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eBook Going Wrong (Eagle Large Print) epub

by Ruth Rendell

eBook Going Wrong (Eagle Large Print) epub
  • ISBN: 0792708210
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: John Curley & Assoc (January 1, 1992)
  • Pages: 302 pages
  • ePUB size: 1508 kb
  • FB2 size 1254 kb
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From a New York Times–bestselling author: A chilling psychological thriller about one man’s murderous obsession with his childhood sweetheart. Growing up in the roughest part of London, Guy Curran never imagined he would fall in love with a rich girl.

Rendell is the author of more than sixty bestselling novels. She began working as a reporter at a suburban newspaper after she completed high school.

In Rendell's evocative portrayal of West London, the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart. Rendell is the author of more than sixty bestselling novels.

Going Wrong by Ruth Rendell .In Rendell's evocative portrayal of West London, the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart. When these two worlds collide, the repercussions are fatal.

Going Wrong (1990) is a novel by English crime writer Ruth Rendell. An intense psychological thriller, its main theme is the nature of romantic obsession. When he was a young man, Guy Curran led a local street gang and dealt drugs before falling madly in love with Leonora Chisholm, a much more middle-class teenager whose society minded parents naturally disapproved of him.

Book by Rendell, Ruth
Comments: (7)
Rendell is one of my favorite authors, and I am overjoyed that Amazon's Kindle store keeps adding more and more of this writer's classic mysteries. GOING WRONG is a powerful suspense novel that narrates a story of a man's obsession with his former girlfriend.

Guy, who made his fortune through all kinds of criminal activities, is obsessed with his childhood girlfriend Leonora. GOING WRONG traces in the most minute and stunningly realistic detail imaginable the progression of a stalker's descent into insanity and the unhealthy dynamic of his relationship with his - I cannot possibly say 'victim' in this case - fully participating enabler. Guy and Leonora haven't been romantically involved for years, yet they continue a decidedly unhealthy relationship that distorts reality for both of them and that can only lead to tragedy.

Rendell knows how to make you see the world through the eyes of a disturbed individual. GOING WRONG continues the great tradition she started in her award-winning A Demon in My View of depicting how unstable the human psyche can be. This is a novel of psychological suspense, not a police procedural. It is very different from Rendell's Inspector Wexford series which in no way detracts from the value of this outstanding novel.
Things started going wrong for Guy and Leonora some time ago. His obsession with her verges on madness as he assumes she loves him as much as he loves her. Even when she tells him she is to be married, he doesn't believe her. Convinced her family and friends have turned him against her, her hires a hit man to kill her brother.

Childhood sweethearts, Guy is sure that Leonora would never choose another man over him, and this fixation makes it impossible to enjoy the good things in his life. The tension mounts as his madness increases until the reader begins to fear for the safety of all those around Leonora.
I'm a big Ruth Rendell fan and have read this book twice. My favourites are her stand-alone Ruth Rendell novels, not the Detective Wexford or Babara Vine books. In my opinion, in the stand-alone novels, such as "Going Wrong," she reached the height of her macabre sense of irony and truly over the top, but very believable villains. Guy, the main character here, is a vivid example, so intense and obsessed that he cannot maintain his connection to reality. Yet his obsession with Leonora, like so many obsessions with a past lover, seems so real. This book gives new meaning to unrequited love.The ending is amazing, both for its twisted irony and Rendell's ability to hold off until the very last possible point in the book. Rendell had a wonderfully deviant mind and although she left many gems, her penchant for crime will be missed.
I was kind of disappointed in this book, given my love for the writing of Ruth Rendell. It is the story of Guy Curran, a former drug dealer/street hood who gives up the thug life after giving LSD to a man who dies after taking it. Guy does not quit that life before amassing a fortune, however.
He carries a torch for Leonora who was his girlfriend when she was a child but who is now engaged to another man. Leonora does, however, allow Guy to meet her for lunch every Saturday and she strings him along in other ways, as well. The book has a large cast of unlikeable characters and seems to plod on and on without actually arriving anywhere. The ending is ironic but not terribly surprising.
Rendell still has a way with words and does the best she can to keep the story moving so I stuck with it until the bitter end.
Well, I can't add much more to all the other "meh" reviews. Like those reviewers, I found the two main characters uninteresting and not believable. There were also too many secondary characters, none of whom stood out in any way--I quickly lost track of who was who. And I never felt that Leonora was leading Guy on because the writer didn't give us enough of her character to be able to gauge her motivation. Rendell did a much better job creating this type of duo in "A Sight for Sore Eyes." You really understood the motivations of the obsessed pursuer, Teddy, and also those of the pursued, Francine. Unfortunately, Rendell dropped the ball with "Going Wrong."
It's so easy
British author, Ruth Rendell, is, undoubtedly, the doyenne of psychological suspense, painting subtle portraits of offbeat, quirky characters that are just a tad off the beaten path. Delving into their psyches, she draws the reader into the slightly skewed world that they inhabit. Their world then becomes that of the reader, as the author weaves a tapestry of a world that is just a bit awry, deftly letting the reader know that something is wrong, so very wrong.

The author does no less in this well-written novel, as she leads the reader into the mind and world of Guy Curran, a handsome, young man from the slums who has led a hard scrabble life, elevating himself from the bowels of poverty by dint of his own hard work and acquiring great wealth in the process . Unfortunately for him, that hard work included some less than reputable dealings in the drug trade, which provided the capital for his now legitimate businesses.

For years, Guy has been obsessively in love with Leonora Chisholm, an upper class miss who, after years of being his reluctant childhood sweetheart, has rejected him and all the trappings of wealth and comfort he has to offer her. She prefers to live in genteel poverty with her friends, while acquiring a new boyfriend whom her family and friends like. Guy is convinced some of his past, shady dealings have come to the attention of someone in Leonora's family or inner circle. He believes that that individual has persuaded Leonora to turn away from him.

Now, who would go and do such a thing? Read this well-written book and join Guy in the process of eliminating the likely suspect in this twisted tale of obsessive love.
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