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eBook Degunking Your Mac epub

by Joli Ballew

eBook Degunking Your Mac epub
  • ISBN: 1932111948
  • Author: Joli Ballew
  • Genre: Techno
  • Subcategory: Hardware & DIY
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Paraglyph Press; First Thus edition (June 2004)
  • Pages: 320 pages
  • ePUB size: 1872 kb
  • FB2 size 1111 kb
  • Formats mbr doc rtf docx

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Degunking Your Mac book. Joli Ballew is a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Desktop Experience, a technology trainer, and writer in the Dallas area

Degunking Your Mac book. Joli Ballew is a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Desktop Experience, a technology trainer, and writer in the Dallas area. She holds several certifications including MCSE, A+, MCDST, and MCTS: Project 2007 and Windows 7 Configuring.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Restore your Windows 7 PC to peak performance! Degunking Windows 7 is the fast, affordable way to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently.

Published June 2004 by Paraglyph.

Degunking Your Mac. Close. Published June 2004 by Paraglyph.

This book is a huge time-saver because it's organized according to the proven twelve-step degunking process that made the Degunking Series popular around the world.

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Degunking Your Mac covers the latest operating system (OS X Panther) and earlier versions, including OS 9. It provides the essential tips and tricks to help all Mac users bring their computers up to top performance. This book is a huge time saver because it's organized according to the special twelve-step degunking process that will improve the performance of any Mac. The book includes a handy degunking chart that will help users really focus on what they need to do to clean their Macs. All of the crucial degunking tips and tricks are in the book, including how to degunk Macs that run dual operating systems, how to better manage hard drives that get gunked up with all types of media files, how to properly optimize the desktop, how to manage fonts properly and get rid of unneeded ""font gunk,"" how to properly get rid of the extra stuff that OS X installs, how best to deal with spam, how to fix and improve the Dock and Desktop, and much more. The book provides proven degunking maintenance tasks that users should perform on a regular basis to keep their Macs running at optimum levels. Mac users really need this book because it will help them get organized (and stay organized), optimize their workspace, solve clutter problems, and keep their Macs running fast and smoothly.

Comments: (7)
I reviewed a previous edition about a year ago. It was pretty good, but I thought some of the degunking advice/suggestions/techniques were a bit odd. I gave the book to a non-technical family member, who loved it. She passed it on to another family member who also loved it. I lost track of it after that.

So, looking at the book through a non-technical lens, this is a great book to help keep your Mac up and running smoothly. There is lots of good advice around the various features and applications you would normally use. For example; How to keep email spam to a minimum; How to find extra disk space if you're running low; How to keep the Dashboard cleaned up. This book also serves as a great way to explore and understand the various features provided by your Mac and the included applications. It also suggests quite a few 3rd party applications (free or relatively inexpensive) to assist you with the "degunking" tasks.

I guess to sum it up; this isn't exactly for the Slashdot crowd. However, if you're a new Mac user, a home user, or a non-technical user (i.e. no one politely refers to you as a computer geek) this should at least be on your "flip-through-it-at-the-book-store" list. For me, I will be sending it off to a family member. Based on prior experience, they're going to love it.
There are plenty of books and television shows on keeping your home, life, etc organized, why not a book on how to keep your Mac organized? That's exactly what this book sets out to do. While quite a bit of the information could be categorized as common sense, there are still a lot of useful tips and suggestions that will help you "degunk".
The author points out that a lot of the ideas behind keeping your computer "gunk-free" have less to do with technology and more to do with psychology. I.e. You have to want to keep your computer "degunked". The basic idea is this: a well organized Mac runs better and faster than one full of "gunk".
There are great suggestions on how to free up disk space, how to deal with spam, and why or when to add hardware. However, the text occasionally seems to lack a bit of polish and a few suggestions seemed a touch odd to me. For example, the suggestion, "If you use an iPod regularly, create a folder on your desktop (or an alias to your Music or iTunes folder) so that you can access those files quickly."
Overall, the book is a great idea - with plenty of room for future editions to build on the "degunking" process. If you are looking for ideas to help you organize and "degunk" your Mac, I'd definitely give it a look.
I have not read this book, however I do read reviews to help me decide whether to buy, and I feel compelled to temper another reviewer's one-star review by pointing out errors in the review itself.

Steve Scholnick's review states that Mac OS X uses a file's resource fork rather than its filename extension to determine what application to use to open a file. While this used to be true, filename extensions are now relied on to determine the opening application. Mac OS X does have the ability to HIDE filename extensions, which may make it seem that they are not necessary, but they are. (Try sending a file without a visible filename extension as an email attachment to a Windows or another Mac OS X user and ask them what happens).

He also states that CuteFTP is a Windows-only FTP client. Actually, a quick check of a Macintosh shareware website reveals that a Mac version has been available since 2003.

His final comment about there not being the need to run defragmenting software against a Mac OS X hard drive is correct. Mac OS X has defrag routines built in that run in the background and when new software is installed.

I wish I could submit this review without a rating, since I haven't read the book. I'll give it three stars, being the closest thing to a neutral rating as I can manage.
If you are having troubles with a slow Mac, you are finding your Macintosh is file system unmanageable, or are having virus problems then you will want to take a look at this book. The book is filled with practical, introductory level, advice for how to clean, and more importantly, organize and maintain your Macintosh. There are lots of good suggestions. Even if you think you know the Mac well you will likely find some references to applications and extensions you haven't seen before.

I recommend this book for anyone using the Mac full time. The content is unique and the advice is practical. Though I would certainly look the table of contents over to make sure that you will get enough out of it to justify the purchase.
I liked the first edition and there is a lot more to find in this book. In fact I would say that this book has easily doubled in size. New topics include Dashboard and Spotlight. But the original material about killing spam, optimizing your applications, getting the garbage off your drive and many others remain. There is even material about cleaning up your iPod.

An excellent resource for any full-time Macintosh user.
My new iBook G4 is already gunked up, so I am finding the book a treasure trove of help! The book's beginning pages I found long and redundant; I just wanted to get on with the degunking. The most important message for me at the start was to degunk in the order the book outlines. It has taught me much about what unnecessary items (for me) come loaded onto the Mac at purchase, i.e., foreign languages & fonts I can't use. As a long-time Mac user, I feel qualified to highly recommend the book for its orderly presentation, user friendliness and practical matters. In fact, I'll try to go through it again over time to see what else might have sneaked into my Mac.

M. Thoelecke
OS 10.4 seeks to be all things to all men, thus it contains many MB of no possible use to most users. It needs to include a purging program to remove trash. Fonts in foreign languages, translations (how many people in the US want to convert classical Chinese to simplified Chinesw), printer drivers for printers that the user doesn't have consume a great deal of space. This book needs to be far more aggressive.
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