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eBook The Sirens Sang of Murder (ATLANTIC MYSTERY) epub

by Sarah Caudwell

eBook The Sirens Sang of Murder (ATLANTIC MYSTERY) epub
  • ISBN: 0792705033
  • Author: Sarah Caudwell
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: John Curley & Assoc; Large Print edition (March 1, 1991)
  • ePUB size: 1803 kb
  • FB2 size 1846 kb
  • Formats mbr lit lrf lrf

Sarah Caudwell The Sirens Sang of Murder To Billee, for putting up with the writing of it PROLOGUE There will be much disappointment, I fear, among my fellow scholars

Sarah Caudwell The Sirens Sang of Murder To Billee, for putting up with the writing of it PROLOGUE There will be much disappointment, I fear, among my fellow scholars. From the Senior Common Room of St. George’s College, where anxious colleagues ask daily, Finished yet, Hilary? to the far distant lecture halls of Yale and Columbia, where I understand that the phrase In Professor Tamar’. There will be much disappointment, I fear, among my fellow scholars.

Thus Was Adonis Murdered. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher.

Title: Sirens Sang of Murder (Atlantic Large Print Books) Author(s): Sarah Caudwell ISBN: 0-7451-8046-9 . July 2002 : UK Paperback.

July 2002 : UK Paperback.

The Sirens Sang of Murder. Author: Sarah Caudwell. This the third in the Hilary Tamar series, Oxford don who solves the cases brought to the professor’s attention by the group of friends who work as lawyers in New Square, London. In this one, Cantrip has gone off to the Channel Islands on a tax-law case, and is indulging his love of telex machines by sending plenty back home. It’s through these that Hilary and the others gain enough information to solve a mystery after a companion of Cantrips is killed.

Another superbly entertaining entry in this series. Caudwell's narrator, Hilary Tamar, has a voice that's nothing like real life, but infinitely more funny and charming.

It was inconceivable (said Selena) that a man of mature years and wide experience of life should without design have adopted a course of conduct so precisely calculated to reduce Julia to a state of hopeless infatuation. He had done it all on purpose; and Julia, unversed in the ways of men and the world, had not suspected him of any ulterior motive. I don’t think, said Julia, that one can quite say that.

If someone had told me yesterday that Mr. Justice Welladay was a descendant of Sir Walter Pal-grav. .I was obliged to pause, for I could not immediately think what use it would have been to me to have learnt this a day earlier

Sirens Sang of Murder. com User, October 4, 2000. Sarah Caudwell's mysteries are a treat for lawyers and non-lawyers, well-written with a great command of English as few mystery novels are these days. This one has red herrings and interesting twists throughout.

Sirens Sang of Murder. This is the 4th and last Hilary Tamar mystery novel by Sarah Caudwell, who died in 2000

The Sirens Sang of Murder. Whilst on a trip to the sunny Channel Islands to find the heir to a lucrative tax law case, young barrister Michael Cantrip finds himself in over his head. Peculiar things begin to occur on the mysterious and isolated islands with something - or somebody - bumping off members of his legal team. This is the 4th and last Hilary Tamar mystery novel by Sarah Caudwell, who died in 2000. Written in first person by Professor Tamar and including a series of letters by different characters, the story is told of a financial tax mess and a series of strange deaths. Professor Tamar seems to think there is a connection, but is there?

It's through these that Hilary and the others gain enough information to solve a mystery after a companion of Cantrips is killed.

It's through these that Hilary and the others gain enough information to solve a mystery after a companion of Cantrips is killed. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Book by Caudwell, Sarah
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Professor Hilary Tamar leaves the august air of Cambridge for research at the London Public Records Office. She knows lawyers at Lincoln's Inn, including Julia Larwood and Michael Cantrip. Her visit starts out fine: "Everything, in short, was proceeding in a manner appropriate to its nature and the season, with no such departure from the natural order of things as might be expected to be the portent of hidden danger and mysterious death. Or so, at any rate, it seemed to me. I did not realize, of course, how odd it was for Cantrip to be sent to the Channel Islands."

