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eBook The Grey Mist Murders epub

by Constance Little,Gwenyth Little

eBook The Grey Mist Murders epub
  • ISBN: 0915230267
  • Author: Constance Little,Gwenyth Little
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Rue Morgue; Reprint edition (May 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 153 pages
  • ePUB size: 1293 kb
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Constance & Gwenyth Little. The Rue Morgue Press Boulder, Colorado.

Constance & Gwenyth Little. We have no sliced-up corpses in our books. However, as the books mounted, the Littles did go in for all sorts of gruesome murder methods-"horrible," was the way their own mother described them-which included the occasional sliced-up corpse.

The Grey Mist Murders book. The Grey Mist Murders could be called a book noir. Jessie Constance Little (1899-1980) co-authored with her sister Gwenyth Little mysteries in the screwball-comedy fashion

The Grey Mist Murders book. intrigue, suspense, several potential villains, and of course a bit of romance. I enjoy re-reading this light book every few years as a summer read. Jessie Constance Little (1899-1980) co-authored with her sister Gwenyth Little mysteries in the screwball-comedy fashion. The Little sisters are referred to as "queens of the wacky cozy. They were sometimes published as Conyth Little, a portmanteau of their names.

by Constance Little (Author), Gwenyth Little (Author). Hospitals are one of the settings favored by the Little sisters for their wacky mysteries, perhaps because of the greedy relatives paying court to ailing rich aunts and uncles. In this book, rich Aunt Isabelle is on one of her periodic hospital visits.

Agatha Bunson desperately wanted to fire the cook at her boarding house but her father's will made that impossible. Then someone very kindly murdered the cook

Agatha Bunson desperately wanted to fire the cook at her boarding house but her father's will made that impossible. Then someone very kindly murdered the cook. Agatha, who was given to sleepwalking, thought she might have done the deed and hid the body.

Mutual net. "The Grey Mist Murders". Constance Baker (writer, billed as Constance Little), Gwenyth Hemming-Jones (writer, billed as Gwenyth Little), Sidney Smith, Helen Shields. A pleasure cruise to Hawaii on a private yacht becomes the scene of several murders.

Constance & Gwenyth - bibliography, chronological book list and series. The Grey Mist Murders ’38. The Black-Headed Pins ’38. The Black Gloves ’39. Black Corridors ’40. The Black Paw ’41.

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The Grey Mist Murders (1938). The Black-Headed Pins (1938). The Black Gloves (1939). Black Corridors (1940). The Black Paw (1941). The Black Shrouds (1941). The Black Thumb (1942). The Black Rustle (1943) APA: The Black Lady (1944).

Who or what is the mysterious figure that emerges from the grey mist to strike down passengers on the final leg of a round-the-world voyage? Originally published in 1938.
Comments: (5)
I was surprised at how amazingly well the Little Sisters did with their first foray into crime fiction. All their signature elements are here. The heroine, Carla Bray, displays a caustic wit and independent spirit. She plays amusingly hard to get with the man she loves, Robert Arnold is a suave hero -- wildly attractive, clever, protective and as good at witty banter as Carla is. He even has money. They both occupy deluxe cabins on an ocean voyage, and it soon becomes clear there’s a murderer on board. The murders are not gory. The Little sisters did not go in for gruesome murder methods.

All the passengers are somewhat eccentric: a scandal-mloving middle-aged woman who knits incessantly, a widow in search of a rich husband, a couple of gauche New Zealand sisters in search of any husband at all, a self-consciously sophisticated playboy who's not the marrying kind, a titled gentleman who's always falling asleep at table, and so forth.

None of the passengers seems likely to be a murderer. The purser, who's investigating, sees Carla as his number one suspect. All too many clues are found in her cabin. And then she's so modern!

The plot is eventful and fun. A ghost figures in the action, too, taking the form of a grey mist barely glimpsed in the dark of night. The atmosphere on board ship feels very real -- the constant meals, the dreary bridge games, the dancing and flirting with ever shifting partners...

I really enjoy the lighthearted repartee that was a popular form of humor in the late thirties. It reminds me of old movies. The Gray Mist Murders would make a charming introduction to the Little sisters, although all their books are stand-alone novels and can be read in any order.
I like the light and funny atmosphere the Little's project in their mysteries. I'm an avid reader and I have never
found authors quite like them. They are unique.
This was the Little sisters' first book and, unfortunately, it shows. The characters are cardboard and the killer seems entirely random. Their second novel, The Black-Headed Pins, is a much better showcase for their screwball humor and mystery.
The Grey Mist Murders takes place on a cruise ship, and is told in first person by sassy, quick-witted Carla. Two young women are strangled, and one more (the narrator) nearly murdered as well.

This is the first mystery written by the Little sisters, and it lacks the sparkle of their later works. As with all their mysteries, this one is a light mystery with humor and a bit of romance, but in other parts it is dry, and there were times when it was a chore to read. The plot was interesting, but the conclusion not fully believable, and the amount of evidence the hero was able to piece together was far fetched as well.

This is not a good example of the talent of the Little sisters. If I had read it first, I would probably not have tried another one. I suggest that this one be skipped by all but the most dedicated of the Little fans, and then read it as an experience to see how much they grew over their career.

(I recommend the Black-Headed Pins, the Black Honeymoon or the Black Coat for first time Little readers.)
Funny duck
Actually, I would prefer to give this book 2.5 stars but the system will not let me. I was searching Amazon for some good "nice" mysteries when I saw this one and it seemed to ring a bell. Sure enough I had it on my "to read" shelf but buried way under lots of other books. I'm glad I decided to read it before ordering other titles by sisters Constance and Gwenyth Little. I really love a good mystery but this was not a satisfying read for me. I have other titles by these authors and now I don't know if I'm interested in reading them.

The story takes place on board a ship sailing between New Zealand and San Francisco. Our heroine is 25 years old and has been left money by her deceased parents to allow her to take a trip around the world when she reaches that age. All the story takes place during this portion of the voyage. Because we are only introduced to the first class passengers (and there are not very many of them) the scope of possible victims and suspects is very limited. Even so, I never saw the identity of the murderer until it was revealed and still don't think it was logical for this person to be guilty. My main reason for not liking the book is that I didn't like the heroine. She was (in my humble opinion) arrogant, selfish, foolish and had a deplorable tendency to scream and faint. Her character made me uncomfortable because I couldn't figure out what type person she was; fast and loose, pure as the driven snow, a boozing good time girl? The authors must have known but I didn't get enough clues to satisfy me. Also, since most people these days know at least some basic facts about forensics and crime investigation, it would have been totally impossible for these murders to have been committed in this way. I realize the book was written in 1938 but the implausible method really did get in the way of my enjoyment. I have to at least believe the crime COULD have been committed thusly in order to be interested in what I am reading. Just as a total aside, I was amazed at how often smoking and cigarettes played a part in the action. Between books and movies of this time in history it is no wonder everyone thought they had to smoke.

I would never recommend this book to a friend who really enjoys a good mystery of the classic or the "cozy" type. Why did no person with two eyes realize what was going on with the "grey mist"? Unsatisfactory!
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