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eBook The Catherine-Wheel (A Miss Silver Mystery) epub

by Patricia Wentworth

eBook The Catherine-Wheel (A Miss Silver Mystery) epub
  • ISBN: 0884117472
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Aeonion Press (June 1, 1984)
  • Pages: 249 pages
  • ePUB size: 1150 kb
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The Catherine Wheel book.

The Catherine Wheel book. I'm glad this wasn't my first encounter with a mystery by Patricia Wentworth because I would have put it aside after slogging through the opening pages in which a large cast of characters was introduced in detail. However (!) since I'm a newly minted fan of her incredible body of work, I persevered and was, of course, amply rewarded. A great read with lots of plot twists and delightful input from the insightful mind of "Miss Silver" as she solved the Another suspense winner from Wentworth!

The Catherine Wheel (A Miss Silver Mystery). As usual Miss Silver succeeds in bringing lovers together and pointing the way to the murderer. I found this a completely satisfying Miss Silver mystery. 2 people found this helpful.

The Catherine Wheel (A Miss Silver Mystery). Latter End (The Miss Silver Mysteries). The Brading Collection by Wentworth, Patricia (1950) Paperback.

Patricia Wentworth The Catherine Wheel Miss Silver – 1949CHAPTER 1 Jane Heron took a few graceful gliding steps and came slowly back round the circle of watching women. Clarissa Harlowe’s dress show was in progress, and she was showing a dress called Sigh no More. There was not very much of it above the waist, just a few opalescent folds, but the skirt was new and rather exciting. CHAPTER 1. Jane Heron took a few graceful gliding steps and came slowly back round the circle of watching women.

The Catherine-Wheel (Miss Silver Series) Paperback. Patricia Wentworth gets away from the Village and Manor House in this post World War II mystery, to provide a more complex drama than in her customary novel

The Catherine-Wheel (Miss Silver Series) Paperback. Grey Mask (The Miss Silver Mysteries) Paperback. Patricia Wentworth gets away from the Village and Manor House in this post World War II mystery, to provide a more complex drama than in her customary novel. William Smith lost his memory in the War and knows only that he came into being in a German prison compound in 1942. Now, after the War, still amnesiac toward the earlier years of his life, he is earning a living making dolls for the father of a fellow prisoner, who died in the same prison camp.

Электронная книга "The Catherine Wheel", Patricia Wentworth. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "The Catherine Wheel" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

The complete series list for - A Miss Silver Mystery Patricia Wentworth. Patricia Wentworth Series List. A Miss Silver Mystery. Series List:32 titles. Genre: All Amateur Sleuth Suspense Women Sleuths Mystery Cozy Mystery.

CHAPTER 1. There were almost more yards of stuff in it than you would have believed possible, all coming in slim and tight to the waist, but they would swirl like spray in the wind when you danced.

Miss Silver laid her knitting down in her lap and coughed again. Look here, Miss Silver, you were the last person to see Florence Duke or to have any conversation with her. That would be one explanation, Inspector, but it is not the only one. Crisp looked hard at her. Was she, or was she not, in a state of nervous depression? I have already told you that she was.

The Catherine Wheel: When a wealthy man named Taverner places a. .

But with the scent of money in the air, old feuds reemerge and the extended family squabbles over the cash. These charming British mysteries featuring the unstoppable Miss Silver-whose stout figure, fondness for Tennyson, and passion for knitting belie a keen intellect and a knack for cracking even the toughest cases-are sure to delight readers of Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters, and Dorothy L. Sayers. Cosy Mysteries Women Sleuths Thriller & Crime.

Wentworth Patricia - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. This is one of some 30 Miss Silver mysteries which Patricia Wentworth wrote during her lifetime. As with other Miss Silver mysteries, the story relies on character development. Nadia May reads clearly and distinguishes individuals well; her British voice is ideal for this genteel period thriller (1951). It concerns money motivated marriages and has a complex plot, full of suspense. The author has a large and devoted readership in both Britain and America.

Comments: (7)
Rich old Jacob Taverner invites all his relatives, estranged for generations, to a family reunion at the coastal inn he owns. The Catherine Wheel Inn was reputed to be a den of smugglers in bygone days. The police wonder if it might still be.

This is why Inspector Frank Abbott of Scotland Yard is staying with a cousin nearby the Catherine Wheel. And why Miss Silver has been sent to the inn to gather gossip. Patricia Wentworth gives us all the usual descriptions of Miss Silver's delightfully outmoded Victorian-style outfits. The elderly ex-governess turned detective still keeps the shabby gentile look of a governess.

Naturally there's a murder, and Miss Silver is in the thick of it, having skillful conversations with family members, observing everyone's every expression or fidget, occasionally eavesdropping, and knitting obsessively.

The local inspector Crisp is, in the words of Miss Silver's young friend Inspector Abbott, a "pompous bullfrog." Once he gets a theory, nothing will budge him from it. It's always a treat to watch Miss Silver make self-important males feel like naughty schoolboys. Even among grown men, she can project the atmosphere of the schoolroom and its moral values.

The inn's secret passages and notorious history play their part in a plot replete with romance, surprising developments, and characters both colorful and colorless. The Catherine Wheel (1949) is definitely a superior Miss Silver mystery.
Stafford was scarcely appreciated during her lifetime, and just fleetingly granted new life via small-press re-issues after her death. "The Catherine Wheel" is a lyrical tragedy as resonant and linguistically gorgeous as the best of F. Scott Fitzgerald. It focuses on a spinster aunt whose small-town New England home plays summertime host to her nieces and nephew--the latter a somber little boy who absorbs his parents' marital strife more deeply than his siblings without really understanding it. His viewpoint dominates here, and the novel is a particularly fine example of child psychology conveyed through fiction. The child's fearful, innocent mis-interpretation of adult actions leads to catastrophe, not unlike Ian McEwan's much more recent "Atonement." This is a beautiful, perfect miniature that should be a staple in American Literature studies.
I really enjoyed this outing with Miss Silver. It has a good mystery (with a twist I didn't see coming on first read), and a dysfunctional family with an older relative who's playing games with his will - which I always enjoy. A fast and engaging book.
This is a firecracker of a book, well written, great characters, terrific plot and unravelling of plot. I love Patricia Wentworth's writing.
And I am slowly working my way through all her books.
They are all good, but some are great, and this is one of the great ones.
The characters, as always, are exceedingly well drawn. It amazes me that Agatha Christie continues to be considered the Queen of Crime, and yet Patricia Wentworth is virtually unknown these days. However, as my title indicates, this Miss Silver is a bit darker than the usual fare. I think that may be a function of Patricia Wentworth adjusting to a post-war world in which all the old values had been swept away. It's not noir, by any stretch of the imagination, but the darkness that's shaded in is a real darkness, not Edwardian melodrama. All in all, a good read.
I've read "The Catherine Wheel" several times in an earlier edition. As mysteries go that are not Agatha Christie [my very FAVORITE], this one's pretty good. And quite different! Mrs. Wentworth gives more detail than Agatha so some may find her more wordy; but her mysteries are very good indeed. Note: Patricia Wentworth was born in 1878 so she was a true Victorian [Agatha, born 1890, grew up Edwardian].
Rather formulaic Miss Silver novel, not one of the better in the series. Many of the characters are colorful but underdeveloped. Interesting period charm.
This is one of the better Miss Silver mysteries which was hard to put down. Lots of guessing who the culprit(s) could be, but not until three-quarters of the way through the book did I begin to get a glimmering of what really occurred. Don't miss this one!
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