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eBook Chicago Way (Roca Editorial Criminal) (Spanish Edition) epub

by Michael Harvey

eBook Chicago Way (Roca Editorial Criminal) (Spanish Edition) epub
  • ISBN: 8492429305
  • Author: Michael Harvey
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: Spanish
  • Publisher: Roca; Translation edition (October 1, 2008)
  • Pages: 272 pages
  • ePUB size: 1173 kb
  • FB2 size 1709 kb
  • Formats lrf docx mobi lrf

Published August 21st 2007 by Vintage Books USA. ebook, 249 pages.

Author(s): Michael Harvey (Goodreads Author). Published August 21st 2007 by Vintage Books USA. Hardcover, 271 pages.

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Michael Connelly is the author of Blood Work, Chasing the Dime, The Poet, and the Harry Bosch novels which include The Black Ice, City of Bones, The Concrete Blonde, A Darkness More Than Night, and Lost Light.

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We urgently call on you to join us again in our new Chicago Forward campaign: Young lives in the balance: How to reach Chicagoland’s disconnected youth.

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Michael Harvey's gritty debut, The Chicago Way, rips the classic crime novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett from their 30s origins and slams them like a brass fist into the teeth of modern-day Chicago. All of the pieces are here: Chandler's Byzantine plots and tack-sharp dialogue; a smorgasbord of knuckle sandwiches to sate the die-hard Hammett fan; and a damaged dame (platinum blonde, natch), straight out of a James Cain roadside diner.
Comments: (7)
Private investigator Michael Kelley lives his life guided by the ideas of the ancient Greeks, whose works he reads in the original Greek. This is an interesting trait for an Irish ex-cop with a talent for fighting.

Kelley’s client in this story is him ex-partner, retired cop John Gibbons. After John gets shot dead, Kelley inherits Gibbon's last client – a woman who wants her rapist found. She packs a gun and is one tough cookie. She’s not the only piece-packing Fury in the plot.

The more Kelly finds out, the less he understands of what's actually transpiring. He just knows that the official people connected with this cold rape case are dropping like flies. And he's surprisingly acquired a girlfriend, a gorgeous TV anchorwoman, who is probably out of his league. Does she really care for him – or just have an eye for a story?

Kelley's investigations bring him into contact with lots of colorful characters – a creepy serial killer on death row, a repulsive landlady who imagines her cats have migraines, an 86-year-old Mafia boss who gives Kelly some fatherly advice about suicide...

Kelly has a couple of true friends who help him out. One of them doesn't survive the story, and I didn't like this. But I did like Michael Harvey's writing style. He has a poet's ear for a perfect line of prose. The writing is tough, but packs an emotional punch.

This looks to me like a must-read series for aficionados of crime fiction.
While in agreement with some other reviewers that this isn't "the greatest story ever told", in my view, among all those "who done its" out there, this book was as good as many, especially so being the author's first novel.

It's a Spenser-like (Robert Parker beginning and a fast moving pace. The main character is a former Chicago police officer, turned detective, who is contacted by a long-ago associate from the police force. The contact is murdered suddenly. The story takes off from there with many references to locations in Chicago making it more interesting for those of us who may have lived there once.

Were all of the "scenes" totally realistic? No. But which are so and in which books more and more these days? There's enough witty humor to make it enjoyable but not so much that it becomes trite. The main character has long-term friends who are key characters and regrettably, there is what seems to be the "requisite drop-dead beautiful woman who immediately connects with the main character" (a negative in my mind). However, not all characters end up as they do in the idealistic world of many other authors these days.

It's a good story for what it is - a work of fiction, ex-cop turned private-eye trying to solve a complex case. As a result of reading this, I ordered another one by Harvey.
Having read The Third Rail, The Fifth Floor and now The Chicago Way (reverse order), this was the third novel I have read by Michael Harvey and enjoyed this debut the most. The self-depreciating humor he adds to the dialogue reminds me a bit of the style that David Rosenfelt used in the Andy Carpenter series.

While Harvey is not my favorite author, The Chicago Way is a quick and engaging thriller debut that kept me flipping pages from beginning to end.

Cubs fan, Michael Kelly is a former divorced cop and now tough private investigator in Chicago. The story begins when retired police officer and his former partner from the decade before, John Gibbons gets him involved in a cold case involving the near stabbing death and rape of the beautiful victim, Elaine Remington.

In short order Gibbons turns up murdered as do so many others who were part of the cold case. Organized crime and dirty politicians and city employees help set the scenes and keep the story interesting.

Through the stories of many victims of sexual assault and support groups aimed at helping those who have been raped, Kelly learns more than he bargained for and meets some attractive women along the way.

Kelly's childhood best friend, DNA analyst Nicole Andrews is involved with a Rape Victim's support group headed up by her friend Judge Rachel Swenson. Also involved in the group is Diane Lindsay, 6 p.m. Chicago Action Television News announcer.

The flow of the plot involves solving the puzzle of how death row murderer and rapist, John William Grime and possible accomplice Daniel Pollard are connected to Elaine's rape and the murders of others. Through Mike Kelly, the author unravels the case and ties up loose ends while he prepares the way for his next novel.

I enjoyed this book, I think you will too.
The meat of a story was there but I found the writing hard to follow. To me, his method of writing was strange but it made more sense after reading the author's background. I finished the book, which earns some points, but I am not anxious to read any more by him.
Because I am a native Chicagoan, I appreciated many of the sites mentioned. I found the character a little undeveloped for the central future. I did however like the twists and turns to bring the story to a climax. The very last few pages was unnecessary though and didn’t leave me looking for the next book
Kelly is a very interesting lead character driven by a very high moral code and a driving tenacity to right the wrongs confronting him.The author leads Kelly through a never ending SUSPENSEFUL plot that ends in a great surprising ending . A strong 4.5.
Thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was fast moving, full of action and had a series of unexpected turns. I look forward to reading more in the Michael Kelly series. Highly recommended.
I read this because John Grisham raced about it. He was right. It moved quickly, offered excellent description and pulled you in fast. It didn't release it's grip until the last page. You won't go wrong with The Chicago Way.
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