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eBook Run to the Sun epub

by Robert Dave

eBook Run to the Sun epub
  • ISBN: 1882897595
  • Author: Robert Dave
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Lost Coast Press; 1 edition (January 1, 2001)
  • Pages: 370 pages
  • ePUB size: 1703 kb
  • FB2 size 1986 kb
  • Formats mobi docx mbr txt

Robert Dave takes us into a thrilling adventure. Every chapter is contagious, with so many surprises and turn of events, leaving you hungry for more until you reach the last page of the book.

Robert Dave takes us into a thrilling adventure. I can't remember being bored while reading.

Robert Dave's RUN TO THE SUN hooks you with great characters. and - wham! - spins you around with a surprise finish that combines adrenaline-rush excitement with deep emotional satisfaction.

Robert Dave is a clinical and forensic psychologist practicing in the State of Hawaii

Robert Dave is a clinical and forensic psychologist practicing in the State of Hawaii. Listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers (1999), he currently heads the Psychosocial Education Department at Punahou School in Honolulu, and is a former faculty member of the University of Hawaii, Manoa and California State University, Chico. The author is married and lives in a blended family with five children ranging in age from eight to twenty-three. He enjoys running, body surfing, kayaking, traveling, and photography.

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Race to the Sun is a stand-alone book written by Rebecca Roanhorse and published under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint that will focus on Navajo, or Diné, myths. It tells the story of a seventh-grade girl named Nizhoni Begay and her brother who, aided by various Navajo gods disguised as relatives, must stay one step ahead of a shape-shifting monster as they follow in the footsteps of the legendary Hero Twins to save their family.

Psychologist Michael Santorini is on the lam, framed for a crime he didn't commit. Desperate and resolute in his pursuit of vindication, he discovers the inescapable: freedom will come only if he can blaze a death-defying trail through an uncharted frontier of psychology. Lured by the echoes of history trapped in his briefcase, risking all on his ability to make sense of them before time runs out, Santorini's Run to the Sun is the odyssey of an ordinary man transformed by extraordinary experience.
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Robert Dave's RUN TO THE SUN hooks you with great characters...sweeps you along on a cascade of startlingly original plot twists...lifts you up with the great, classic themes of love, loyalty, and justice...and -- wham! -- spins you around with a surprise finish that combines adrenaline-rush excitement with deep emotional satisfaction. I raced through the entire novel in one long, breathless read; no doubt many others will run the story's fast-paced gauntlet just as breathlessly.
Dave's protagonist, Dr. Michael Santorini, is a brilliant yet unassuming Hawaii-based psychologist. The vulnerably adoring father of two, Santorini is a man you can care about -- and cheer for. From the exciting courtroom-battle setpiece that launches the action, to the grueling Far West mountain trek that eventually uncovers a long-hidden, bloody secret, Santorini gets knocked down more than once. But he always comes up fighting and, even more impressively, he retains a full range of tenderness and depth of sensitivity.
At first Santorini is "merely" determined to win back his young children from a corrupt system. But when his estranged ex-wife is murdered...and Santorini is the chief suspect...he finds hs world spinning out of control. Not only is the law gunning for him; Santorini also finds himself caught up in the sinister machinations of an evil, overseas military-industrial complex. Before he can reclaim his life, the fugitive doctor will be tested physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ultimately even spiritually. What makes Robert Dave's central character so appealing is not merely his courage and resourcefulness; those are qualities we expect from every thriller hero. Santorini's real charisma grows from the fact that this obviously accomplished, capable man is nevertheless perpetually willing to learn, change, and grow on every level.
Like its hero, RUN TO THE SUN is a novel with a lot on its mind. The fascintating plot touches on everything from the creation mythology of Latin American Indians, to the dazzling potential for hi-tech brainwave research...from restoring the besmirched honor of a famed hero of early American history, to exposing the complacent sexism that perverts too many of today's U.S. child-custody rulings. Blending imaginative (yet logical) scientific speculation with furiously passionate, street-gritty social reporting, RUN TO THE SUN is part Hitchcock and part Heinline, with a garnish of Grisham and a trace of B. Traven. In the end, though, it's all Robert Dave: a writer who can heighten the pulse, intrigue the intellect, and tug the heartstrings with equal skill. RUN TO THE "BUY" BUTTON and order your copy now!
Marcus Webb Senior VP & Editorial Director INSIDEDVD, Versatile Media One Altadena, California
I bought this book based on other reviewers notes...oh well...lesson learned. While the premise was a little interesting the characters after being developed in the first half of the novel then disappeared for the second half. Further, the rip off of the Nicole Simpson murder, exchange a knife wielding lunatic for a gun wielding one, was pretty contrite. The dialogue was terrifying except for the courtroom scenes in which Farley destroys the expert witness, Large Marge. This was the only redeeming few pages in an otherwise dismal journeyman effort. The strangeness of the plot...why was Santorini experiencing weird out of body experiences without wearing the device?...coupled with Nazi's, Guarani Indians, Alfredo Stroessner and Lewis and Clark made this story so unconnected and bizarre that I felt that it was a high school project gone awry.

A true waste of money.
...thank goddess I was totally wrong! I work in a 24-hour office, usually on a very slow night shift, so I read a lot of books to pass the time. I've devoured dozens of books in the past year, some good and some frankly reeking. I've read books by first time authors and although I try really hard to find something good to see in their work, I usually don't see a degree of absolute perfection and tightness in freshman efforts such as this one. I about laughed out loud when he describes the workplace of the hero, seeing as I work across the street from that building! So as you see, I'm familiar with his Honolulu setting, which is impeccable. I've also read lots of suspense and thriller novels. I would read Dave` before I read Koontz or King, hands down. The pace is quite fast, and best of all the dialogue is not only believable, it's so hilarious I had to reassure my bewildered coworker (who had not read it yet) that I wasn't going totally insane. Multiple times I had to do that, really. I think the only thing I would say against it is that we really don't need to know the exact details of a french kiss. But hey, he's a man so it's par for the course. Bottom line: this is a must-read if you are into conspiracies, historic mystery, and weird science.
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