kerik's war stories of his days as a foot soldier of NYPD, from his early days as a rookie cop to his faced paced, adrenalin rush days as a member of the DEA/NYPD Task Force.

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The First Book: Go ahead, it won't bite. It's pleasurable, really. You see, it keeps on opening. You may fall in. Sure, it's hard to get started; remember learning to use knife and fork? Dig in: you'll never reach bottom. It's not like it's the end of the world - just the world as you think you know i. - Rita Dove.

BOOK -The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice by Bernard B. Kerik (2001). WHY - ''My reading of Bernard Kerik's book goes beyond my admiration for law enforcement officers who make sacrifices and take risks every day. Kerik's success with the city of New York is unparalleled; as a New Yorker I appreciate that. Franklin D. Raines, 53.

An intimate portrait of the courageous and honorable fortieth Police Commissioner of New York City details his mission to fight the injustice around him and to solve the mystery of his own mother, who abandoned him forty-one years ago.
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Sadaron above the Gods
As biographies of interesting people go, especially for a guy as colorful and gutsy as Bernard Kerrick, this book is disappointingly BORING.

The book is poorly written, with an over-emphasis on Kerrick's childhood and alcoholic/prostitute mother who was murdered after he was taken from her custody. The book becomes mildly engaging in the chapters where Kerrick takes over running Rykers Island and subsequently the NYPD, but the book waits far too long before bringing us up to modern events.

Another strong criticism is Kerrick's persistance in constantly singling out NYPD officers by name and carrying on about how great they are, what heroes, their sacrifices etc. Yes, fine, we get it. They are heroes. But this book is about YOUR life. Its as if he promised like 200 drinking buddies to include their names in his book and didn't want to reneg. Also, the butt kissing to Guliani teeters a bit on the excessive. Yes, Guliani is a grat man and kissing his butt is OK-just do it on your own time Bernie.
This book is a fascinating tale of police work, police politics, bravado in the face of danger, and most importantly, using the difficult situations that life throws your way to become an inspirational and productive adult.
I'm not really sure what made me pick this book up.My sister suggested it after seeing Mr. Kerik on T.V. so I went to Amazon and purchased it, it did look interesting.
It reads as if Mr. Kerik is sitting in your living room, telling you the story. I remember seeing him on T.V. after the September 11th tragedy, standing next to the mayor. We really don't know what goes in other people's lives,what makes them tick,and how life's expereiences have led that person to where he or she is today. Well, in this book, Mr. Kerik tries to explain and it is an amazing life story.
I am anxious to know what happens to him now, and I'm even worried about New York, "The World's City" without him at the helm.
So, read this book,and pass it on or buy one for a friend. It is inspiring, interesting, exciting,sad and hopeful.
What a genuine man Bernard Kerik is.... I am not one to read books about policemen but this is one that I would recommend to any avid reader. He not only tells us about his own life and the search for his mothers murderer, but most importantly, he praises the men who work for him constantly throughout the book! Who wouldn't want to work for this man??
READ THIS BOOK! It will truly change your life.
I loved this book-a story that demonstrates that it's not where you come from but how you use your unique talents. Mr. Kerik proves that you have to love what you do to achieve extraordinary things. He didn't care about the money, only that he loved his work. He also demanded excellence of himself and those around him and accomplished more in a few years than others do in a lifetime. There are so many great lessons in this book. I will look forward to seeing what Mr. Kerik does next. Something tells me that his best is yet to come. If your career is just kind of dragging along, awash in mediocrity, you better buy this book. If Kerik's intensity doesn't fire you up-you better check your pulse!
Not only is this a gripping story about Bernard Kerik, it has also been an incredible inspiration to me and great lesson in leadership. Kerik's work ethic and drive make him a role model worthy of an autobiography. This book should be given to anyone you know in whom you see leadership potential. I highly recommend this book.
Please. Could this man praise himself or ex-Mayor Giuliani any more? While Mr. Kerik's story is inspirational in some respects, the constant pats on the back that he gives himself are a real turn off. I got the message after the initial string of self-compliments ... this is a great man doing great things. There's no need to hear it ad nauseum. Yes, and he also lets us know what a great man Giuliani is. Maybe. Maybe not. This book is filled with all sorts of macho stuff with the forces of good fighting the forces of evil. Kerik has filled the pages with a lot of interesting stories and has clearly established himself as a superman on the side of the good.
As a retired Firefighter and son-in-law of a career Mounted Police Officer, I give this book 5 stars+++!!!
It's a no-gloves, bare-knuckle look at life, service, dedication, work ethic and leadership. The book reads like you were riding in the car on a long trip, just listening to Mr. Kerik tell his story. You can feel his passion for life on every page. Instead of using a troubled childhood life as an excuse to whine and look for sympathy and handouts Mr Kerik used it as a platfrom to spring from and excel in life. Don't buy just one copy, buy one for each person on your gift list and share this wondeful experience.
This was a great read, cover to cover. Bernard Kerik really shows all that he has gone through in his personal as well as his professional life to make it to the top of the NYPD. Just seeing the number of constant uphill battles that he went through was amazing. No doubt about it, just one great read....
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