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eBook Arizona Dreams: A David Mapstone Mystery epub

by Jon Talton

eBook Arizona Dreams: A David Mapstone Mystery epub
  • ISBN: 1590583671
  • Author: Jon Talton
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press (May 1, 2007)
  • Pages: 206 pages
  • ePUB size: 1469 kb
  • FB2 size 1216 kb
  • Formats lrf doc lrf mobi

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The complete series list for - A David Mapstone Mystery Jon Talton. Jon Talton Series List. A David Mapstone Mystery. Series List:9 titles. Genre: All Law Enforcement Police Procedural Suspense Mystery.

David Mapstone Mystery Series. 8 primary works, 8 total works. Arizona Dreams: A David Mapstone Mystery. When a former student turns up in Davi. ore.

Read "Arizona Dreams A David Mapstone Mystery" by Jon Talton .

Author Jon Taltonas writing was developed over 20 years as a journalist, working for newspapers in San Diego, Denver, Dayton, Cincinnati, Charlotte, and Phoenix. Jonas columns have appeared in newspapers throughout North America. Before journalism, Jon worked as an ambulance medic in the inner city of Phoenix.

Arizona Dreams is the story of a land swindle and the deputies who stopped it. Jon Talton does a masterful job of keeping the suspense high and the bad guys guessing

Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). Arizona Dreams is the story of a land swindle and the deputies who stopped it. Jon Talton does a masterful job of keeping the suspense high and the bad guys guessing. Looking for the next book.

In retrospect, I should have wondered more about them. Robin was an art student without art books or art. The garage apartment had remained nearly as bare as the day she moved in.

In retrospect, I should have wondered more about them o Phoenix because a rich man in Paradise Valley wanted her expertise in WPA-era art. Where were her Social Realism posters? Why had she never mentioned the restored WPA murals in the old downtown Post Office? I was afraid to find out if she really worked for this rich man, or if a boyfriend named Edward ever existed. We walked with Robin to the curb.

Concrete Desert dmm-1 (David Mapstone Mystery Jon Talton. Year Published: 1992. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Year Published: 2011. Year Published: 2005. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Arizona's 'History Shamus' returns in South Phoenix Rules. A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery

Arizona's 'History Shamus' returns in South Phoenix Rules. It's the most gripping and personal David Mapstone Mystery yet. A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery. Praise for Jon Talton: 'Jon Talton's first novel, Concrete Desert, introduces a strong new voice to contemporary hard-boiled fiction. Contact me: inforeq17l.

When a former student turns up in David Mapstone’s office, she seems to have the perfect case for this history-professor-turned-deputy: a letter left by her deceased father, confessing to a forty-year-old murder and providing directions to the body. But things are never what they seem in Phoenix, a fast-buck city of newcomers seeking fresh starts from sometimes dark pasts. Just ask David’s wife, Deputy Lindsey Faith Mapstone. One morning the start of the Willo District home tour is interrupted by murder. A man lies dead with an ice pick in his brain. And Lindsey runs right into her half-sister Robin among the crowd gathering in the historic Phoenix neighborhood, the sister Lindsey hasn’t seen in years. The reunion with Robin rekindles memories about their rough upbringing and the deep rift that they may, or may not, bridge. Why is Robin here now? David has his own problems. There’s a body in the desert, right where the letter said it would be found. But it’s weeks old, not years. And the “former student” who brought in the letter has disappeared. When David finally locates her, she turns out to be a sham, the wife of a politician with a vendetta against Mapstone’s boss, Sheriff Mike Peralta. But what’s her agenda? And then even fresher bodies turn up, the clues keep pointing back to the same remote piece of desert and a seemingly unconnected real-estate development called Arizona Dreams. But Mapstone knows something sinister is fueling this increasingly dangerous case….
Comments: (7)
I enjoy Mr. Talton's books for the look into an area of the country I've spent little time in. The mysteries are engaging enough to keep reading. He paints a clear picture of the environment, both city and desert that enhances the action and isolation of the characters and plot twists. There are moments when the author harping on the negative effects of urbanization get a bit much and take me outside the storytelling, but then the action pulls me back in.
Arizona Dreams is the story of a land swindle and the deputies who stopped it. Jon Talton does a masterful job of keeping the suspense high and the bad guys guessing. Looking for the next book.
I moved to this area in 1995 and have seen so much overbuilding here. Thus I appreciate Talton's references to that issue, overcrowding, traffic and demands on the limited water supply. Although I have enjoyed the 4 David Mapstone books I would not call them 5 star. They're fun and can be interesting but Mapstone can get to be too much of a complainer and always in trouble, a bit of a loose, albeit caring, character.
I really enjoy a good series of books. It enables the characters to be more realistic over time, so you get to understand them a little better. This is also a good murder mystery series with a few twists and turns, not only with the crime but also the personal life of the characters. Some you like some you don't and you can see why through the books. Again, a good story, lots of action and a few good twists.
Good writing. Interesting mystery series
This the fourth book in a series built on two interesting themes. The protagonist is a former history professor turned deputy specializing in cold cases. The second theme is the changing and turbulent nature of Arizona. Although, the second theme continues to flourish, the first is fading. Mapstone is now involved in current cases with the emphasis on violence. Meanwhile, his personal life is becoming more intrusive. It is fine for a man to love his wife, but the fact and the details are seldom of much interest to third parties. Being forced to read about it is even more tedious. Nevertheless, the beginning of this adventure is promising with a woman claiming to be a former student and producing a letter from her late father confessing to a murder. 0f course, nothing is as it seems. The plot is complicated and the author keeps the reader's attention, but in the end it is unbelievable.
Jon Talton's latest David Mapstone mystery probes the fraudulent practices often seen in Arizona real estate development, adding a corrupt county supervisor to the mix. That Mapstone is the sheriff's historian is apropos, as Talton is himself a considerable expert on Arizona history. This offering adds a previously unknown sister-in-law to Mapstone's life, and also causes him more than a few problems, during her stay with David and Lindsey. The sheriff, unconvinced, or unwilling to believe the corruption connection give Mapstone a deadline to come up with the evidence, and in the process of doing so, he and Lindsey find themselves facing heat much greater than that provided by the Phoenix summer. Two ice pick slayings, a body in a barrel, and a savagely murdered innocent youth keep the reader turning pages until Mapstone puts all the pieces together. This is a good read for mystery lovers, especially anyone familiar with Phoenix and vicinity.
A good mystery involving interesting characters including David's sister-in-law who brings a whole new personality to his personal life. Also enjoy learning about Arizona's past and present as described throughout the novel by this author.
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