by Ian Rankin

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  • Author: Ian Rankin
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Orion; Re-issue edition (2005)
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Rebus’s Scotland – paperback. Previous books had been easy, but I struggled with Mortal Causes. The thing is, I need to have a title down on paper before I can start writing the story.

Rebus’s Scotland – paperback. I liked the pun inherent in the title. The Scottish vernacular is rich in colourful euphemisms for inebriation: stocious, stotting, guttered, steaming, steamboats, wellied and hoolit are just a few. Another is ‘mortal’, as in: ‘I was fair mortal last night’ (meaning ‘I was very drunk indeed’).

The Black Book is a 1993 crime novel by Ian Rankin, the fifth of the Inspector Rebus novels. It is the first book to feature Siobhan Clarke and Morris Gerald Cafferty appears as a main character. It is also the first book where Rebus is based at St Leonards police station. Rebus finds himself with a number of problems on his hands.

Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Hull and the Open University.

Ian Rankin has been elected a Hawthornden Fellow, and is also a past winner of the Chandler-Fulbright Award. He is the recipient of four CWA Daggers including the prestigious Diamond Dagger in 2005. In 2004, Ian won America's celebrated Edgar Award.

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The last people to die in Mary King’s Close had been plague victims. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Without Ian Rankin, there would have been no John Rebus. Rankin has certainly set a benchmark with his John Rebus’ series and Mortal Causes is the sixth book in this series. Without John Rebus, I won’t be reading as much crime fiction as I do. I started reading John Rebus, even before I laid my hands on Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Things are even darker than usual this time in Mortal Causes. It is August during the Edinburgh Festival when Inspector John Rebus is called to investigate a brutally tortured body found hanging in the medieval subterranean streets of Edinburgh

You’re calling off our drink,’ she said coldly. I’m sorry, something’s cropped up. Work, you know how it is. The hours aren’t always social. The phone went dead in his hand.

You’re calling off our drink,’ she said coldly. er like it was spun sugar. Then, having requested five minutes of his boss’s time, he went to Kilpatrick’s office. As ever there was no need to knock; Kilpatrick waved him in through the glass door. I’ll stand, sir, thanks all the same. What’s on your mind?’. When you spoke to the FBI, did they mention a man called Clyde Moncur?’.

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Comments: (7)
The Inspector Rebus Mystery series is best started from Ian Rankin's first book and as you progress you see the evolution of the character. In Mortal Causes, you see Rebus begin to become a fully developed character. As in all the books, the other major "character" in the stories is the backdrop of Edinburgh and the landscape of Scotland, which is so wonderfully depicted by Rankin in the books. The story line moves through the cities , landmarks and weather of Scotland with great detail given to all aspects of the culture there. Like Michael Connelley's Harry Bosch character, who loves jazz, Rebus has his love of music. In the case of Rebus, though, it is the Rolling Stones and rock music that he enjoys with a glass of whisky.

Rebus is a very interesting antihero. A detective with a relentless drive to solve the mystery and we go along happily for the ride. I am about one-third the way through the series and I am sure I will finish them all. This a a very good book.
A really good read. Rebus is a great character - complex, thinks outside the square, not afraid to put himself in the way of a beating to get a resolution of the situation, and able to get the criminal in the end. The reader gets carried along journey with him, rolls with the punches and is always left satisfied with the result. You are left looking for the next Rebus book to continue on with Rebus's journey.
In addition to providing another twist and turn action filled murder mystery, this Rebus novel provides very interesting and valuable insight to a more complex problem, catholic and protestant antagonism/violence that has festered and flared for 100s of years. For example, I never understood why as an American child of English/Scottish immigrants, I was not allowed to wear green on St. Patrick's Day but instead was decked out in ORANGE!

Then there is the engrossing insights into Rebus' character, as a weak, impulsive responder to women and alcohol but a stalwart believer in maintaining integrity in serving people of all types, most especially those tattered and worn from poverty!

I read these novels in spurts so they will last longer and I can ruminate on the ideas and information.
Bravo Mr. Rankin
Ian Rankin is a skilled writer who is able to fashion an engaging plot. The characters are fleshed out with individual traits, prejudices, and motives. John Rebus has his own flaws but also integrity. You have to like him, especially when he has to deal with his superiors who are mostly incompetent and often impede the investigation. I like the setting, Scotland, and the humorous touches language with terms that leave you guessing. The book is well woth reading.
I have every book he has written - and am slowly getting them on kindle, as they become available at reasonable prices. This is an early book, and it is not as dark as his later mysteries become, but it is full of accurate details of a city I lived in (at this time). It is all there, real and possible and human. I was delighted I purchased it when my husband started reading it and said it was one he has never read, although he has read most of the others.
... the character is interesting enough to pull it off. The story line revolved too much around "the troubles" for my taste (maybe it's just my "American" showing) however, given the time it was written ('94) understandable. And forgivable. Once. I'm working my way through the series, and if I were to come upon another so polemically specific, I'd probably bail on the rest of them.
Risky Strong Dromedary
I have to admit that I am an Ian Rankin junkie. I have never been much of a murder-mystery devotee, but Rankin has a way with drama and putting characters together within the Edinburgh context that is exceptional. Mortal Causes is one of my favorite Rankin mysteries because it breaks away from many of his typical roles. Inspector Rebus is not called on the carpet, as usual, he is hard on the case, and we have the chance to see a bit of his own personal history. This novel is an 'easy read' and I found it thoroughly delightful.
This book shows why Rankin is one of the best-selling authors in Europe. Unlike too many mystery writers, Rankin can write, and doesn't make the reader mentally edit half of what's on the page. If you've read only his more recent Inspector Rebus stories, you'll still enjoy this one, as much for seeing the beginnings of some of the later relationships as for the story itself. If you haven't encountered Rankin yet, start with this one and read your way through to 2008.
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