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by Stuart MacBride

eBook Broken Skin epub
  • ISBN: 0007193181
  • Author: Stuart MacBride
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harper (2008)
  • Pages: 576 pages
  • ePUB size: 1712 kb
  • FB2 size 1744 kb
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But that’s not DS Logan McRae’s case: on top of everything else he has to deal with, Logan’s been.

But that’s not DS Logan McRae’s case: on top of everything else he has to deal with, Logan’s been lumbered with the blood-drenched body of an unidentified male, dumped outside Accident and Emergency. The trail leads to a hidden stash of pornography – all featuring the victim. It looks as if someone in Aberdeen’s bondage community has developed a taste for violent, brutal death.

Stuart MacBride is a Scottish writer, most famous for his crime thrillers set in the "Granite City" of Aberdeen and featuring Detective Sergeant Logan McRae. Stuart MacBride was born 27 February 1969 in Dumbarton, Scotland and raised in Aberdeen. His careers include scrubbing toilets offshore, graphic design, web design and IT/computer programming. He studied architecture at Heriot-Watt University.

Stuart MacBride Broken Skin SEX 1 Up ahead the woman stops. Читать онлайн Broken Skin. She stands on one leg under the streetlight, rubbing her ankle, as if she’s not used to wearing high heels. Number seven: a wee Torry quine on her way home after a night out on the pish, staggering along in her fuck-me heels and miniskirt, even though it’s February in Aberdeen and freezing cold. Upturned little nose.

STUART MACBRIDE BROKEN SKIN For Fiona (third time’s the charm) Without Who.

In writing Broken Skin I needed some pretty specialist information about the BDSM scene.

Author Stuart Macbride. Books by Stuart Macbride: The Missing And the Dead. 10 10. 10. Shatter the Bones.

When I read Stuart MacBride’s third Logan McRae novel, Broken Skin, I cringed every time I read a scene where DI Insch directed a bunch of misfits trying to stage this two-act classic comic opera.

Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride is the 3rd in the Logan McRae series and it didn’t seem a lot different to the first tw. This is the third book in the mystery/police procedurals written by Stuart MacBride.

Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride is the 3rd in the Logan McRae series and it didn’t seem a lot different to the first two. There were several cases running parallel in this novel and I did find it a little difficult to keep them separated.

Stuart MacBride is the N. bestselling author of the DS Logan McRae series. His novels have won him the CWA Dagger in the Library, the Barry Award for Best Debut Novel, and Best Breakthrough Author at the ITV3 crime thriller awards. Stuart's other works include Halfhead, a near-future thriller, Sawbones, a novella aimed at adult emergent readers, and several short stories.

Stuart macbride broken skin. third time's the charm). In writing Broken Skin I needed some pretty specialist information about the BDSM scene.

Book by MacBride, Stuart
Comments: (7)
I found this book through one of the Kindle e-mail deals and checked out the sample. Downloaded the book. Then decided I had to have it in the paper and ink format. Left it at my doctor's office and had to order another one, but oh my God, it's worth it! Anything I can do to keep this author writing more books. I've already ordered and received the second and third in the series, and am having to hold myself back from diving right in because I don't want to run out of Stuart MacBride books.

It can be pretty dark stuff, but the story is narrated with great style and the right amount of humor. I'm thrilled to have found a new author who is young enough to have plenty of stories left to tell. I'm a huge fan of Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Tana French and Robert Crais. Here is another author who has a gift for storytelling, for creating colorful and complex characters (I even liked the ones I didn't like!), and a suspenseful and gripping storyline. He paints a vivid picture of his settings - I could almost feel the cold winter and relentless rain in Aberdeen, Scotland as I read.

His main character has a pretty interesting back story that he fills in along the way - I almost felt like there was a first novel in the series that I had missed, but the pieces keep dropping into place as you read, and I found myself becoming more and more invested into him and with all the players. I'm looking forward to plenty more quality reading time with Mr. MacBride.
4.5 stars (rounded to 5 stars)

Hot Dog! I have myself another fabulous series to dig into. I love discovering these older series as there will be books waiting for me whenever I get the urge to revisit the characters. In addition, there is something about some of these more “vintage” novels that you do not see in books published today. Some sort of “IT” factor that is difficult to explain.

