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eBook Cadillac Jukebox (Dave Robicheaux Mysteries) epub

by James Lee Burke

eBook Cadillac Jukebox (Dave Robicheaux Mysteries) epub
  • ISBN: 0786889187
  • Author: James Lee Burke
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hyperion (August 1, 1997)
  • ePUB size: 1196 kb
  • FB2 size 1249 kb
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Cadillac Jukebox : a novel by James Lee Burke. p. cm. ISBN 0-7868-6175-4. CHAPTER 1. AARON CRown should not have come back into our lives.

Cadillac Jukebox : a novel by James Lee Burke. 1. Robicheaux, Dave (Fictitious character)-Fiction. 2. Private ana-New Orleans- Fiction. 3. New Orleans (L. -Fiction.

Cadillac Jukebox – Ebook written by James Lee Burke. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Cadillac Jukebox. The 9th Dave Robicheaux novel from the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling, award-winning author of THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN. The call from ex-Klansman Aaron Crown couldn't have been more unexpected. Sentenced to forty years for the decades-old shooting of a civil rights activist, Crown should have been out of Iberia Parish, Louisiana, for good.

Dave Robicheaux (pronounced "Row-bih-show") is a fictional character in a series of mystery novels by American crime writer James Lee Burke. Once an officer for the New Orleans Police Department, Robicheaux constantly breaches the ethical code over the course of just about every case he works on and currently pursues cases in New Iberia, Louisiana as sheriff's deputy. He is a recovering alcoholic whose demons stem from his service as a .

Cadillac Jukebox book. James Lee Burke is an American author best known for his mysteries, particularly the Dave Robicheaux series

Cadillac Jukebox book. James Lee Burke is an American author best known for his mysteries, particularly the Dave Robicheaux series. He has twice received the Edgar Award for Best Novel, for Black Cherry Blues in 1990 and Cimarron Rose in 1998. Burke was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up on the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast. He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the University of Missouri, receiving James Lee Burke is an American author best known for his mysteries, particularly the Dave Robicheaux series.

Cadillac Jukebox (Dave Robicheaux Mysteries). Book in the Dave Robicheaux Series)

Cadillac Jukebox (Dave Robicheaux Mysteries). Book in the Dave Robicheaux Series).

My Zombie Summer (Book 1): the Undead Road. In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead: a Dave Robicheaux.

You can read book Dr09 - Cadillac Jukebox by James Lee Burke in our library for absolutely free. My Zombie Summer (Book 1): the Undead Road. by King, David Powers. 9, 10. The Neon Rain.

A Louisiana farmer is jailed for the murder, 30 years earlier of a black civil rights leader. The farmer claims he is innocent and asks Dave Robicheaux, the sheriff's deputy, to help him prove it. Not easy, as it suits a lot of people to have the case closed. By the author of Burning Angel.

James Lee Burke is a New York Times bestselling author, two-time winner of the Edgar Award, and the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts in Fiction. He’s authored thirty-seven novels and two short story collections. He lives in Missoula, Montana. America’s best novelist.

No one was surprised when Aaron Crown was arrested for the decades-old murder of the most famous black civil rights leader in Louisiana. After all, his family were shiftless timber people who brought their ways into the Cajun wetlands--trailing rumors of ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Only Dave Robicheaux, to whom Crown proclaims his innocence, worries that Crown had been made a scapegoat for the collective guilt of a generation.But when Buford LaRose, scion of an old Southern family and author of a book that sent Crown to prison, is elected governor, strange things start to happen. Dave is offered a job as head of the state police; a documentary filmmaker seeking to prove Crown's innocence is killed; and the governor's wife--a former flame--once again turns her seductive powers on Dave. It's clear that Dave must find out the dark truth about Aaron Crown, a truth that too many people want to remain hidden.
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Veteran detective Dave Robicheaux of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department is reluctantly drawn into a case involving the decades-old assassination of Louisiana’s leading NAACP leader. Aaron Crown is serving time for the murder but protests his innocence, and a Hollywood film crew seems bent on exposing the injustice of the case. Crown wants Dave to investigate. Simply visiting the man in prison opens up a hornet’s nest of mobsters, crooked politicians, and other assorted lowlife. This is Louisiana noir by James Lee Burke, the masterful stylist of the craft, who can equal anything written by Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, or Elmore Leonard.

In Cadillac Jukebox, the ninth in the Dave Robicheaux series, Burke’s familiar characters all reappear. Dave’s second wife, Bootsie, and their adopted Salvadoran daughter, Alafair, now 14, and the three-legged raccoon she keeps as a pet. Batist, Dave’s African-American partner in the bait and boat-rental business they operate on Dave’s bayou-facing home property. His violence-prone former partner on the New Orleans Police Department, Clete Purcel, now operating on the fringes of society as a bond enforcer and private investigator. As always, the notorious Giacano crime family lurks in the background. But the novel features a host of unique new characters as well, from former KKK member Aaron Crown to the probable new Governor and his wife to a large collection of lowlife characters with names like Mookie Zerrang, Short Boy Jerry, Mingo Bloomberg, No Duh Dolowitz, and Wee Willie Bimstine.

