eBook The Echo epub

by Minette Walters

eBook The Echo epub
  • ISBN: 0333713788
  • Author: Minette Walters
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Allen & Unwin; First Edition edition (1997)
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Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). Owen played the questing journalist Michael Deacon, in the TV treatment of "The Echo," Joely Richardson played against him as the beautiful, wealthy, enigmatic Amanda Powell. The book at hand was set in London's blazing property market, and bleak homeless community, of the 1990s.

Minette Walters (born 26 September 1949) is an English crime writer. Walters was born in Bishop's Stortford in 1949 to Samuel Jebb and Colleen Jebb. As her father was a serving army officer, the first 10 years of Walters's life were spent moving between army bases in the north and south of England. Her father died from kidney failure in 1960. While raising Walters and her two brothers, Colleen Jebb painted miniatures from photographs to supplement the family's income.

A shattering new novel by Edgar Award-winner Minette Walters, The Echo unveils the secrets and betrayals, past and present, that always come home to haunt the ones who try to bury them. A destitute man has been found dead on the property of a wealthy socialite. Who is he? Why did he go there to die?

The echo began in some indescribable way to undermine her hold on life. it had managed to murmur, 'Pathos, piety, courage-they exist, but are identical, and so is filth.

The echo began in some indescribable way to undermine her hold on life. Everything exists, nothing has value. E. M. Forster (1879-1970) O Rose, thou art sick!

The last one was dated August, 1991. red on the night of Friday, April.

The last one was dated August, 1991. In the interests of justice, the following facts must be investigated: • James Streeter did not have the knowledge to work the fraud of which he's accused

The unravelling of the story is the best part of this book. Minette Walters is England’s bestselling female crime writer.

The unravelling of the story is the best part of this book. it is a mystery story rather than a crime thriller. However I found the characterisation unconvincing especially Terry Dalton who at times. She has won the CWA John Creasey Award for best first crime novel, the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best crime novel published in America and two CWA Gold Daggers for Fox Evil and The Scolds Bridle. Minette lives in Dorset with her husband and two children.

When a rotting, unidentified corpse is discovered it marks the beginning of a nightmare murder investigation for the three women living there. A stunning new bestseller from Britain's most exciting crime writer What happens to a village when most of the houses are sold off as second homes, leaving only a handful of full time resident. Squatters move in.

'It was the smell that Mrs Powell noticed first. Slightly sweet. Slightly unpleasant...the smell of decay eddied out from inside when she pulled open the garage doors...Certainly she didn't expect to find a corpse.' Who was Billy Blake - an alcoholic vagrant who quoted poetry and preached redemption - and why did he die? Mike Deacon, a cynical, somewhat discredited journalist, wants to know. He's intrigued by both Blake's death - could anyone really die of starvation in one of the wealthiest districts in London? - and by the beautiful woman who found him, Amanda Powell. Amanda Powell avoided the Press then - why is she now obsessed by Blake and his life? Deacon begins his own investigation to find out if her interest could possibly be connected to her merchant banker husband who absconded abroad with ten million pounds, five years ago. Since then he has not been seen...yet she has all the trappings of a very rich woman...
Comments: (7)
This was the first Minette Walters book I had read. Though I liked the book, and her style of writing, I thought she spent a GREAT deal of time on the problems of the tabloid reporter (Deacon), the homeless teenager he takes under his care (Terry), and the peeping Tom "sexually inexperienced" little man he works with that he also takes in and tried to help. The mystery of the dying man (Billy Blake) seems to be secondary to the problems of these other characters. Still a good read, though.
People seem either to love or hate this book. I have just completed the third listening to the tape narrated by Simon Prebble. Each time I have listened to the story I gained new insights into the characters and the story makes more sense. Minette Walters is among the most literate of writers. One cannot just casually listen or read like one would with typical formula pot boiler. In the end I am a big fan of Ms. Walters and of this book in particular. The only undeveloped part of the story is the inclusion of the woman pining away in Capetown South Africa. By inference this is the mysterious Ms. Philbert, who presumably got away with the $10 Million Pounds and is living in exile, waiting in vain for her lover to show. This was just a blind alley that could just as well have been skipped. It did not add anything to the story.
Psychological descriptions of the characters in the novel are marvelous.
I recommend this novel to everybody.
Buy it as soo as possible by kindle for computer.
In what I found to be one of Walter's more confusing plots, The Echo begins with reports of two missing persons: James Streeter, a financial institution extortionist and Peter Fenton, a Foreign Office diplomat. Bearing these two unsolved mysteries in mind, when a homeless man dies of starvation in the garage of Amanda Powell, resident of an exclusive private estate bordering the Thames in London's old docklands, the identity of the dead man becomes an unsolvable enigma. Squatting in an abandoned warehouse not far from Powell's home, "Billy Blake", as the deceased was known to his mates, has no identifiable fingerprints and a history of self-abuse and drunken rants.

Philosophizing while in his cups, Billy (a devotee of William Blake), has long obsessed on truth, guilt and personal responsibility. Enter The Street reporter, Michael Deacon, who is virtually challenged by Amanda Powell to uncover the hidden life of the mysterious Billy, found in Powell's garage. Unsure about Amanda's motives, Michael is both attracted and repulsed by the stunning woman with ice-blue eyes. Visiting the squat where Billy spent his tortured nights, Michael learns much from a fourteen-year-old runaway, Terry Dalton. The street-wise Terry has found in Billy a bizarre father figure, certainly better that what he had at home. Tagging along with Deacon, Terry confuses the reporter, unsure whether the kid is a con or a youngster in need of help.

Mixing together a number of colorful, if improbable characters, including an ageing Jewish attorney, Walters' novel is based on mystery, murder and mistaken identity, where harsh London street life contrasts with the luxury of financial independence and the burden of past actions. Blending Blake's poetry with the rankest of criminal motivations, the past is finally revealed, old demons exorcised and the missing persons locations resolved. Walters' particular talent is in choosing the obscure and weaving a plausible tale from the briefest of newspaper articles. Although I usually enjoy the author's imaginative mysteries, I found this one difficult to track, although the characters, as usual, crackle with authenticity. Luan Gaines/ 2007.
Inside the garage of Amanda Powell is found the corpse of a homeless
person, allegedly named Billy Blake. Magazine reporter Michael Deacon, whose
personal life is screwed up, is investigating the London homeless problem for
a potential article. When he hears about the death of Billy, he decides to
take a look into what happened to ascertain whether there is something unique
to report....
Michael almost immediately finds himself very attracted to the beautiful
Amanda. However, that does not stop him from looking beneath the surface of
the Blake death. Michael soon starts to wonder if Billy might have been the
rich James Streeter, missing for almost a decade. This gives him pause to
ponder who the enigmatic Amanda truly is as she was once married to James.
Though both have different motives, Amanda and Michael continue to seek
answers to what really happened to Billy and, if he is James, what happened
to him ten years ago.....
THE ECHO is an interesting psychological suspense novel due to the
author's in depth depiction of Michael and a large ensemble of support
characters who somehow blend into a brilliant serpentine story line. The
intricate and multi-layered story line is provocative, dark, and deep.
Minette Walters is quickly climbing to the top of the sub-genre as she
continues to create believable and heart-stopping dramas within her
fascinating mysteries....

Harriet Klausner
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