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eBook Military Combative Masters of the 20th Century epub

by Tank Todd,James Webb

eBook Military Combative Masters of the 20th Century epub
  • ISBN: 1411661966
  • Author: Tank Todd,James Webb
  • Genre: Sports
  • Subcategory: Individual Sports
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Lulu.com (January 18, 2006)
  • Pages: 166 pages
  • ePUB size: 1327 kb
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Tank Todd James Webb. This book is one of a kind.

Military combative masters of the 20TH century. Tank Todd James Webb. It explores the masters who developed armed and unarmed close combat in the militaries of the world during the twentieth century. The techniques of these Masters will be used in the Twenty First Century as the basis for combatives utilized by modern soldiers. Ancient fighting arts are the basis for combatives but soldiers on the battlefield also require the most current combative skills.

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Profiles of military armed and unarmed combat instructors from around the world, past and present. ISBN13:9781411661967. Release Date:January 2006.

production combat helmets. Really great reference to the various helmets used by our armed forces of the 20th century. Covered are the standard ground helmets. Could of used more info on the WW1 model. Tell us if something is incorrect.

Books by Tank Todd on Todd Systems Close Combat including The Do's and Don'ts of Close Combat, Tactical C&R - Control and Restraint, No Nonsense Self Defence, Military . Combative Masters of the 20th Century. 2. cm x 28cm - 165 pages - illustrated.

Books by Tank Todd on Todd Systems Close Combat including The Do's and Don'ts of Close Combat, Tactical C&R - Control and Restraint, No Nonsense Self Defence, Military Close Combat Systems Phase One: Offensive and Counter Offensive Unarmed Assault and Combative Masters Of The 20th Century.

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Profiles of military armed and unarmed combat instructors from around the world, past and present.
Comments: (7)
This was a much needed book, but the research was pretty shoddy. Attributing a quote from Teddy Roosevelt to John Kennedy is a minor one, but identifying Geoffrey Keyes as a commander of the 1st Special Service Force? It makes me wonder what else is incorrect. The writing is confusing with the lyrics to the Ballad of the Green Berets making an appearance for some odd reason. The bibliography isn't even in alphabetical order. Like I said, this is a great idea for a book, but the author needs to go back to the drawing board.
As a Student of Geoff's I know his passion for the subject. I had heard most of the stories FROM him during class. This book is a treasure trove of information about some well known and not so well known Combatives instructors of the 20th Century. The only thing this book suffers from is the lack of editorial input. I say this because there are some small but glaring errors in the quotes section, that an editor should have spotted.

Both the Authors are worth the effort to learn from

Great stuff guys!


Gareth Thomas
If your a soldier, martial artist or just interested in military combatives then you have to get this book. There is nothing else out there that I have found that covers the historical influences of military combatives like this book does. It's obviously not a how to book but an indepth presentation of the most influential 20th century pioneers of military combatives in the world. You'll walk away from this book with a rare insight into the lives and minds of these masters. It's an easy read and I found my self glued to it until I finished it. Webb and Todd did a great job researching this book. Well worth every penny!

This book is unique in its content. It devotes anywhere from two to 10 pages to each of 32 different "combative masters" of the 20th Century (not counting the authors, who surely also qualify to be included as subjects themselves). Much of the material is from personal contacts or interviews. This gives it a personal touch and makes you feel like an insider when you read it.

There may be a few inaccuracies (at least that's what a couple of other reviewers say), but that is just what you get when you collect personal accounts from people close to the action. History is full of conflicting stories. OK, so the bibliography is not in alphabetical order (as pointed out by another reviewer). Who cares! I didn't buy it for the bibliography; plus the bibliography is only four pages long so you can find anything easily anyway. Another reviewer points out an error in attributing a quote to JFK, but Simpson's Contemporary Quotations revised Edition (ISBN 0062701371) attributes the same quote to Kennedy, so the authors are not alone in this error.

There is much to be learned about how to live and fight when you read each of the short biographies. It's the sort of book a father could give his son to set a better example than he is capable of setting. I enjoyed reading the bio's as much as I enjoy watching "Biography" on A&E. Except this book clearly packs a punch A&E can't deliver.

One of the other reviewers says to "save your $$." Well, I recommend you save up 10 of your $$ and buy this book with them! At $10 this book is worth it even just for the few photos of the pioneers: Applegate, Fairburn, Sykes, Nelson, Underwood, O'Neill, Biddle and so on. I would have happily paid three or four times this price to get this book.

In addition to the 32 bio's there are about ten other short sections on assorted topics of interest. These include James Webb's Principles of Leadership, the Ranger Creed, a speech by Applegate, and information about the International Close Combat Instructors Association (which is currently headed by the first author).

I have headed a couple of groups of people (including a group in a big investment business in the Finance industry in the UK). Much of the leadership information in here carries over to the business world. So, although the target audience is clearly people interested in combat and the history of combat, I also recommend this book to business people in positions of leadership who are looking for leadership advice. The hierarchy in a business is not that different from the ranks in the military. Forget the stupid self help books for business people and read about soldiers who had to lead men into combat. I would not carry business advice into combat, but I sure as hell would carry combat advice into business!

All in all, this is a unique collection of information that brings to life more than 30 combative masters from the 20th Century. It's the sort of information that were it not written down now, might have disappeared into history within only a decade or two. As such, this book serves a purpose both in entertaining and informing the reader, but also in capturing a large slice of history that might otherwise be lost.
Really was looking forward to reading this book.Found too much bull! Looked like they got together a bunch of material & put it together without checking it out.Example would be Mike Echanis..Eastern Arts helped heal him....try Steriods & weights!!Lee traind him....try Randy W.Randy also took the pics & set up the BLACK BOOK!!Found more mistakes in the book! As stated "Save your $$

This book cuts to the chase and highlights the pioneers of military hand-to-hand combat. The book is indepth, concise and well written. A must for all CQC instructors, military personnel and soldiers of the Armed Forces.
Interesting read but I wished I'd not bought it. After some brief bios of the leaders and pioneers in WWII H2H combatives, the rest of the book looks and sounds like a self serving commercial for members of the special forces. I think the authors would have produced a much better and more historically significant document had they limited their work to a much more in-depth look at Applegate, Fairbairn, Sykes, O'Neill, Nelson, Styers, and Wesley Brown (who was omitted totally). Most of what was included on the above mentioned pioneers seemed to have been pulled directly from other sources with almost zilch in terms of original scholarship. Save your money!
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