Burke’s facility with the English language never falters, whether describing the lush landscape of his home state or musing about Dave’s lot in life. “As a police officer,” he writes, “you accept the fact that, in all probability, you will become the instrument that delivers irreparable harm to a variety of individuals. Granted, they design their own destinies, are intractable in their attitudes, and live with the asp at their breasts; but the fact remains that it is you who will appear at some point in their lives, like the headsman with his broad ax on the medieval scaffold, and serve up a fate to them that has the same degree of mercy as that dealt out by your historical predecessor.”

And here is Burke describing the family of an incidental character in the tale. “His twin sister achieved a brief national notoriety when she was arrested for murdering seven men who picked her up hitchhiking on the Florida Turnpike. The mother, an obese, choleric woman with heavy facial hair, was interviewed by CBS on the porch of the shack where the Hatcher children were raised. I’ll never forget her words: ‘It ain’t my fault. She was born that way. I whipped her every day when she was little. It didn’t do no good.”

No wonder Stephen King gushes about Burke’s prose style! The Dave Robicheaux novels transcend the bounds of the detective novel. If anything can properly be called literature, this is it.
My husband and I started listening to James Lee Burke on audio we would pick up at our small local library whenever we would take a road trip. That was back ago when we would check out cassettes! Of course the library selection where we live is limited and so the first books on tape we checked out were out of sequence to the Dave Robicheaux series. We became so hooked on Dave that we started buying his books here in sequence which we now read on our Kindles. James Lee Burke has created a fictional character that has become so dear to us that we even traveled to New Orleans to meet friends last year to watch a football game and then drove home along Dave Robicheaux's stomping grounds and ate at one of the places he ate. Burke made this character THAT real to us. It is seldom you run across this caliber of a writer with a story in his mind that transfers to readers with such a profound and long lasting impact as Dave Robicheaux, Clete, Alafair and the rest of the cast of characters
James Lee Burke has created....does.
It's just hard to beat James Lee Burke for poetic descriptions, sharp dialog, and sudden brutal violence. Robicheaux deserves to be among the top of crime/suspense protagonists. Warning: After reading Burke, you may find it difficult to get into other writers' novels of this genre. He's the master.
I gave this 5 stars because I love this author and always enjoy his novels. BUT there are some flaws in this story. Things don't ever come together in a compelling way. Satisfying, but not particularly compelling. I never really got how the crossfire of motives connected and played out to produce an outcome of justice, poetic and otherwise in the end. That said, some of his characters are so real, I'm guessing they are inspired by actual people. If the plot doesn't exactly surprise, the characters do. If you're a fan of the Robicheaux series, you'll have no problems with the book.
As usual with Dave Robicheaux mysteries, Mr Burke weaves a tale of questionable morality in the south, with Dave in conflict between doing the right thing or the smart thing. Mr Burke gives color and depth to the deep south with his evocative descriptions of the people and locations of his books. In a Dave Robicheaux story - no one is entirely pure, and no one is entirely evil - there is a wide range - sometimes in the same person.

Good read as usual! Looking forward to the next one.
For me, there seemed to be too many characters and i had trouble keeping track of them. I found a tiredness in the characters, no one to cheer for. I try reading Burke from time to time because he's regarded as one of our best current writers, but I've never read a Burke that sent me racing back for more Burke. So maybe it's just me.
Glenda, the Good Witch of Northern Oz, said "It's always best to start at the Beginning," but she was talking about the Yellow Brick Road. With James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux mystery and mayhem series, that ain't necessarily so, it's all Good, and the reader may start anywhere within this steamy, murkily atmospheric Southern Louisiana stories arc.

In this affair, Burke illustrates that "Some Saturday afternoon heroes will never go gently into that good night." Patrician Golden Boy and former LSU quarterback, descendent of KKK lynchmongers, Buford LaRose is running for Governor of the Great State of Louisiana. His ultra-libidinous wife, daughter of a gumball vendor to cheerleader, aspires to be First Lady. What have they to do with the 30 year old murder of a Civil Rights leader? and what about the Tim Leary flashback guru guy?

Burke as Robicheaux in the 1st person does his usual deft job of leading us through a mire of local characters, backwoods highways and bayous and, for tunes for the trip, there's that titular Cadillac Jukebox. /TundraVision, Amazon Reviewer
This book is back on track after book 8. It was nice to get a better glimpse into Bootsie, and while the villains seem to get bigger, the writing and feeling are so well done

Great story again
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