Cold Granite is the debut novel and a great start to Mr. McBride’s Logan McRae collection. The setting is Aberdeen, Scotland. What a totally miserable place. It’s like chapter 20 and STILL raining. At least it finally stops. When we reach December. Then it doesn’t stop snowing. I’ll say one thing though--Mr. McBride is such a creative guy that I could not help marveling at how many ways he is able to mesmerizingly describe the never-changing weather. He makes sure we never forget where we are and how wretched an environment it is. Made me feel cozy in my nice warm house with a steaming cup of coffee

DS McRae is coming off sick leave after being seriously wounded during his previous case. He’s supposed to be easing back in. Right. For the next 2 weeks, he does not get any time off as he chases down the suspects of multiple abductions and murders. Do we have a serial killer? Or are these crimes even related? The plot is fast moving and complex. It seemed like every time I thought I was starting to figure things out, yet another “event” would occur, messing up my thinking. This book totally engaged me with all that was going on.

The characters are very well written. Even all the potential baddies are well drawn, despite the reader not actually getting into their heads. Roadkill was my fave, along with Desperate Doug (what a loser). I loved the cops. McRae had my sympathy almost right off the bat. His two DI’s are a treat. DI Insch, who I wasn’t sure about at first, eventually won my affection. He’s a gruff guy, but has a good heart. His penchant for eating sugar-laden treats is very entertaining, especially to a sugar fan such as myself. I learned a lot about English confectionaries, many I would love to try myself; I feel bad they are not available to me here across the pond. Then there is DI Steel. Oh my. She doesn’t have a huge part in this story, but enough to intrigue me. I hope to see more of her tough stuff in future books. WPC Watson, assigned to drive McRae around, is a gem. Her nickname is Ball Breaker. Enough said. Oh, and Colin Miller, the hated (by his colleagues) crime investigator from the local newspaper--I loved seeing the evolution of his relationship with McRae.

The writing is top notch. Period.

I am thrilled to have finally discovered Stuart McBride. I was totally captivated by Cold Granite and look forward to reading more of this series. I rate this book 4.5 stars. I cannot help but round up to 5 stars despite the fact that gives me minimal room to award future books a higher rating. Oh well, it gets what it deserves. Needless to say, I highly recommend Cold Granite to all crime fiction/thriller fans.
McBride is a BORN writer. Everything flows, gathers, builds, concusses, RESOLVES. Great stories, Fun, complex -- but never too "showy" -- prose. Great, interesting, characters. Quirky, flawed, heroic, mentally ill, ethically driven. ALL of them deeply dedicated (even the killers). Although, with so many of them given one or more nicknames, it can be a tad difficult, chapter to chapter, to keep everyone straight. Minor difficulty. MUCH more importantly, this book feels like it's reading YOU! Flying by, knowing what you want to know, answering your questions at the exact best moment, with nothing superfluous or hammered home. Plausible, inevitable, satisfying, terrifying... "Cold Granite" holds you tight, refusing to be put down. SO glad it's a SERIES! As soon as I finish this inappropriately brief "review", I am on to book two. SO thrilled to have discovered a writer as truly, rarely talented as Stuart MacBride. And, thank you, Kindle, for making this book-a-month reader into a five-books-a-week reader! Making suggestions, recommendations, or simply providing me with a bunch of covers I can peruse, summations I can read, thus empowering me to make easy, inexpensive, spur of the moment, "What the heck?" choices. These impulsive "buys", more often than not, have proven worthy, indeed. And, finding many a self-published author, whom I'd otherwise never have considered, you are performing an indelible service! BUT, this ill' blurb is about Stuart MacBride, an author who is clearly breathing the right air, sitting on the right stone, spinning forth his stories to those of us eagerly gathered around him at the campfire.
As a big fan of the Rebus series and a lover of Scotland, I was looking forward to a new series of books in this genre. If you are squeamish, then this may not be the book for you. The plot revolves around investigations into the deaths of several young children and has a couple of particularly nasty story lines that do not make for pleasant reading. On the other hand, the banter between the main characters and the evocation of Aberdeen were highly enjoyable (the reviewer who complained about the frequent allusions to sweets and rain has not, I'm guessing, ever been to North-East Scotland). I will read the next book in the series and am hoping that the author does not feel the need to be overly creative about the murder scenarios. If you have read any Mo Hayder, you will know what I'm talking about.
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