eBook Snapshot epub

by Linda Barnes

eBook Snapshot epub
  • ISBN: 0440212200
  • Author: Linda Barnes
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Dell; 1st PAPERBACK edition (February 1, 1994)
  • ePUB size: 1342 kb
  • FB2 size 1840 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. After receiving several snapshots of a newborn baby in the mail, private eye Carlotta Carlyle is drawn into a mystery involving the unnecessary death of the little girl in the photos.

I punched her number as soon as Mooney’s footsteps cleared the porch. I’ve never yet tossed a client to the cops, but there’s always a first time. Emily Woodrow, speed up the process, get her to level with me. About her promised packet of information. About Cee Co. About why she needed a person with firearms expertise to take charge of her mysterious paperwork. As the phone rang, I doodled on my blotter and tried to envision Emily, in her elegant beige suit, plunging a loaded hypodermic into Tina Sukhia’s arm. Or,.

A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery. Para mi hermana, Carol. I dreamed that one had died in a strange place. Sung after the ritual consumption of four glasses of wine, sometimes it had forty-three. Dayenu, I found myself thinking when the whole mess was over. It would have been enough to get the snapshots in the mail.

The award-winning author’s Boston PI returns in a mystery destined to secure Barnes’ position in the hotshot ranks of detective fiction (Arizona Republic). Six-foot-tall, redheaded ex-cop and Boston-based private eye Carlotta Carlyle is the genuine article: a straightforward, funny, thoroughly American mystery heroine (New York Post). Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus.

Snapshot - VG Barnes, Linda - 5th in series. Every Friday a child's snapshot arrives at the Boston office of .

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Linda Barnes (born December 6, 1949) is an American mystery writer. Linda Barnes was born and raised in Detroit, and graduated cum laude from the School of Fine and Applied Arts at Boston University. After college, Barnes became a drama teacher and director at Chelmsford and Lexington, Massachusetts schools. While teaching drama, Barnes wrote two plays, the award-winning "Wings" and "Prometheus", and went on to write highly successful mystery novels.

Every Friday a child's snapshot arrives at the Boston office of . Just pictures of the child as a newborn

Every Friday a child's snapshot arrives at the Boston office of . Carlotta's Little Sister, seemingly unrelated murders, and, weirdly, the theft of her full trash cans, and the result is a mystery full of twists and turns and surprises.

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Аудиокнига "Snapshot", Linda Barnes. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Linda Barnes28 сентября 2012 г. Recorded Books. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента.

Snapshots of one child at different stages of life sent to her address prompt private eye Carlotta Carlyle to find out what happened to the child, and she soon discovers a deadly conspiracy involving a New England hospital. Reprint.
Comments: (7)
Australian Garry Disher spins his first US release in "Snapshot", a slick little noir jewel from down under reminiscent of Ian Rankin and his Scottish detective John Rebus.

Off to a fast and sordid start, yuppie psychologist Janine McQuarrie succumbs to her husband's pressure and joins the swinger set, joining Melbourne's sex party crowd. Taking time out from the panting and rutting, she takes some clandestine cell phone snapshots of her groping buddies. Shortly after, she is gunned down on a deserted Mornington Peninsula suburb in front of her seven-year-old daughter in an apparent contract kill. Turns out her oversexed husband is also son of the local metropolitan police commissioner, adding a heavy dose of office politics to the baffling murder mystery that Inspector Hal Challis is trying to unwind while the senior McQuarrie does his best to thwart Challis' efforts and keep his son's reputation clean.

Disher's story moves briskly, chock full of cops chasing crooks through dead ends and plot twists while leaving enough time for them to fantasize and occasionally act out their own sexual trysts. You may want to hang out an extra couple of nights at your local Outback to get familiar with the Aussie lingo, unless "chuffing the weed", "sea fret", or "pittosporum" roll naturally off your tongue. And then there's a less-than-subtle dose of left-leaning politics injected unnecessarily into a story that doesn't need embellishment.

In the final analysis, though, "Snapshot" is a unique peek under the covers of southern Australian culture - a steady mystery and solid police procedural well worth the time.
It's fun following these stories - learning more about this part of Australia and life there. It can be a rough existence for interesting players - good and bad. Looking forward to what happens next.
Carlotta gets involved with a woman whose daughter died, then the story turns into so much more. Lots of twists and turns, and I loved it
I am definately going to put Garry Disher high on my reading list. Like the best of the genre, this book has multiple story lines being worked on by a squad of detectives which all come together by the end. The climax was a real surprise and you will not guess it!
Any crime fan looking for something new and unusual should go for Garry Disher's Inspector Challis series, and Snapshot may be the best of the five novels so far. I don't like to compare, it's not fair to either of the compared, but in Snapshot Challis runs into the kind of hassles that Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch does, from the criminals and from his superiors in trying to run down the killer of a young wife who recently snapped some photos of recognizable young executives at a wife swapping party. Since I'm not comparing writers, I will not say that Disher is sort of an Australian (the Mornington Penisula just south of Melbourne) version of Ed McBain. All five Inspector Challis novels (beginning with the Dragon Man)are well worth your time.
Disher is probably the second best crime writer (next to Peter Temple)to use the Melbourne area for his patch and he deserves to be much more read and appreciated.
Disher writes smart, keeps you highly engaged in the lives of average people with excellent plots that keep you flying through the pages-only to curse yourself when you realize that you are nearing the book's end. Disher reminds me of Rankin or Peter Robinson-two favorite authors.
Good well written who done it! Story touches on Carlotta's past and her little sisters Dad is finally revealed. A bit of a sad tale about greed, the death of sick children and the politics of money.
This is kind of a creepy book. It is Disher's examination of the wicked underbelly of upper-middle class peninsular Victoria, Australia. Not so different from anywhere else in the world as long as anywhere else includes wife-swapping parties and shady doings at the local refugee detention camp.

Our usual strange assortment of police detectives and constables, led by Inspector Hal Challis (of Disher's last two books), is present and accounted for and, as is usual with Disher's books, their lives and doings are central to the action of the book. In this book, things are especially tough for Challis because his superintendent is smack in the middle of Challis's murder investigation - the victim was his daughter-in-law. Superintendent McQuarrie is almost a cartoon of a police superintendent but there must be some truth to the depiction because I swear most superintendents are portrayed just as he is. Also, Challis's disaster of a love life seems to be settling down - or so we are intended to assume.

I really like the characters in Disher's Challis books. They are flawed (terribly) and self-interested but they are also a good team and most of them have good instincts and worthy priorities. It's interesting to be back in their orbit.
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