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eBook Data Structures Using C epub

by Aaron M. Tenenbaum

eBook Data Structures Using C epub
  • ISBN: 0131997467
  • Author: Aaron M. Tenenbaum
  • Genre: Techno
  • Subcategory: Programming
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall; Facsimile edition (December 11, 1989)
  • Pages: 662 pages
  • ePUB size: 1858 kb
  • FB2 size 1888 kb
  • Formats doc txt docx mobi

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Estructura de Datos En C.

Data structures using . elping readers build efficient c data structures, this handbook explains how to apply data structures to enhance program execution. With a strong emphasis on structured design and programming techniques, it features. Estructura de Datos En C. Aaron M. Tenenbaum. Data Structures Using Java. Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J. Augenstein, Aaron M. Data Structures Using PASCAL.

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nice book for data structure using . Data structures using C and C++ Yedidyah Langsam,Moshe Augenstein,Aaron M. Tenenbaum Snippet view - 1996.

Data structures using C and C++ Yedidyah Langsam,Moshe Augenstein,Aaron M. Data Structures Using Java Yedidyah Langsam,Moshe Augenstein,Aaron M. Tenenbaum Snippet view - 2003. View all . Bibliographic information. Data Structures Using C.

For CS2 course in advanced programming or data structures in C. show more.

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Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Tenenbaum, Aaron M. Other Authors. Augenstein, Moshe, 1947-. Langsam, Yedidyah, 1952-. Englewood Cliffs, . Prentice Hall, c1990.

Find nearly any book by Aaron M Tenenbaum. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Data Structures Using . ISBN 9780132004114 (978-0-13-200411-4) Softcover, Prentice-Hall, 1990. Data Structures Using C: ISBN 9780131997462 (978-0-13-199746-2) Hardcover, Prentice Hall, 1989.

Using the increasingly popular C language, this book teaches data structures from their theoretical conception through to their concrete realizations. It emphasizes structured design and programming techniques, and contains numerous debugged programming samples. For CS2 course in advanced programming or data structures in C.

Comments: (7)
For starters, I'm sorry for any possible mistake here. English isn't my mother tongue.

I know about this book for a long time already and I think it should be mandatory for any computer related course in data structures using C. For those using C programming language in a daily basis, it's a must read.

Not all students understands the concepts and ideas covered in this book because it's difficult the very concepts it covers. So it is not the book fault. And if you did not paid proper attention to programming in a general way and if you were lazy with your introdutory course in computer programming language with C, you will think it's not for an undergraduate student. But, it actually is (for a first year, second semester or equivalent) and teaches you A LOT of stuff.

I like "Data Structures Using C" because it covers, in the very proper way, everything you need to know about data structures using the C programming language as a way to describe it without making you wait for content or without deceiving you for not having content. It's very clear in its explanations.
I usually tell others that old books are the best, considering any topic. Why? It's easy to publish anything these days - it's a bad and good thing at the same time.

The content is oriented in classic way, which can be described in terms of this book as follows: introduces to the concepts of computer machine code (only mentions some Assembly code - nothing to worry about) to cover the topics involving the particular data types and other basics of the C language and how they work. Only after that the called "structures", like sort functions and linked lists, will be presented. But it's not so detailed to the point to make you suffocate or drown implementing of, for example, the concept of string in it's best way. The book shows you manners of doing these things in few pages to make you understand how things, like B trees, works and how to implement using previous concepts of basic things present in the language or in it's basic libraries.

Other products offers the topics covered in different ways: some show you the basics of programming with C (or other languages) and after that, some knowledge towards data structures using C (or the language provided). Others explain in a general way the concepts involving data structures not so language dependent (in fact, this book does it, but covers the code in C). I recommend you having one copy that teaches you in the language you need and one copy that abranges a general way too. And this book is a must for C programmers.
Note that all books you see nowadays probably has its roots in "Data Structures Using C". I bet with you. And the same is applied with "C Programming Language" from K&R as a basic book .

The book has hard cover (my version) and a great quality paper for its pages. It's durable I guess. Well.. It's a new copy of a book published in 1990 and that isn't even published anymore. So, it's very durable.
It's very comfortable to read since you do not need to hold the pages for reading - just open the book and (easily) flip the page if necessary. And it's not weighty as appears to be.

I'm recommending this book for someone that really want to learn data structures in the ways of C programming language. You just need to know the basics of C - the K&R book covers the basics in the best way I think there is today, but you can use other books or even primes for that.

Remember: it's not an introdutory book for programming with C. It's a book for those that already know the basics: functions, variables, pointers, basic libraries, conditionals, loops..

I'm giving it 5 stars because there is no way to rate it like 4.5~4.9 stars. There is, in fact, some errors concerning the C code provided. And there is some code not in conformance with today standards like C11. Well, it's an old book so there is nothing we can do about it. But it's only few things and should not be a problem for a person paying attention and that knows C.

Buy it if you find a copy - new or used. I recommend.
Do not be fooled by the date on this book, it is a very great deal and packed full of very useful information. This is not a beginners book by any means and the book naturally assumes that the reader already has a decent background in C. I would rate this as a must read for anyone who has already has a background in C and would like to know more, or people like me who are CS majors (since you will have to take a class on data structures).
I am a graduate student in computer science, and I know this book is the right thing for me.

This is a great book for people who are serious about learning data structure around the machine level (unless you want to do all these things in assembly). This book gives you the proper abstraction of data structures and basic algorithms, and what you will get is not just data structures, but also how they work around machine level.

The algorithm mentioned in this book is not that deep. You should not expect this book giving you deep information about algorithm, though I was hoping to learn some algorithm from it at the beginning.

To other readers: if you want to maximize the potential of this book, you MUST know C first, and fairly well at it, before you read this book. This book is not a tutorial about C, instead it just uses C as a tool to show how you can implement data structures. If you are not good at C when you read this book, you will be in pain.

Compare with many other books that uses C++, Java, or C#, the benefit of this book is that you are going to learn implement data structure from zero, which means you have no other pre-written "class" to inherit or other interface to implement. You will get the whole picture of data structure from this book.
A good book for practical programming in data structures. Decent amount of problems with no answers.

I studied with this and Data Structures... from Aho and company. This last book which is a bit more theorical.
net rider
Excellent book, full of code and best of all, full with good examples; very important in this topic that is often cover merely as ADT. Stacks, queues, list, trees, everything is covered here. The chapter about trees is specially detailed, and topics like sorting and searching are covered in a separated chapter. I lost mine some time ago, and I did not hesitate to buy it again.
I found this book easy to read and the codes are explain in details. I recomend this book for those who are learning data structures.

The only bad thing is that this book is a little outdated.
I was skimming through the book and I realised that this is more or less a text book. Great to start from the scratch. But does not help when you have to learn data structures in a short time. I was expecting that it will give a jump start for me. But a very good 'text book'. Could have been more problem oriented.
terrible book to learn from, awful examples and explanations are given to you by the authors so if you can get a better text book for examples
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