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eBook Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism epub

by Georgia Byng

eBook Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism epub
  • ISBN: 0330399853
  • Author: Georgia Byng
  • Genre: Teens
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pan MacMillan; Reprint edition (April 30, 2003)
  • Pages: 336 pages
  • ePUB size: 1461 kb
  • FB2 size 1805 kb
  • Formats lit docx lrf doc

A debut novel from an exciting new children's author that was greeted with unprecedented press coverage on its 2002 hardback publication. Molly Moon is an orphan who lives in a miserable home run by hairy-faced Miss Adderstone, who makes her clean the toilets with her toothbrush. But when she finds a mysterious book on hypnotism, Molly discovers her extraordinary talent. Soon she's hypnotised the cook to serve up fabulous meals and instructed Miss Adderstone to wear a pair of knickers on her head. Before long she's flying to New York where she hypnotises her way to stardom on Broadway. But hot on Molly's trail is sinister Professor Nockman, who's determined to use her unique powers to stage a spectacular bank robbery...
Comments: (7)
An amusing story. Molly develops over the course of the story and she is a believable, warm and funny lead character. Besides it has got a pug in it, so what is not to like? Well, too many times the story is too predictable/convenient for an adult reader. I am sure young readers will have more fun with the books and are perhaps more forgiving of faults with pacing and the way most characters aren't well developed. Plot twists feel like cop-outs to resolve a situation. Still worth your time as it is generally well written, hypnotism is a fun concept to explore (as opposed to magic) and Molly's infatuation with advertisements is quite funny. So that's 3 stars, mainly because I am a grumpy old man and I expected a bit more depth.
Poor Molly Moon feels rejected, different, and lonely at a strict, small town orphanage in England. She often makes mistakes which render her as a frequent target of discipline from the head administrator, Mrs. Adderstone. Molly decides to do something about her situation when she finds a book which teaches her how to become important by hypnotizing people. Her first target is Mrs. Adderstone's mean pug, Petula, who is only mean because her tummy hurts from being fed chocolate chip cookies instead of healthy dog food. Through hypnotism, Petula changes her eating habits and becomes Molly's best friend. The story takes you on a series of adventures that has you rooting for Molly and her pug, Petula. In the end, Molly learns that tricking people into liking her through hypnotism is not the answer to her problems. She learns to be herself and wins the respect of all those who she once considered to be her enemies.
Fantastic book just to read, but an amazing book for teachers to use in the classroom as a read aloud. The author writes this story in a way that almost any comprehension skill can be clearly taught again and again all the way through the book. Character traits are clear, and they show an evolution of each characters emotion and action. There is vivid visualization of places, events, and situations, as well as, cause and effect, prediction/drawing conclusions, author's purpose,etc. All the core reading skills are easy to demonstrate within this text. If you are clever with read-aloud voices you will easily draw students into this tale and leave them hanging at the end of each chapter begging for more. This story really keeps the listener on their toes since it twists and turns and does not often turn out like you think it should. A wonderfully well written book!
Loved this book so much when my daughter was a child that I bought the book for my future grandchildren. For first time readers the beginning of the book is lacking in ethics but it turns around later. A story you will enjoy as much as the child you read it to!
I was looking for a fun read-aloud for my fifth grade class and I found the Molly Moon series on an approved 5th grade reading list. So, I read the book over one weekend and knew that my class would love it. I was right; they can't wait until read-aloud time and they're always asking if they finish their work early if we could read Molly Moon in the time that's left over. The story starts a bit slowly, but once my kids understood there was magic involved they were hooked.
This was one of my first eBook purchases for my 7 yo daughter. We ordered a Kindle Fire for her when it went on black Friday sale for $129. By the way, I use Amazon's FreeTime app to limit her game and video time while giving her unlimited reading time. The app needs a few enhancements (like adding music as a category), but it accomplishes the basic job.

Regarding this eBook, we took turns with our daughter reading it aloud. She read a lot of it on her own and finished it on her own at bedtime. She filled us in on the surprising ending. She said she would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. I hope to find many more eBooks that she'll enjoy as much as this one.
Loved this book as a kid so I bought it for my littlest sister and she devoured it! She finished it in a day! Definitely buying the rest of the series.
I bought it for my 9 year old granddaughter who loves it but I haven’t read it....I will ask her and let you know
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