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eBook Mummy Secrets Uncovered (Bizarre Science) epub

by Ron Knapp

eBook Mummy Secrets Uncovered (Bizarre Science) epub
  • ISBN: 0766036707
  • Author: Ron Knapp
  • Genre: Teens
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Enslow Pub Inc (March 1, 2011)
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Mummy Secrets Uncovered book. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

Mummy Secrets Uncovered book.

48 pages : 24 cm. Examines mummies, including how a mummy is formed, a history of mummies, and examples of mummies from around the world, such as King Tut, Tollund Man, and the Ice Maiden. Includes bibliographical references (page 47) and index. The Iceman - Bodies that don't decay - King Tut - Victims of Vesuvius - Tollund man - The Ice Man.

24 April 2016 ·. A Mummy Was Found In Mongolia 'Wearing Adidas' And People Think It's Proof Of Time Travel.

Simple & Amazing Science Facts To Blow Your Mind. 24 April 2016 ·. 1,500-Year-Old Mummy Found Wearing ADIDAS Boots And Everyone Is Freaking Out.

The mummified remains of what appears to be a carnivorous mammal were discovered encased in the sandy sediment at the diamond mine in Udachny, 1,160 miles north west of Yakutsk in Russia. Miners who found the strange creature have been baffled by it, describing it as a ‘monster mummy’. The weird 'monster mummy' has been found in Siberia by diamond miners, who have been left baffled by what it could be. The quest to clone the woolly mammoth.

The Bible's Buried Secrets" is a Nova program that first aired on PBS, on November 18, 2008.

Scanners unravel mummies' secrets Jump to media player The British Museum has carried out scans on eight . Each mummy was put into a state-of-the-art CT scanner, allowing the scientists to tell their age, what they ate, the diseases they suffered from, and how they died.

Scanners unravel mummies' secrets Jump to media player The British Museum has carried out scans on eight Egyptian mummies, revealing unprecedented details about these people, how they lived and how they died.

Archaeologists in Egypt have found an extremely rare tomb containing a preserved mummy and numerous artifacts, which date back to a period which predates the First Pharaonic Dynasty, according to a report by the Agence France Presse (AFP). The Pre-dynastic Period of Ancient Egypt (prior to 3,100 BC) is traditionally the period between the Early Neolithic and the beginning of the Pharaonic monarchy beginning with the rule of King Narmer, the founder of the First Dynasty who unified Upper and Lower Egypt.

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How does a dead body become a mummy? Can you see a woman’s tattoos after she has been buried for 2,500 years? Can we find out what games a young king played 3,000 years ago by searching his tomb? When scientists uncover a mummy buried in the snow or in a tomb in Egypt, it is amazing what information can be revealed. With updated text about King Tut, the Iceman, and more, read MUMMY SECRETS UNCOVERED to unlock the secrets of mummies and explore how they were preserved and what we can learn about their ancient cultures.
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very interesting book with lots of pictures! It's a great book for kids to learn about mummies. It's enjoyable for adults too.
Mummy Secrets Uncovered by Ron Knapp (Bizarre Science series) 978-1-59845-222-8

Six chapters provide information about different types of mummies in this slim volume. The chapters include: The Iceman, Bodies That Don’t Decay, King Tut, Victims of Vesuvius, Tolland Man, and The Ice Maiden. Some of the bodies were accidentally mummified due to certain conditions, while others were purposefully preserved for their journey to the afterlife.

The reader is given a snapshot of each individual’s life and culture as well as how each mummy was discovered. Illustrations also accompany each story; some are close-up photos which show details such as dried eyeballs, tattooed skin, or facial hair. These illustrations are gruesome, yet fascinating.

Each chapter cites its sources which are included in the chapter notes in the back of the book. The book concludes with a brief glossary of terms, further reading and internet addresses, and an index.

This book serves as a good introduction to different types of mummies and may motivate young readers to learn more about mummies in general or delve deeper into the stories behind the specific mummies profiled.

Complimentary copy for review provided by Enslow Publishers.
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