The Channel Islands are a tax haven for Brits with the wherewithal, and young Mr. Cantrip has gone on account of a trust with the silly name of The Daffodil Settlement. Regardless of the silly name, where ever a lot of money is involved, there is the possibility of murder, and it is just Cantrip's luck to find it.

The author, Sarah Caudwell, pseudonym for Sarah Cockburn, was a London lawyer in real life, as well as an excellent writer. She passed away in 2000, so, alas, we only get four mysteries involving her Lincoln Inn characters.

There is so much I loved about "The Siren Sang of Murder". Firstly, the legal shenanigans are just as convoluted in England as anywhere else, and without any effort, Caudwell teaches you some tricks (should you be so inclined) with a good deal of comedy, too. I think her humor runs less to one-liners than to situational ridiculousness. If she were a stand-up comic, she'd be the old-fashioned kind where there's a longish story and you don't guffaw until the punch line at the end. But then you DO guffaw!

"Nature, as we know does imitate Art, but I fear that she all too often falls short of the highest standards."

A very recommended updated comedy of manners with a murder thrown in!

Happy Reader
Sarah Caudwell has a strange way of telling a story. Most of her books consist of a series of letters written between the participants. Letters delivered by a highly efficient postal service that arrive in time and are read in just the right order. And they say Harry Potter is a fantasy.

I've always found the British drawing room style of mystery a highly improbable proposition. Where Americans kill out of economic need, Brits seem to kill out of fear of embarrassment. Her characters are generally terribly witty types (at least if they went to Oxford, and not Cambridge), although the merest hint of cardboard may be found around a retired major or stuffy aunt.

With all that said, I love Sarah Caudwell's books and have been searching for them for years. Glad to see all 4 available in Kindle editions.
Cantrip, Ragwort and other young London solicitors are jolly good companions. They are equally well-educated and naive as they stumble about falling into traps and schemes. Prof. Tamar is always able to smooth the waters. If I were in London I would love to join them for drinks at the Corkscrew. All three books in the series are exceptionally good.
"Extract from the guide to comfortable tax planning" comes out as "tax puxmxg", and there are many other typos. I have reported this to customer service.

As the other reviews say, the book itself is wonderful. I bought several copies of all the Caudwells recently in order to be able to lend them to friends without worrying about getting them back. Then I bought the kindle versions so that I will always have them available to while away a dreary plane flight. In short, I'm a fan. The single star is simply to warn others of the typos.
Sarah Caudwell was sui generis -- utterly charming, delectably stylized, irreproachably courteous, deliciously wicked. We lost her much, much too soon. Four of these amusing, clever mysteries could never be enough. I heartily recommend The Sirens Sang of Murder, but even more strongly suggest you read the first three, in order, before you read what became her last work. Give yourself a chance to know these lovely characters.
Sterling! Another engaging foray into the British legal mind--or rather a murder mystery set in legal circles, narrated by a legal scholar cum sleuth (Professor Tamar), and populated by a delightful covey of cocks and birds, all with quirks but most of them endearing. The style is enough to compel on its own, with droll humor and entrancingly elaborate euphemisms. The plot is a bit contrived--a much-discussed pen pales in comparison with a deus ex helicopter--but enjoyable nonetheless. I first read "Thus Was Adonis Murdered" and got hooked on Caudwell; I'm sure to read them all.
This book is tons of fun. The writing is smart, arch and stylized, which might not appeal to everyone but is right down my alley. Take Wilkie Collins, P. G. Wodehouse, and stir in some Agatha Christie, and you have the feel of it. But while I'm glad to see older books available on Kindle, the conversion here isn't the best. Weird hyphens, misplaced punctuation and mangled words interfere with the Kindle reading experience. I liked the book enough to persevere, but caveat emptor!
The "violence" and "sex" is as stylized as in a Poirot tale, never disturbing, only comic. Caudwell's fun is largely verbal, stylistic, in the spirit of Edward Gorey's covers which so aptly convey the parody Britishness she bestows upon us.
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