by Donald Harstad

  • ISBN: 1857029747
  • Author: Donald Harstad
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Fourth Estate; paperback / softback edition (1999)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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Читать онлайн Known Dead. ’ Known dea. didn’t know how else to put it myself. The term just sort of offended me, with the implications of body counts and things.

Читать онлайн Known Dead. One. My name is Carl Houseman. Like they wouldn’t count, somehow, until they were known. We’d also been briefing various investigative people as they showed up, and picking up items from our cars down on the road.

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Donald Harstad's Eleven Days was called "a hell of a first novel" by Michael Connelly and "truly frightening" by the San Francisco Chronicle.

As I was backing up, I thought about the People’s Court. I passed the sign, warning all to stay away. It was almost a billboard, being about eight feet by eight feet, white, with black lettering l maintained too. Stupid bastar. Stupid bastards. But to kill over an Original Notice? Hard to believe. Several of the state TAC team officers had arrived, ready to go. They were being held back by the district lieutenant, who was waiting confirmation from the captain. Two of our people were there, Eddie and Tom Meierhoff

Donald Harstad is an American novelist and former police officer specializing in crime fiction and police procedurals.

Donald Harstad is an American novelist and former police officer specializing in crime fiction and police procedurals. Prior to taking up writing, he had a 26-year career with the Sheriff's Department of Clayton County, Iowa, retiring as a Deputy Sheriff. His first novel, Eleven Days, was loosely based on a case he worked on during that time, and he is known for drawing on his career in law enforcement for details of police and investigative procedure.

In a rural part of Nation County the body of a dead male is discovered in a ditch, one gunshot wound to the head. A routine investigation for Carl Houseman and his team, perhaps. Except strangely there is no way of identifying him: no fingerprint records, no dental records, nothing.

Title: Known Dead: A Novel (Carl Houseman) Author(s): Donald Harstad ISBN: 0-553-58095-7 .

Donald Harstad was an Iowa deputy sheriff for 26 years, and only retired so that he could pursue his passion for writing. A routine surveillance of a marijuana patch in a state park in Nation County, Iowa, suddenly turns into a shoot-out, resulting in one police officer and an old doper dead. The second police procedural thriller by the author of "Eleven Days".

The patch itself was located some distance from the road, in a little valley. I’d never been there, but I knew the general location.

One. I’m a deputy sheriff in Nation County, Iowa. I’m also the department’s senior investigator, and senior officer, to boot. I’m getting a little sensitive about senior and elder being interchangeable terms. I turned fifty, recently. The patch itself was located some distance from the road, in a little valley. I’d done surveillance on patches in the past, and was very glad not to have to do this one. It was hot, it was dull, and it was seldom successful.

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Comments: (7)
Well, that's annoying. I'm supposed to choose between "predictable" "some twists" and "Full of surprises" -- as if those were the only reasons to read a book. Okay, so I clicked on "full of surprises", even though it isn't, especially. What the book is full of -- what any of Harstad's books are full of -- is solid, likable realistic characters, unique plots, and the kind of insider observations that only an author who has worked in the same field as his protagonist can write.

Donald Harstad is one of my favorite authors. I've been seeking out his books for years, for all of those reasons. I've read all of his books, most of them twice, a few three times, but always in paperback. I'm delighted to see they are now appearing as eBooks -- I'll buy them again, happily.

With one of Harstad's books, you know you're going to have several hours of pure reading pleasure. Admittedly, in this book, Harstad spends a little bit more time (and pages) on the intricacies of ballistics, most of which went over my head because I just wasn't interested enough to really focus on it. But that didn't matter -- I got the resolution just fine, and with just as much enjoyment.
Above-average police procedural that takes place in NE Iowa, involving several different law enforcement agencies. When a stakeout goes horribly wrong and people die, Deputy Carl Houseman is thrust into the middle of something that he couldn't have been prepared for. Drug runners, weapons caches, international and domestic terrorists, and even local citizens all become part of this web of conspiracy and intrigue. Decent character development and several big twists help the story get through a moderately slow pace. The story starts off with a bang and the ending is quite exciting, but throughout the body of the book it becomes very dry and tends to drag on in places. Repetitive descriptions of the suspects become tiresome. Lots to like about this book, but there's also enough things that prevent a higher rating. The ending is satisfactory, but leaves a few too many cliffhangers for the next book. Somewhere between three and four stars.
This was my first book by Donald Harstad but it won't be my last. He did and excellent job. I really liked the character of Carl Houseman. He is a really good lawman. Does not matter how many hours it takes or how hard the work he will continue until he finds what he is looking for. Other have described in detail the story so I won't go there. I will say you will be made to feel like you are part of the team, that you are there when things are going on, you can actually see in your mind what is happening. I thought some of the "talking pages" I call them were a little long but otherwise it was a very good book. No a bunch of curse words or a bunch of sex, just plain good police work.
I've just discovered this series and was pleasantly surprised. The writing was well-done, the plotting was intricate enough to keep you guessing, and the pace was brisk. The series is centered on crime-stopping in a small Midwestern town, but the specific cases are serious enough to garner attention from state and federal authorities as well, setting up both conflict and cooperation, and highlighting the frequent need for more resources for law enforcement. I'be read several of the Houseman books and intend to continue through the series.
I would have liked to give this 4.5 stars. I thought the 'police report' format that a few reviews complained about very effective. The characters are good, the humor entertaining and the plot spellbinding. My only problem the the myriad of characters from Federal and state agencies that were difficult to keep straight, but I imagine that is a problem in real life as well. I liked the fact that the relationships with the other agencies is not all black and white.
Watching the nightly news and reading the occasional newspaper, I haven't heard of any terrorists or militia groups running through the cornstalks in Iowa, but who can say it couldn't happen.

Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman and his tiny band of law enforcement officers are busy keeping rural Iowa safe when they stumble on a group of marijuana farmers protecting their crops with some heavy duty weaponry.

Harstad's character, Deputy Houseman, is a likable, good old boy with a quirky sense of humor. It's a pleasure to ride through rural Nation County Iowa with Carl, listening to his 10-code radio transmissions and crouching behind any available tree when the automatic weapon's fire starts popping all around. Fast paced and fun.
Hard to put down! Nice mix of believable story and easy to like characters. Two read ready for the next!
When you start a job or investigation you hope it will be simple and end well. Neither was the case in this fast paced story!
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